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Hi, Guys:)

Enother strange (and annoying) thing was dicovered:

1. There is Closed Group.

2. There is user A with Standard Membership

3. User A asks to be a member of Closed Group

4. After approval user A can see all content of the group and it's very, very OK.

Now starts the witchcraft:

5. Let's say,  User A was upgraded to new level of membership - say, Advanced.

6. Advanced level was created FROM Standard (copy actions, no custom changes!)

7. Immediately User A stops to see the Group's Timeline, BUT still can see albums, posts, polls of Closed Group.

Needless to say that:

8. In Studio/Pages/Timeline ALL possible options of Visibility are "Anyone".

9. In Studio/Pages/Group there is no option to edit bloks visibility on Timeline page of the group ( )

10. Switch back to Standard level returns to User A ability to see Group's Timeline.

11. Witchcraft don't appear on Open Group's Timeline

11. Cache is clean, hands washed, Cthulhu sacrifices are brought. 

What next?

Thanx in advance

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    • Thanx, but this is not my case:) note this :

      6. Advanced level was created FROM Standard (copy actions, no custom changes!) 

      and this

      8. In Studio/Pages/Timeline ALL possible options of Visibility are "Anyone".

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      • Hello vavilon!

        From my side, an upgrade to another mem levels with the same set of actions doesn't hide the timeline posts of the given group. The only possible thing maybe is in the closed block "timeline posts" for this mem level. Please remind me operator access, I will check it on your site.

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        • LeonidS  

          on what Page should I search this  "timeline posts"  block? 

          ALL blocks of Group and Timeline mods pages are setted "Visible to Anyone" in aim of test.

          I'll PM you later, thanx

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          I have some questions on Studio/Notifications configurations.


          "Content" (add comment) 

          "Content" (reply to own comment)

                 what is the difference? who supposed to see it? friends (whose friends?)? everybody? according to Privacy level for "Content"?

           Groups/(Event) (join request)  
           Groups/(Event) (member joined)  
           Groups (post to timeline)

                  who suppose to see those three positions: group/event admins, group members, admin friends, everybody? what about closed/secret ones?


           Profiles Friends (add connection) - 

                  when it works: on friend request or after it's approval?

           Profiles Mentions (add) - 

                  who can see it: mentioned one? everybody? friends of mentioned one? frends of mentioner?

           Profiles Subscriptions (add connection) 

                   who suppose to see it? friends of what side? both sides?

          thanx in advance

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            • We remade and grouped all these settings in new 9.0.10 version of Notification module, please have a look at new settings, then ask if something isn't clear

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              Hi, Guys.

              Some stange and disappointing  thing was discovered on my site and reproduced here on

              1. User vavilon created closed group UI/UX here on UNA and became Group's Admin - pic 1

              2. User vavilon created Test Album in closed group UI/UX 

              3. user vavilon can see album correctly - pic 2 and pic 3

              4. user class is not a member of Closed Group UI/UX an trying to see it, can't see and it's ok - pic 4

              5. user class send join request.

              6. user vavilon approved this request, user class became member of the group  - pic 5

              7. user class can see now the album on UI/UX Group's Albums Page - pic 6

              Till now everything is OK

              The Problem Is:

              8.  user class CAN NOT see the pictures on album's page: can see every block except the album pictures block (attachments?)  - pic 7 (compare to pic 3)

              Thanx in advance

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                  • If you need a group module specialist, call vavilon :-)

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                    • Hello vavilon!

                      Sorry, but I couldn't reproduce it from my side. Possible it better to check on new RC10 again. As I asked you from another thread - please send me your actual admin access for checking.

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                      Hi, guys.

                      Here I'm again with some problem, tested on my site AND  on as well.

                      1. Just look up in UI/UX Group here (it's open) and find Test Album with Windows sample pictures.

                      2. Try to enter the album and to open one of pics

                      3. After picture's opening notice that NAVIGATION BUTTONS (next/previouse) shown in gray-colored, disable manner.  Why? it works well in Album, posted by user. BUT in album, posted IN GROUP - it's desabled.

                       I'm talking about THIS VERY site, not my, not yours. THIS means - global bug.

                      Thanx in advance.

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                          • thanx, it works

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                            Added a post  to  , vavilon

                            Hi Vavilon, you seem to be a dedicated pissed-off-dedicated-UNE/Dolphin tester. Why isn't this platform at the level of a normal social network yet? I read one of your post about personal feel not connected to one another, and it is insane to me....
                            I have a great idea (like many others I guess) but I need a real functional and simple social network.

                            I recently heard about Patreon-dot-com and I was wondering what kind of tech did they use to built their platform?

                            Anyway, I'm looking to hear from you.

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