After Confirm Your Email (ACTION REQUIRED), the redirection go to PROFILE SETTING.
Possible to redirect to HOMEPAGE
How make this new redirection ?
Thanks in advance
After doing a force auto upgrade, I'm now getting error message on header of homepage.  All the other pages are basically showing no content (see images).
This is the error message:
Strict Standards: Declaration of BxAlbumsModule::_getImagesForTimelinePost() should be compatible with BxBaseModGeneralModule::_getImagesForTimelinePost($aEvent,... see more $aContentInfo, $sUrl, $aBrowseParams = Array) in /home/dime/public_html/modules/boonex/albums/classes/BxAlbumsModule.php on line 0Strict Standards: Declaration of BxAlbumsTemplate::entryAttachments() should be compatible with BxBaseModTextTemplate::entryAttachments($aData, $aParams = Array) in /home/dime/public_html/modules/boonex/albums/classes/BxAlbumsTemplate.php on line 0Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/dime/public_html/modules/boonex/albums/classes/BxAlbumsModule.php:0) in /home/dime/public_html/inc/classes/BxDolTemplate.php on line 2582Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/dime/public_html/modules/boonex/albums/classes/BxAlbumsModule.php:0) in /home/dime/public_html/inc/classes/BxDolTemplate.php on line 2583

I love what you did with the #polls, but what I do not like is the length of the title.I find that being able to explain the reasons for the surveys is great, but they would benefit from having a separate title, both for the visual aspect and for the clarity of the information.The ideal would really... see more be a triter, then summary, as you did for everything else.
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Wil there be a possibility to use the reCAPTCHA V2 Validate users with the "i'm not a robot" checkbox.
i setup my reCAPTCHA to use V2  but when i add it to my forms it stil uses the old reCAPTCHA
Hello, I continue to receive the following email... the interesting thing is that there is no new member that joined. :) please see photo.
I have not noticed anything before. Then I posted a poll, so the sticker is now in the middle column.
It affects itself with a height problem, randomly, sometimes it's ok, sometimes it's half, with a refresh of the page, it's almost every other time.With a ctrl + F5 it's ok all the time. Cache problem?NB:... see more I have applied this procedure, but I do not think it is at issue.
I know you'll add field types to search forms in the future.Do you think it will be possible to search the "Location" field of the profile?Eventually, I would like to be able to search for members by city, region, country ...Or is it better to create independent fields with lists like in dolphin?I wonder... see more about the best solution in my case.I also think of the interest of being able to look within a radius of x km ... which would be possible with the first solution and impossible with the second.What is your opinion?
Hi guys!
Questions about future migration from Dolphin 7.3.3 to UNA 9
1. what data we can consider as possible to migrate?
2. what our milestones (when?) (well, approximately?)
3. what if  Dolphin developers mods are installed? 
thanx in advance
When creating a discussion, image preview thumbnails do not appear, as shown below.
I have just reinstalled a new server under ubuntu 16, but the problem is that I have to drop and reinstall a 14. The cause is that Ubuntu 16 comes with php7, which I think is not a problem for UNA . (You confirm?)But I have the same server for my site in Dolphin and the site UNA.The question, then, is... see more when dolphin will be compatible with #php7?And here for una.io, you already use php7?
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Basically what's happening is this:
I have messenger open in Chrome but it's only open in the background.
Aka it's not the application I'm in.

I get a push notification on my phone that I have a new message.
I open up Chrome with the messenger still open in the browser but it doesn't show that I have... see more a new message in the chat window without refreshing the page.
Once I refresh the page, then it shows that I have a message in the actual chat window.

I know if I clicked on the push notification, it would open up a new browser window and the message would be there. The problem with that is, it ends up opening a ton of browser windows, instead of going to the one that's already open...
Not sure how to fix that...
I would like to upgrade RC2 to RC3.
Where is the check-list for this update?
Thanks in advance
Ok, it dawned on me when testing messenger and began to have a chat with other user. What I noticed was all members chat and mention anything or upload any pic file. That's nice so far, but what if user "c" wanted to inform user "a" of nice picture but user "b" commented below user "a." If possible can... see more the functionality of user "c" post right under user "a." This way user "a" can be aware of such reply, from user "c."
Have a nice night and may
The force be with you! ;)
OK so here is the deal...when logged into site>click on friends>view friends page via FF browser (mobile) you'll notice that towards far right from all members, amount of friends exceeds mobile screen. Please view pic for reference. :)
A question I have been asking myself for a long time. Why is my #copyright empty?Where can I change it?
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I login as the admin of the site and go to my profile and it tells me this:
Your account is pending approval, please wait until it is activated.
How can that be when I am the admin? 
Also, because of this, I click on Studio-->Accounts-->Manage and it gives me Access Denied. I didn't receive an... see more email to click on to activate my account either. Not sure what's going on.
Some or most people don't want to reveal date of birth in profile, for security reason... instead show age.
 Suggesting a feature to upload custom loading gif similar method in Designer> Cover, to something like Designer> Loading.
Ok... there seems to be an issue with system files auto update with apps auto update. From my experience i had both checked off. I logged in through studio and site did upgrade to latest version 9.0.0-RC3, however all the apps were not upgraded. I had to install all of them manually. If i attempted to... see more login through home page i was not able to, due to the whole site was white screen with only 2 links available on upper left hand corner "menu" and "site name." Once i manually upgraded all apps, site performed normal.
I had created a page and it seems that I no longer see it in 'Page > Custom' after upgrading to RC2 / 3.
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