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Hi there.3 days ago i bought a theme fromdolphin-design-theme the marketplace for Dolphin 7.4.2 I have paid via paypal and the money is there. But i cant see the theme in Shopping Log HistoryI wrote to the theme designer AND to Dolphin support - but ölike always - i did not get answer.What can i do to download the theme?
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I just tried to insert javascript, but it wont work. When i use the php_block modul, the code is just ignoredI try to insert code via echo - no resultI try to insert via ?> CODE <?php - the same - don´t workSo how can i get full functionally php/javascript embedded as a site block?
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Dolphin 7.4.2 Hi, i just tried to create a new page and found out, that there are only 3 blocks avialable: RSS, HTML, TEXTWhere are the other block? I really like to create some custom pages.And how do i add php into that new page? I need to calculate some MD5 hash there.HTML BLock Source Code don´t work with php.Any idea?
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Hi everybody,Has anyone of you a working german translation for the latest version 7.4.2 of dolphin?Thank you very much
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Hi there, My Messenger here @ just shows me a blank page and also the noticications don´t work. The problem is the same at my tablet. I can´t see messages/notificationsI can´t find "una" in the cache files and i won´t delete the whole cache and i think that is not the problem, because when i open on tablet it´s the same. 
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