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John Curtis
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I have to be missing something... I only use my email for one account but still I keep getting site and email notifications every time i post or like in timeline. I know what I did.

 Is there a setting in Timeline or Notifications that I'm missing?

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John Curtis
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Hello, I'm having a little trouble trying to change the background color of my return to top button. Can someone help me out with the correct code to get this color working?  

 <!--Top button -->
<script src="./topbutton/jquery-1.11.3.min.js"></script>
<script src="./topbutton/topbutton.min.js"></script>
//Top Button
htlm : "<i>Top</i>", //String
css : "width:50px; height:50px; background color: ; border:false; font-size:20px;", //String
scrollAndShow : true, //Boolean
scrollSpeed : 1000 //Number

if ($('div.wrapperChat').length)
.css('height', 'calc( 100vh - 9rem )');

.bx-tl-post .bx-form-value .bx-form-input-wrapper-textarea {
overflow: unset;
<!--End Top Button -->

Thank you in advance...

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John Curtis
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I have a registered ver of UNA with about 700 members, both mobile apps already set up plus about 20 modules for sale. I've been trying for a few years to get the site going but I have to guess it's not for me. Make me a reasonable offer.

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John Curtis
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Has anyone heard if there is anyone with plans to develop an app for a help desk to use for website customer support? I think that would be helpful and members would appreciate the support.

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John Curtis
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LeonidS . On homepage timeline pinned posts are still disappearing from the timeline after new post.

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John Curtis
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Alexey . Can the upload photo link for the post to timeline block be updated in Froala so we can upload one or more photos using the same link? The Froala Editor offers a couple different ways to do this.

Thanks, John

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John Curtis
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Hey guys, I have been searching and searching in Polyglot but can not find where to change the text on the groups homepage cover.

 Can someone please tell me where to find it?????

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John Curtis
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Alex T⚜️ . Does anyone know when the macros will be updated?

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John Curtis
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Hello, I would like to change the "Log in" link on the bottom of the join form to a button.

Could someone please help me with the correct code to do this?

I have this now:

Already a member? <strong><a href="{0}">Log in </a></strong>

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