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Most areas in Cebu PH where i live, don't have power and water - Internet is intermittent

Sorry that sometimes is taking time for me to reply.

We are facing the biggest challenge in our area right now.

*from covid19 to typhoon Odette

God is our refuge.

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    • Happy New Year! Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

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      • It is not easy. be strong, friend!

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        • Thank you my friend.

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          IOS - iTunes Connect  Apple Developer Account


          Android - Google Developers Account



          • rebuild lock on to your SITE url and logo


          • Changing app logo and name


          • Footer and header color to fit your site theme


          • OneSignal App KEY / ID integration in app for Push Notifications (We will help you Generate Key).

            * Help you submit in Play Store until it was approved.

                   Should install   to run the app 

                  We are not new to this we've been in Boonex before now we offer it in UNA 

                  Reviews here:

                  Add me on Skype for more details


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            • ios app approved


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              • The team at Expertzkris just finished updating my mobile apps. Another great job done by Kris and the team. Thanks guys!

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                •                                                                                                                  Fresh android app approved


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                  REQUIREMENTS IF YOUR NOT IN UNA CLOUD :  Must have UNA compliance hosting provider TMD TURNKEY and must present your goals and objectives for your site.

                  This package will help you start with your ever first UNA website :


                  - Modules proper installation Installation (3 days max)

                  - Templates Proper Installation (3 days max)

                  - 1 Una fresh Install

                  - Professional tutorial including the arrangement of the site (3) days max.

                  Easy to work with and have Skype support @ "expertzkris" or Contact me here in Una Messenger for more info.



                  *Inner code customization and Mobile apps not included.

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                    • Need the mobile apps done now

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                      • Hi J good to see you back my friend sure pls get  the service here : or pm me my friend.

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                        • Thanks kaibigan.  Was hit by storm rather typhoon. Been without electricity and water since August 29. Still without. They estimate 3 more weeks. Will order soon bro. Thanks 

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                          • no worries stay safe :)

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                          Chris is one of the best Supporter with UNA, helped me so much, also when the UNA-Team have no answers. You need a guy like him, when you want success with UNA. UNA is not easy to use and also the Team behind UNA can not help you every time. It sounds crazy? It is crazy, but if you have charged for the license and have running a Community, you do not want change all. UNA is great, but only with People who knows a lot about this Script. Chris is all what you need =) Check my optimized UNA Sites with Expertzkris =)                  

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                            • My pleasure helping you Someone07 

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                              Mobile we can integrate to your una app.


                              Appodeal is a part of Stack solutions. Stack is an ad tech company that provides ad monetization, user acquisition and actionable analytics to scale mobile app businesses.

                              Unlock your mobile app monetization, user acquisition and in-app analytics. Turn Your Apps Into Top Earning Hits. Free to Use. 24/7 Support. 70+ Top Ad Demand Sources. In-app Bidding. Accelerated Payouts. All Mobile Ad Formats

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                                • Interested

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                                  • Will pm you Doc 

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                                    UNA - Network Infrastructure for Communities