Comment to 'UNA Update - What’s going ON??'
  • Waiting for the apps impatiently!

    I actually stopped promoting for new members to prevent further frustration of users without apps.

    Hope they will arrive soon...

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    • Cem they are being tested right now. 

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      • Same thing for me, I'm stuck somewhere between the old world (dolphin) and the new world. I try to maintain the balance between the two, but it's not easy. I would like so much to give up my old site and go on the new one. Another taste of too little ...

        Mark, just to be sure, are you talking about April 2019 or 2020? I noticed that time does not always flow at the same speed for us and for you. Una Team always too optimistic for the announced deadlines, never in advance, always late. According to Andrew, we should already have v10.

        But I'm reassured to hear from Andrew, I miss Vlog, it was nice. I suspect you run in all directions ...

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