Comment to 'UNA 10 ETA'
Comment to UNA 10 ETA
  • Before anyone posts an angry or nasty message at Andrew BoonΒ for more delays. Please consider that is the last thing an overworked team needs.Β 

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    • Its all good Andrew Boon this is good news but can you please answer the following questions Β please;

      1) When is the react jot going to be released?

      2) The loading speed on the UNA app is slow has it been fixed?

      3) Will the video call and voice call feature be added to the messenger in this coming release?

      4) When can we get a stable UNA 10 release?

      5) Can we get video tutorials for UNA 10?

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      • Yes, but maybe you do not have a site with people asking for major improvements and angry people because you promised something that does not come? I will not say anything naughty, just maybe advise to stop announcing dates and plans that are and will never be held, whatever the reasons. It is doubtful that Una Team does not get up in the morning with the idea of scuttling his community. So, lucipherΒ  needless to ask this question (1), how do you get the date of a final version, when already the date of the first beta has been postponed ever since April?

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