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  • Oh yes, you're right, miracle recipe that we would sell dear! You are already doing something important, you and your team, by your answers, in a way you are also animators.

    I mean, in my opinion the best site is the site that does not need external notifications to work. For my part, you get there, I never look email notifications, I know it has always happened during my absence, so of course I come to see and that's great result! (limit addiction).

    For fields, I do not know, you're smarter than me. Just that I realize that I rarely visit a profile here on I wondered why, well, it's because I do not learn anything if I do it. I do not think I'm the only one, because for a while, there's an empty key and I do not think anyone has seen it and posted it. (_sys_form_input_location). So a team did not see either.

    I know, you'll tell me, this is not a dating site. Ok but, but that does not prevent friendships and links, so between help and movement, can work better. And then you start vlog by "hello community", so I think that knowing a minimum to whom it is addressed can only be a good thing to reinforce it.

    For the fields, the first thing I think is "your websites" or / and "your achievements with una" would already be a good thing. If you look at my profile, I indicated this in my description and I am often contacted for questions and / or notices.

    On my side, it can also give me ideas.

    In addition the three current fields are not even mandatory, so even the basic info is often missing. Between a dating site and the CIA website, there is a happy medium :-)

    Because for now, you have 1985 secret agents :-)

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