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Something to consider as your sites grow bigger & get busier, is monitoring the number of notifications that your site is sending to users. This is not a 'set and forget' feature, it is important for site operators to continually monitor all defalut site communications to ensure that we are striking that happy medium between engagement & overwhelm.

Too few notifications: users aren't aware of or engaged in your community.

Too many notifications: users become overwhelmed, will black list your site or unsubscribe to all notifications.

Within UNA it's easy for users to manage their own notifications, but your new & casual users might not know that. And in the early days, it's really important that we keep them engaged, so they don't switch off entirely. Perhaps consider an email to new site users that explains how they can manage their notification preferences within your site.Especially for sites that have native apps - you might want to turn down or off some of your email notifications, there are few thing more annoying than getting multiple notifications about the same piece of content, although this can be a tricky one, just because you have an app published, doesn't mean that your users have it installed... 🤔

Remember that UNA offers three ways to manage notifications;

  1. The default set to be defined by Operators, managed via Studio (pictured in the header image above.) 
  2. Each user can define their own preferences.
  3. Users can 'Opt out' of all notification, the link to do this is at the bottom of every email (you probably don't want this)

Again it is important to note that there is no definitive right or wrong on this topic - it is not a set & forget feature - as site operators you need to take a proactive approach here, don't overwhelm your users, keeping that vital line of receiving notifications open is really important for your site, it's almost impossible to get them to resubscribe if you lose them.

Hope this helps, just some insights from my observations in joining and building lots of UNA sites - would love to know your experiences as well, please share them in the comments, (I've switched notifications back on, so I'll be sure to see them...)

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This is really the film of our time. (The time being NOW).  If you scratch at the surface of any issues within the social fabric of today's society, the big tech & social media companies have a huge part to play in it, a complicit finger in every crisis.

This documentary takes a stark view of the current situation, with many Silicon Valley players sharing some cold truths on the modus operandi of Big Tech. I watched it last night, at the recommendation of a few friends, it's a huge wake up call, I'd recommend you watch it if you can.

As most of us here using UNA are in some way responding to this monopolisation of playing field and wilful corruption of the social fabric by these players - we no doubt have an interest here, and hopefully a big part to play in rectifying this disturbing imbalance.

The Social Dilemma is fairly compelling viewing for anyone in this game. 

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Nice sunset, test video. From my home town in Byron Bay Australia. Posted via iOS mobile app. 

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I hope I am not bothering you too much, Mark, but unfortunately you seem to be the only team member who has responded to my reaching out.  Can you provide me with links to step-by-step instructions of how to configure and design my website using UNA 11?  I have a back-end coder waiting for me to do whatever design I can do without coding knowledge so she can code specific functions.  I would love to hear back from you as soon as possible, for I have a good idea of what I want to do but no idea of how to do it.


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As some have noticed, we have Jitsi being tested here on UNA.IO - the feedback is universally positive, it's a great system, using Web RTC protocols to create secure, stable and private P2P connections between browsers. Coming (very) soon to an UNA site near you...

This video explores some of privacy concerns with Zoom, and presents Jitsi as a preferred alternative. Being stable, secure and open source made Jitsi a logical choice for integration with UNA.

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This is a great post referencing Matt Mullenweg, the man behind the development of Wordpress, on the levels of efficiency within remote work.

As a fully remote team, UNA have a lot of experience exploring the possibilities & pitfalls of remote working. I‘d like to think that the UNA Team operate in the upper levels of this paradigm, but certainly there is always

Having superb tools & using them intelligently is fundamental to successful outcomes for a remote workforce. 

We are steadily building the toolkit for our UNA Workplace Solution, the Wiki was a big one, next comes video conferencing with Jitsi, with a LMS & Task Manager to quickly follow. 

Whilst we all hope that the clusterf*#k caused by COVID 19 will soon be resolved, it seems fairly certain that many changes within workplace management might be permanent, hopefully in a positive way. 

It‘s great to hear the experience & insight of others existing in a similar space. Any insights you might have on remote working would be greatly valued, as well as any inclusions you would deem fundamental within a remote work team management & collaboration solution.

Let me know your thoughts! 

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The Next Last Supper? 

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