Tolter is mean ( flooring )

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Is there a setting for cron jobs in studio?

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How come an HTML code can not be entered in the  Froala editor? Is it that i'm blind, if it does not, can it be added for affiliate purposes?

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OK so I have noticed that when using FF, the refresh button flickers or looks like it's doing jumping Jacks everything I click on any link on my site. Does anyone have same issue?

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Well, thanks for including the number of views on the profiles, but we would like to be able to put the thumb for the profiles too, and have a "popular" tab in the search page, is it possible?

When using Lucid template and in add new block (Create post block) I'm changing tab then it auto scrolled down.

It's happen also here at UNA.IO

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Not urgent, but: My new UNA hosted package is setup exactly the same way as my older package from July18 . Also the A entries (IPv4) are done similary at the same domain host.

But the difference: Joining the site the third level, at this early stage standard 'www' is gone. Only SLD and TLD are shown.

Where is my fault?

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Three days ago I ordered a second CLOUD4 package, incl. Powerapps, Hosted by UNA

The JOT Messenger does not connect. Same Problem I had in my first cloud4 package I ordered in July.

As I have no access to server/files/no ftp access - only STUDIO access, please setup the JOTmessenger.

Ramailo Nepal

Can anyone tell me where I can find my smpt mail settings and ftp access?

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Alexey  - I just recently found out that users can edit ANYONE's messages to make them say what they want. I was alerted to this in a group chat where a Standard member edited MY message to say something different. 

PLEASE tell me there is a way to fix this. This can be extremely dangerous and can be used against someone. 

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Has anyone here had to create an account with Embedly if so did you have to pay?

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Here is what happens for a member who wants to reset his password.

1. Member gives his email address on the form

2. Member receives an email with reset link


3. Member clicks on the link but produces an error and at that moment.


.... and  before he receives a second email with temporary password.

It seems that it is the error that triggers the sending of the second email.

Can anyone test that?

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Good evening, 

if I start an event and some users start a request to join this event - an email is sent to me, that there is a request. 

But in notifications, event management and in the event view - there is nothing. I searched the studio action buttons for some "accept" method, but I don't find something. 

- My questions are: 

1. is there something wrong with my installation?

2. do I need an additional modul to run events?

3. is there something to add to a siteblock and it's fixed?

thank you & best regards


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I was asked to make the Comments, Like, and Share buttons on the Timeline Posts a little bigger so that they can be easier to access via mobile. On my test site, I was able to do this by adding this to the custom styles area in Protean:

.bx-menu-hor li .sys-icon.comment {

font-size: 1.2rem;


.bx-menu-hor li .sys-icon.thumbs-up {

font-size: 1.2rem;


.bx-menu-hor li .sys-icon.share-alt {

font-size: 1.2rem;


.bx-menu-hor li .sys-icon.ellipsis-h {

font-size: 1.2rem;


However, when I go to my live site and add it there for Protean, it doesn't work. I had to manually change the main templates/css/menu.css to make is work by doing this:

.bx-menu-hor li .sys-icon {



    font-size: 1.2rem;


I have tried adding both ways on my live site in the custom styles area (cleared caches) and couldn't get it to work. I'd rather not have to edit the menu.css file. What am I doing wrong?


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Following the link of a notification for a Poll the text overflows.


Hey Andrew,

I want to add module in new UNA version like login wit facebook. But I am not getting the proper way to add that. I am running my site on local machine. That path is localhost:8085/una. When I am openning store. and Visit to Storefront I am getting following error:


Please help. 

Thank You

This is an interesting observation that I have been discussing with a client recently - how certainly social networks actually encourage outrage and anti-social behaviour to increase engagement. In particular I've noticed that the Facebook Community groups, which are popular havens for community engagement are particularly nasty places, an outlet for trolls, bullying and abuse.

We are all a fairly decent bunch here on UNA.IO - but this culture of outrage is an interesting evolution of many large social communities, particularly when you consider that the publishers are quietly supporting the behaviour.

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When I place the "Discussions With Recent Posts" block on the home page, the parameter that acts on the number of elements is "Number of items per page", but "Number of items on site home page" is inoperative.


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Are events listed in channels?

  • I tagged an event with in the description. 
  • Channel Donnerstag was created. 
  • But in the channel I see only this --> image attached

Hey team! I’m currently in India, working in a yoga ashram, so the vlog will come from Mark Purser instead. The RC11 should be ready any day now — we are making sure that all reported bugs are addressed. 

Make it possible for those poeple who use facebook only with phone number without  an email address.

Please allow users to login with phone or email and password.

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