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  • Great article and good responses. I'll just add one thing. If you look at the engagement on fb groups, WhatsApp groups, groupme or whatever giant tech network you'll understand that the people in these groups are still not connecting ... they're an audience to a few broadcasters. Analogy. Regardless of which room you're in, you are still in the house. In this case the tech house of fb etc. I have actually tried to connect with my target audience on these mediums and boy it's not easy. Its like trying to talk to someone at a noisy party. At some point you kindly ask if they want to step outside and you grab some beers on the way out, find a rock somewhere and chat. Meaningful connection.  ... I can go on but I'll cut it short.  For me UNA is a careful experiment to see if people want to connect when they don't have to guess friend or foe beforehand.  It's a beautiful thing when you just simply start talking to people you have a lot in common with.... for me UNA allows people to create and find their tribe. 

    I must say UNA isn't the only one doing this... but it is the only platform of this complexity of tech that gives you the power to own what you create. Everything else is hosted masked versions of a monopoly... e.g if some don't know. Ning, might networks( creators of ning), and a host of white label solutions. Una tech bests them and what you create is yours. Different use cases. UNA can run a hospital social network, or a school. So flexible. If my network doesn't work out for some reason.  This framework can be used for so many other applications.  Keep working guys. It takes a deep meaningful mission you truly believe in to sit behind those IDEs and work this hard for this long... 

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    • Thank you, Gritly 

      Spot-on analogy about the rooms and the hours - I'll use it in the future. Exaclty the kind of "wrong" we are trying to fix. It is simply not OK for 2 billion people to live in one house with an owner that has less than perfect reputation.

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