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  • Hi Pethol,

    May I kindly recommend you Β to just work more on UNA or ask professional help from UNA team to realize your ideas.

    UNA is capable of many things it is a wonderful tool to create different kinds of portals.

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    • I agree that in the world of coding, there are no limits. The problem is, that i refuse to code webpages in assembler And I am no master in HTML, PHP, JAVA and CSS.
      I like to work rather than talk. I find people talk too much in general. The time they used on blabbering, they could have used to just do the job. Actually I think that most talking or debating is more a form of justified procrastination.
      Gosh! If we talked about everything in my unit in Syria during combat, we would have been dead a thousand times by now. Unless educational, most talk is cheap.

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