Comment to 'UNA 10 "Acrux" Released'
  • My Homepage becomes inaccessible once am logged in. 

    Ever since I upgraded from 9.0.1 to 10 I have not been able to access my homepage, it loads fine but crashes when I try to login. I have completely updated all modules.

    If I browse inner pages and tries to login, it's successful, but after login and I try to access home it still crashes, even from the studio. Happened on both desktop and mobile device and chrome and Mozilla. See screenshot






    Please try figure out what gone wrong.

    It's my homepage and so disturbing.

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    • DeDiary  most probably modules are still not updated, please go to Studio > Modules > Updates and apply all updates.  Please make sure to reload this page in Studio multiple times and launch new updates repeatedly to apply all of them.

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      • I have no pending updates, but have hide the block and my homepage is working fine

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