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How can I just have my helpdesk chat pop up on my "about page" instead of every single page?


This is an interesting article worth a quick read.

I think it's a good move to make the likes and repost amounts an option for the site administrator to be able to turn them on or off. I have a younger demographic and I don't think it is needed on my site.

Increased engagement is good for business, and the impulse to check the score is an easy way to keep users coming back. As Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey put it at last year’s WIRED25 conference: “Right now we have a big Like button with a heart on it and we’re incentivizing people to want it to go up,” and to get more followers.

But these tactics are attracting increased scrutiny, about their impact on the health of the internet and on society at large.

Would the Internet be Healthier without...

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It's going on months since I spent $60 bucks on this module that looks half-finished!

When is this module going to get fixed? 


Members are asking why the next badge is not showing. I've been making excuses since I purchased.

You're lazy! Get this done!

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I had my site to auto-update which I think has screwed things up. I just read the thing about third party modules, wish I'd had my site to NOT update.

Under site audit, it shows I'm still on RC but I have no update button in the dashboard.


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I've found that when I added groups and acting as a guest, visit one of the groups the click on "Timeline" last link.

You will see the post to timeline. It posts as "former builder" as I changed the  "guest" key. 

Is this a setting or a bug? 

I went to the View Group Submenu and made that link only visible for site members to keep them from making a post for now.


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Another issue with my timeline.



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I noticed when I did do my upgrade the timeline module gave me a 42% difference so I forced the change as suggested in the upgrade section on Git.

Now my timeline shows errors on certain profile pages from what I can see.

It is present in all themes.

Can I just replace some file? I CANNOT  reinstall the timeline which contains 3 years of information.

Alex T⚜️ worked on my timeline module several times in the past and I suspect it was those changes he made.


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I've been running a side DEV site for experimenting with all modules. Is there an easy way to upgrade this? 


Can I update this site to UNA 10.0.0-DEV that is on GIT?

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