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I think it would be great to have a NSFW option on UNA platform. Either global, to have it on all content modules or just maybe the Timeline module. Or maybe when users upload images and videos, apply a blur effect or something along with a watermark saying it's NSFW (Not Safe For Work).
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Every time I visit this website I get scrolled down like this without doing anything, is this normal? 
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I noticed that if I post a timeline post with a hashtag, if I visit that hashtag (channel) the post is not present on channel's timeline. Is this related to the context posting? I know I can select the channel when I post, but that is not how it's suppose to work. I could just type the hashtag and that post should be present on the channel as well.
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I think I said it in another discussion that I'm planning on releasing a site with UNA that will be something like Twitter. I like how Twitter is, but would like to create something similar in my language and for my country.UNA has most of the features I need, except for some that I will sugges below. I think some of them, maybe all of them might be needed for other.First of all, I think it would be nice to be able to implement a restriction on how many caracters a user cand add in a timeline post.The second thing might be a way to make a channel display posts that have it as a hashtag, not just set the visibility to it.The third thing that I like to see is a way to make the images added from timeline to be at an exact dimension, just like Twitter.The last thing would be a system of threading, like Twitter has, again.Yes, I'm a fan of Twitter, and since I will use UNA for this project, I'm also a fan of it.I know that UNA is not a clone of any social network, but I want it to be for my project. I will add more suggestions to this discussion as I think of them.
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For some reason the added dates on all of the discussions on my website are not present. The modified date is present. What could be the problem? Just to clarify, the dates on a single view of a discussion, not  on blocks, does are fine, are showing.
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