For professional webmasters and technical teams.

All UNA PowerApps   

Automatic downloads

Automatic updates

Direct tech support

FontAwesome Pro

Froala editor

For professional webmasters and technical teams.

Everything in PRO

UNA Cloud4 server

Instant deployment

Embeds - Cards

CloudFlare Pro

Setup assistance

For professional webmasters and technical teams.

Everything in STARTUP

Payments integration

Analytics integration

Embeds API

CloudFlare Business

GoNative support

Custom services and priority support options.


Infrastructure design

Custom development

Custom integrations

Data migration


Performance audits

Tailored UNA Apps

What are the license terms?
UNA platform and all UNA CoreApps and PowerApps are licensed under a perpetual MIT license.
What is "PowerApps"?
UNA apps made by UNA Inc and offered via UNA Market for a fee are called "PowerApps". Browse all PowerApps here.
Can I pay by direct Bank transfer?
Yes. Startup and Business plans can be paid via bank transfers. Contact us to arrange invoicing.
Which plans include hosting?
Only STARTUP and BUSINESS plans inlcude UNA Cloud4 hosting. It is recommended for initial deployment and staging. For PROFESSIONAL plan and for large-scale production environment we recommend getting your own hosting. See our Hosting page for recommendations.
Do Hosting plans include PowerApps?
PowerApps are not included with Hosting plans. You can activate downloads and support for each PowerApp via UNA Market individually or for all PowerApps with Professional Plan.
Can I cancel or change my plan?
You can cancel your current plan and buy a new one. You can continue using UNA platform and all installed UNA apps indefinitely. Without a service plan you won't be able to access direct technical support and automatic version updates.
Can I get a refund?
All plans incude services, which are either allocated or provisioned at cost. Therefore, we do not offer full or pro-rated refunds.
Do you offer a trial?
To try UNA you can download and use the free UNA platform and free CoreApps from UNA GitHub.
Do you offer discounts?
We do not offer discounts of any kind.