I noticed that when I switched the site over make it invitation only...

  • The site doesn't notify me (as an admin) in my notifications that someone has requested an invitation.
  • I only get an email from the site saying someone has requested an invitation

I don't know that someone has requested an invite until I go into studio and find it here:


I'm not always in the requests section and I'm not always by my email to receive the request.

  • So it would be nice to receive a notification as an admin that someone requested an invitation to the site.

That way I would be able to respond faster to the requests and then my email could be my backup option for the other notification.


Error Message on My website "Can't define your profile information"


If you add a new #quote and try different options from the editor, it always closes the popup ....


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Would it be possible to have the possibility of making the #Location field #mandatory in profiles?

Quizzes modules were working good with the previous update of UNA, but after the update, it is not working.

Problem - Can't add new Quiz.

I noticed that if you double click on someones message to you in messenger it will let you edit their post and save it. This doesn't seem like something you would want to happen...

It looks like the vendor test module has been ported to UNA without actually making it compatible. (I would post a link to it but I can't with my membership level now....)

It will install into UNA ok, but it doesn't update the table to allow its service to be added from the blocks menu. 

I'm not sure if anything else might be missing as the documentation appears to be for dolphin, or perhaps an older UNA version?

Hi all:)

Activation e-mails going to peoples spam folders. What I can to do to prevent it?

Is possible switch user for admin? Example. I have a site and i am a admin. I want switch as user that are registered on my website. See this link thanks: en-nz.wordpress.org/plugins/user-switching/ 

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The messenger button should not appear on owner profile

The join event button should not appear if event ended.

I think it comes from the fact that for the particular case of polls there is no title.

From a nofication, if you follow the link to a comment you come across "comments to: ......................" included the html tags that I used it when I wrote the survey because I have one available to me.

As I said before, in addition to not being beautiful, it is a problem for you.

Why not put the title and the comment in two separate fields, so there would be no problem and it would be visually much more aesthetic.

I think it would be good to add page numbers to #notifications. In fact, if you have a lot of people and you stay a few weeks without logging in, it becomes difficult to know where you are.

What would be even better is a "new" icon next to each notification that would only disappear if visited on the link.

In any case, it is difficult to follow in the state and there is a risk of "missing" often.

Would it be possible to display the profile photos in the outline and in the recent photo block in order to make the system more attractive and more animated?

The button "Delete" profile photo in in profile modification does not work, neither for member nor for admin.

Why are timeline post dates cut off after so many characters?

Joe added a post - 5 days a...

Even on the permalink single page, it is cut off. If this was done due to layout issues, maybe a better solution would be to show a little clock icon. Then when you click/tap on the icon you see the date/time? 

Or, just let the full date show. My discussion posts that show up in the timeline, show the full date and it looks fine. It wraps to the next line. 


In the first versions of UNA, the preview of the #gif was animated, now it is no longer, it's a shame, there is a reason for that?

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1. It seems to me that currently nothing is planned to limit the maximum #age and the minimum age for registration. example: 18 to 77 years old.

2. If it was possible to set a limit, then the search field on the age group should also have this limit. 18 -> 77

It is rare for someone to search for 1-year-olds :-)

Paradoxically, where does the 75-year limit come from? (see print screen)


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For some reason the like button (aka the thumbs up) takes about 10 seconds to register being clicked.


This happens in mobile and on desktop.

It literally takes 10 seconds to register the click every time...I've tried it multiple times to make sure it wasn't just a slow connection.

So, whenever someone posts a picture on the main timeline (public feed) and I click on it, the picture no longer comes up in preview. It just does nothing.


It also doesn't create a preview on the Feed Items Page:


But if I go to their actual profile page and click on the picture, it works and apparently has a new preview with comments, which is nice.


So the issue here is:

  • When a picture on the public feed is posted. You can't click on it and get a preview. It does nothing now.
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