Comment to 'Simpler WordPress won't save the Open Web'
  • I think a analogy between UNA and Wordpress is premature, with the script UNA yet can not make a functional website. UNA still has a lot of problems to be solved. It's an innovative project with prospects for the future but for now it's good for testing, nothing more.

    Dolphin is 100 times better, but that's just my opinion. I have been struggling for a week to make the Jot messenger just working and I have not succeeded. Probably my knowledge is outdated. But UNA is missing installation instructions probably is a good basis for programmers

    For now, drupal or wordpress is a better alternative, it's free and has tens of thousands of free modules, and templates until we get there with UNA is a long way... UNA has only three templates, and a few dozen modules, most of them with a lot of money.

    I think it will be a difficult way to go, it would be better if UNA were staying in where the community is more developed and would have had a more spectacular growth and greater success. Dolphin breakdown is believed to seriously affect the future of the project. Dolphin will go forward but for UNA I do not see a brilliant future I am very skeptical about this. I was disappointed, you have already changed the name from TRIDENT to UNA. Did you also change the site, where is continuity? If you do not know what you want us why should we follow you?
    I have received free access to a license, but who has to pay the price is very high, and is moving in another direction.
    I think you should think about making the script more accessible if you want to grow faster.
    I wish you many successes,
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