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This app install the French language on 9.0.0-RC6 (Based on Russian language)

Supported modules:

System + account, acl, albums, antispam, chat+, contact, convos, datafox, decorous,developer, dolphin_connect, elasticsearch, events, facebook, files, forum, googlecon, groups, intercom, mailchimp, invites, linkedin, mailchimp, market, messenger, oauth, notifications, ocean, organizations, payement, persones, polls, posts, profiler, protean, shopify, smtp, snipcart, stripe_connect, timeline, tricon, twitter, unacon, video, photo, quoteofday, Google Tag Manager.

The administration / studio  & notifications part is translated also.

Demo here: http://una.twoforlife.com - User: tester12345@gmail.com - Password: tester12345

#french #français #translations #traductions

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