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Hi Aqb soft,

I am using your module nearby people and i am testing with two different devices but non of them is showing in map.

Will you please look at the configuration once.

i have removed the google api key for screenshot.



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Hi All,

i am not able to remove google connect from my homepage. It keep showing in my page even though i deleted that module. After deleting it showing three google connect icons.

And linkedin connect module is disable but that also showing in homepage. 

i have cleared the cache in dashboard but that didn't help.

Anyone have any idea. how to resolve this issue ?


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Hi All,

I want to use una website and app for field service/operation company. Below is what i am looking for..

1.I am thinking to have one attendance module where user can login with their current location and keep tracking until they checkout.

2.and one work related module where user will submit picture with location and submit some fields.

3.For back office i want to create a role of manager where he can check who was present on what date and how much work they have done.

Is there any developer available to create this. Currently we doing in excel sheet which is little time consuming.

Thanks and Regards,

Travis K

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i uninstalled my video app and now i am trying to download again from una store but its not giving me download option.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this .


Thanks and Regards,

Travis K

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Hi Guys,

I want to make one as mandatory in text field of post module.

Is it possible to use regular expression option in text field of post module to achieve this.

can someone help me out with this ..


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Which version of mobile is app is available to generate apk file. 

is it version 1.4.0 or 1.3.3 or any other version.

with version 1.4.0. its creating profile while generating apk file.



can anyone help me with the stable version which is available to use.


Travis K

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Title in my post module is not mandatory. And When I added a post without title it coming like this. Now to open this post. There is no option to click. 

Check my last post welcome which I mention in text without title. 

Is there anyway to add title from the body automatically? 


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Hi una, 

When I am trying to post video through status update. Your app is getting crashed. 

Please check 


Thanks and Regards, 

Travis K 

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hi guys,

my website is hosted on tmdhosting server i asked them to provide wildcard ssl for my website. they added one wildcard ssl but its only showing to homepage after login its not showing at all.

before login its secure


after login its not secure


and profile page is secure again



when i ask tmdshoting regarding this ..below is what they replied..



Thank you for your reply.

We have reviewed your case, and we found that the reason for your website to be shown as not fully secured regardless of the fact that the connection is made through HTTPS is mixed content.

Mixed content occurs when initial HTML is loaded over a secure HTTPs connection, but other resources (such as images, videos) are loaded over an insecure HTTP connection. This is called mixed content because both HTTP and HTTPs content are being loaded to display the same page.

Considering the above, if you insist on having your connection displayed as fully secured, we would recommend you contact an experienced web developer who could assist you in updating all of your HTTP references to HTTPS.

Should anything else come up, feel free to let us know.


Is there any way to make website complete secure or should we leave as it is ?

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