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Hello Alexey Did you add webRTC to the una v12 ? So we can record video from desktop pc laptop and mobile from web browsers ? Best Regards
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Hellois there a una module like this website : ?description:there are 3 Users Level :1-Admin2-HelpDesk (in this case Doctor)3- Visitorthe HelpDesk (Doctor) has his profile in mains page with picturesVisitor can choose which helpdesk online and initial chat/audio/videoAndrew Boon Alex T⚜️ Anton L Alexey AQB Soft LeonidS 
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Hellohow to unlink account with una websiteBest Regards
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Hellowhen I add a post with video I got this error and the post does not show on the timelineBestAndrew Boon Alex T⚜️ Anton L Alexey LeonidS Mark P 
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HelloCould you please add a TimeZone to every user (get timezone from his country name)Thank you
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