Comment to 'How Coronavisus (or any virus for that matter) may affect UNA community.'
  • This is nothing no more than a perfect example of how people can be manipulated into a "panic mode" with the help of the mainstream media. In my opinion, this is just an unknown strain of the Flu. Most deaths (in the US at least) have been linked to the elderly and/or people with pre-existing conditions that were complicated by this. Well duh! If you already have medical conditions that affects your immune system and you get something like the Flu or Pneumonia, there is a good chance your body may not be able to fight off the infection thus, resulting in death.   

    You can call me crazy but I find it kind of odd that 10's of thousands of people die each year from the Flu but yet, you do NOT see the world closing down every damn thing and people going into a panic every Flu season. 


    And what in the hell is it with the toilet paper? Knock it off people!! According to to the symptoms below, it is "rare" to have Diarrhea with the Corona Virus. Hell, the Flu has more symptoms than the Corona Virus. 


    So what do our highly paid, highly intellectual people tell us to do in order to prevent this mysterious, scary, killer that can shut down the world??? Yep.. Wash your hands.. along with other common sense practices that most humans with a higher IQ than a head of lettuce already knows. Imagine that. You can save all of humanity just by common sense.. 


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    • To be honest, this is getting way out of hand. I have been all my life going to NY for multiple reasons and i have never seen it like this! This is the most current video of Time Square, unfudging believable!

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