One of the biggest challenges in SNS business is to build for positive outcomes. It’s hard because controversy and envy help with retention. Facebook is a fundamentally unethical company and doesn’t care at all, but all the networks launched on UNA have the potential to be good. How? I think we should talk about this more. What can the software do to promote wellbeing over stickyness? Our relaunch of will be a research foray, looking for the best implementation of a good social network. 

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    • It’s a great challenge, indeed a conundrum, every business & software platform wishes to drive engagement, i think the answer is not explicit but contained within the nuance, asking ‘why?’ before adding in each new feature or configuration.

      It seems time & again our friends at Facebook have crossed that line, the ‘why’ when it comes to Facebook seems always to make more money. I look forward to exploring the nuance with Online.Me & defining a better way. 

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      • I sense that we may find some answers in understanding how mimetic desire and smart feeds optimsed for retention or sales lead to depression. If, say we can create an AI recommendation engine that would promote the idea of creating and learning as being desirable as opposed to looking sexy or being asset rich. It can help to reframe reference models and make more fulfilling activities feel “cool”. 

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        • Yes, as you know, I am passionate about e-learning, I figure that if we are going to be on the internet, we might as well be doing something constructive, there is so much positivity that can be unleashed with social media, the big players in the market have really just given us some bad examples!

          With our UNA LMS we really want to motivate people to learn and engage around ideas, knowledge based communities are going to be the central to the evolution of the UNA-verse in the days to come.

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