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What am I doing wrong? I paid for the Cloud 4 plan, waited for the processing, the ip says access denied. 

See attached image. 

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I am Real Estate Broker and I will find you the perfect homes, commercial properties and acreages in Central Oregon, my name is Kim Warner. 

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Ready to request a bid for your erosion control, hydroseeding or retaining wall project? Contact us at (805) 613-8055.
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Sociallyin has the capabilities to efficiently manage and optimize social paid ads. We are one of the few social media advertising agencies that solely focuses on PPC through social channels. This allows our team to be fully immersed in different products offered by each social media channel and aids our goal in rolling out the latest features and tactics for each client.

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Say I wanted JOT and Rocket Chat both. Would that mean I would have to have 3 different servers just to run my website? 1. Website 2. Rocket Chat 3. JOT Messenger. Also to what degree of bandwith would I need? Seems like paying just for seperate servers will get costly. Also any updates on a Live streaming module that can be integrated? 

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Reposted UNA Inc's product.

Groups are a context module that allows memberships and people to join and participate in Group discussions, collaboration and sharing of media.

With Groups Module there are a number of features that can be managed to make each Group function as you require.

  • Ability to assign special privacies, creating public, closed and secret groups

  • List of joined members

  • Join confirmation

  • Join invitations

  • Group Timeline

  • Group messaging/chat

Groups layout and design can be configured to your own requirement, including whatever page layout and including whatever input blocks you require to give the page your required look and functionality.

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I have been running Dolphin for a long time and want to migrate the Dolphin 7.3.5 site to UNA.  How can I do this and keep the site on the same domain?

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Installation of UNA went very well without issues but....

  1. PHP - FAIL
  2. Web Server - UNDEFINED


  • allow_url_fopen = Off - FAIL (must be = On) 
    • It is on, set in MultiPHP INI Editor and verified by accessing php.ini file after.  
  • disable_functions = system,shell_exec,exec,popen,escapeshellcmd,proc_open,show_source - FAIL(must be without shell_exec,eval,assert,phpinfo,getenv,ini_set,mail,fsockopen,chmod,parse_ini_file)
  • rewrite_module - UNDEFINED (try to check manually: apachectl -M 2>&1 | grep rewrite_module)
  • Files and folders permissions - please click here to find out if permissions are correct.
    • when I click It takes me to blank page and nothing happens
  • ffmpeg - 

So what are the steps here?

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How can I add a new currency code and the symbol? And then to set  this currency as default ?

I have found forms / data items / payment / currencies but only name of preconfigured currencies can be edited there.

Also 'add a new item' button on this page does nothing.

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Cascading Dropdown Navigation

Is it possible to have a Cascading Dropdown navigation menus in UNA as it was in Dolphin? 

Please tell me this is possible so I don't have to revert to Boonex. 

Thanks in advance. 


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What's the best way to disable embedly so that if someone posts a link in a timeline, just a plain link shows? I want to get rid of all third party stuff.

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I would like to enable pdf attachments to both  person and company accounts.

And then I would like to set permissions to view those, based on the account type and level.

Also I need to allow 'Company' type account to browse and see pdf's attached by 'Person' type account.

But I dont want that 'Person' type accont would see/download/etc those pdf's added by other 'Person' account.

The idea behind it is to create a job board. Pdf attachments which will be CV's can only be seen by the 'Companies' but not by the other 'Persons' (candidates). 

Then the number of CV's which 'Company' would be able to check (limitation on action allowed) will be set via permission (various account levels).

Andy ideas...?? :-)

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Hi all,

I can't find where to change the main menu lang keys (Update, People, Posts, Orgs, Events, Groups, Discussions, Channels, Albums).

I changed all those in Polyglot but nothing changed on the website.


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Hi Team, Is there any tool available for administrator to collect all user details?

Or can anyone tell me how to fetch all details of a user like , Last login date time, IP, location, posts, discssions etc..? 

Or should we need to do it one by one by based on the table?

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The Perfect Wife
It's funny how UNA inspires creative thought. If UNA is a woman, she would be the kind, which you only give makeup and perfume. Give anything else beyond what improves looks, and she gets cranky. Her strength is socializing and she loves it. But a household cannot run on that alone. The house needs maintenance and development. For this we hire a maid. We would have much more interaction with the maid, than with the wife, because the maid takes care of all the practical stuff. In a sense, the maid becomes the second wife.

So, the perfect wife - is two women...

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Okay, so I can't make extra stuff with UNA(due to my own lack of coding skill), but the social element of UNA works.
The solution I apply is to mix UNA with Wordpress, using - Iframe pages in UNA.
UNA become the main Site and WordPress as a sub-site, I call []
That way there are never any conflicts between the Service part and the Social part.
I can get Wordpress to read profile info from UNA and use that for people writing reviews on the Service Site.

It might not be the optimal solution, but it is the only solution I can find, which doesn't require me to use time on heavy-duty UNA development.
Since UNA is a framework, I imagined UNA as a car. Only the frame and the engine is there. You can add a basic paintjob, but the steeringwheel, the tires, doors, seat and everything else, you have to make and install yourself. It runs, but doesn't go anywhere.
Fortunately I can use my Mercedes with UNA.

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Just a thought, but imagine we could use Wordpress plugins with UNA !!!
I found this 
Since Wordpress has the largest library of plugins, why not use it?

Will Roberts
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Say I wanted JOT and Rocket Chat both. Would that mean I would have to have 3 different servers just to run my website? 1. Website 2. Rocket Chat 3. JOT Messenger. Also to what degree of bandwith would I need? Seems like paying just for seperate servers will get costly. Also any updates on a Live streaming module that can be integrated? 

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I’d like to share a UNA project I’m working on. I still need to make tweaks. For example, as I’m typing this I’m realizing I need to add a location field (I don’t really want to use the built in Google Maps location field - I want to avoid third party stuff). It’s like a mini LinkedIn but only for people who code. 

I know someone who is a software recruiter and it’s really hard sometimes to find coders of a certain caliber at times. Especially when it comes to newer coding languages. 

I’ve loved UNA for a while now, and instantly knew it was the perfect platform for a niche resume sharing community for developers. It’s super basic. But that’s also kind of the point. You don’t put your entire resume on the site. Just a blurb and some basic information, then you can link to your full LinkedIn profile or personal website. 

Because it doesn’t hurt to have another place to advertise your skills and make it easier for a recruiter to find you. Especially if you currently need a job. (Named after Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer).

By the way, bug above. Seems the auto URL code for UNA doesn’t like domains that end in “s”.

It’ll probably work if I use the wysiwyg editor though...

Nope. Hmm. 🤔 

Brent Haynes
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Does anyone know why I get this message?   I have added the keys but can't figure this out.. 

When I choose from my App Market on my website i get this error and won't let me move further.  

I can escape and download the modules to my hard drive but don't know where to install them FTP.  

Please help me.

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