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I just wanted to say thank you again to Andrew Boon for helping me with my splash page introduction to new site visitors! It has worked out great. I finally was able to build a new .svg image for it as well instead of using the default one (which I love) to something that suites my site. 

I have to admit it is my first attempt at graphics or logo designs. What I did I think works.

I'm also including a pic of how Bing lists my site which is in the first position.



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On a profile page, the example is mine, My Profile shows a group in the "Following" column. See the photo or actual page.


Is this supposed to show there?

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How can I just have my helpdesk chat pop up on my "about page" instead of every single page?


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This is an interesting article worth a quick read.

I think it's a good move to make the likes and repost amounts an option for the site administrator to be able to turn them on or off. I have a younger demographic and I don't think it is needed on my site.

Increased engagement is good for business, and the impulse to check the score is an easy way to keep users coming back. As Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey put it at last year’s WIRED25 conference: “Right now we have a big Like button with a heart on it and we’re incentivizing people to want it to go up,” and to get more followers.

But these tactics are attracting increased scrutiny, about their impact on the health of the internet and on society at large.

Would the Internet be Healthier without...

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