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LeonidS After adding a hashtag called "Testing" to timeline i got site and email notifications that says I have a new friend called Testing???And too,..   Channels would not work at all, I ended up having to uninstall, deletie then reinstall the app.
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Alex T⚜️  LeonidS Studio > App Market > Updates not showing updates when I know there is updates available. I was wanting to update the Radio Stations app. I'm sure Jerome Mingo added an update from 1.02  to 1.03 a few days ago.  I have 1.02 and I am wanting to update the app but it's not showing up in Studio > App Market > Updates.
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. It seems that the app Toolbox isn't working properly. All that will open is the Maintenance page with those options, nothing else in the app will open or work. No mater what you click on all it shows in the page with the maintenance options. If there is an update I can't get it cuz updats don't seem to be working either.
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Alex T⚜️ I just updated to 12.0 and see the header icons are still missing. They disappeared after the update before this one. Will this be fixed with the next update?
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 Froala is a very handy tool but also causes some problems in my site. With froala installed, HTML blocks in pages are stripped of all options and emojis are cut off in post to timeline at the bottom of the text field.. Does anyone else see this or is just my site?
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