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Hey team! I’m currently in India, working in a yoga ashram, so the vlog will come from Mark Purser instead. The RC11 should be ready any day now — we are making sure that all reported bugs are addressed. 


Facebook is evil. We must be more determined and fight back. Supermarket-style social networks must be replaced by interest-based niche communities operated by enthusiasts, hobbyists, local businesses, community leaders, educators and dreamers. 


UNA DEMO - an overview of the frontend features and UNA Studio

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The RC11 is now planned for next Monday or Tuesday, as we're adding some last-minute fixes to further stabilise the platform. Then, the RC12 is very likely to follow shortly after. With 2-3 weeks turnaround, we should be able to take to the final really soon.


Weekly (10 and 11 together, sort of). So much happening at once!

Here's how the techs team looks right before the release. :D 

The long-awaited RC10 is here. Yes, it is a huge update with core improvements, new modules, new features and lots of fixes, but most importantly - it is the last feature-update before the v9 final. We will release RC11 in about two weeks to follow up, and there will be some minor module updates to address urgent known issues but we will now be focusing entirely on making the platform stable - both in operation and in deployment. 

Now, let's see what we got in RC10...

New modules

"Channels" is the new module which extends functionality of hashtags. Separate content page is created for each hashtag. On this separate page there are a lot of functions available, such as ability to subscribe to the hashtag, share it, post something, etc. 

Mass Mailer is our first version of the Newsletter-sending system that you can use instead of, say, Mailchimp or Intercom. You still need to connect it to a transactional email provider like Mandrill or another SMTP sender, but you no longer need to spend extra for a newsletter-manager, at least if your needs are basic. This module will be improved a lot over time. 

Once again we're stepping away from dependence on the 3rd party services and launching the first Analytics app which gathers in displays various charts for the site data like profiles count, content, growth, etc. more metrics will be added continuously now. 

System Enhancements

  • New actions block on content pages
  • Buildable menu in author block on modules' content pages in different modules 
  • Anonymous posting in comments, posts, discussions, timeline (disabled by default) 
  • Labels system based on hashtags (disabled by default)
  • Allow using phone numbers as login 
  • New design for live on-site notifications popups 
  • Age field enhancements
  • Comments: minified post form
  • Comments: buildable menu for user meta info
  • Permissions: allow to set "Number of allowed actions" and "Number of actions is reset every" for some actions 
  • New setting for a number of max hashtags per pos
  • Rate limiter to send messages from the queue
  • Menu: menu trigger for profile/group snippet menu 
  • Menu: custom visibility field for menu item 
  • Site revision number hidden setting 
  • Audio transcoder
  • Enhancements for "Automatic profile creation from account name" setting 
  • Stripe SDK updated
  • FontAwesome was updated to the latest version 
  • FFmpeg was updated to the latest version

Modules enhancements

  • Notifications: allow user to select notification preferences.

Oooh yeah! It's here! Now user can choose their own notifications preferences for all types (on-site, email and push)...

  • Timeline: new notification when something is posted directly to your timeline via timeline post form 
  • Timeline: new notification when photos are added to an album 
  • Timeline: new setting to preload some number of comments in Timeline 
  • Timeline: buildable menu for user meta info
  • Market: send email to the buyer upon the purchase 
  • Persons/Orgs: 'added' and 'updated' fields were added to profile view for admins 
  • Persons/Orgs: views counter
  • Payments: new settings to hide payment provider 
  • Payments: subscriptions page enhancements 
  • Froala: resize uploaded images 
  • Forum: manage reports functionality 
  • Albums: use the first image as album's thumbnail where it's needed 

115+ bugfixes


  • After system and all modules are updated, you need to disable and then enable Notifications module, all data will remain, however it will reset module configuration to the default state, including module menus and page blocks.

More details on all updates and files for direct download are available in UNA GitHub repo - 9-RC10 Release.

Tomorrow or on Friday I will upload a video overview of some of those new features and changes. It's been a long day. :)

Thank you, team - you are awesome!

Andrew Boon added a discussion

The RC10 is a huge update, which we could only test to a limited extent considering the diverse set of new functionality and different scenarios that can be affected. So, there are some issues we already know of, and we will update this discussion with any other that may be reported.

We plan a service update (RC11) release in about 2 weeks, which won't have any new features, only fixes and optimisations. 

I am also holding off the vlog and newsletter until the end of the week to let things settle and to let the team handle most pressing issues. 

We are currently updating some of the production sites and customised sites, learning more about this version. 

Known Issues

  • Notifications alert counter may show a larger number than it should. (investigating)
  • Mass Mailer is not sending properly and throws an error. (investigating)
  • Notifications module settings aren't updating automatically, so you need to disable and then enable the module in the Studio > Notifications after all modules have been updated to the latest versions. (Resolved -
  • Notifications may be loading slowly (2-3 seconds) in the toolbar drop-down for users following large number of profiles (1-2K+). (Resolved)

When your morning starts like this...

We are upgrading servers and updating UNA.IO to RC10 right now. The site may go offline for about an hour.

Saturday tease...

Better have a good rest this weekend (and make some backups just in case) — next week is going to be white hot.

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