Comment to 'How Coronavisus (or any virus for that matter) may affect UNA community.'
  • Existence as it is right now is a matter of luck and chance. No need to regret anything! If this or any other virus kills off the human beings, then it means that it is their opportunity for colonizing the human system, just as human did the same when they realized that they could, even to their own species.

    The virus is a somebody, just as any human. It is using whatever little intelligence it has to multiply its species. If it fails in that conquest, then it lucked out and we lucked in. This is a game of luck and chance, all the way!

    Funny, how something that small and redimentary could scare the shit out of human beings!

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    • Indeed. In part our success as species is thanks to being somewhat paranoid and organising in advance to compete against threats as a super-tribe. Homo-sapiens managed to prevail of other human-species, animals and most viruses mostly by way of creating and collectively believing in shared β€œstories” - religions, science, organisations, systems, models. That is our superpower.

      Now, whether we should succumb and make way for some other species to prevail is a whole β€˜nother question. Personally, I believe that the meaning of life is that we are given it as divine gift, we have to live it and therefore we have to uphold it. In other words, we have to fight when it’s time to fight.Β 

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      • In NYC it's a war zone, bunch of criminals roaming the streets.

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