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Memory requirements for installation

How much memory is needed for a standard installation?

I get the following error message:

Your hosting doesn't meet minimal requirements:

  • memory_limit = 100663296 - FAIL (must be >= 134217728)
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    • I solved this by modifying the installation script.

      Once installed I check that it doesn't need so much memory

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      • Hello PatriciaZorrilla !

        Well, it isn't so good idea to change the script to pass the installation requirements. And 96Mb is really low parameter for the modern script.

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        • I have a lot of websites on that server... I don't want to modify the variables of php.ini if it's not indispensable.

          This value is only used in the installation.

          Everything I've tried works fine, but at the moment I'm just studying the platform and the developer documentation.

          I'll be asking any doubt I have, thanks for your help.

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            • yo hablo Muy malo lo siento

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              • And I the English ... But there is the group created for the future.

                Thanks for saying hello!

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