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Hello everyone!

My site is in Russian. In Polyglot, Russian is selected as the main language. But the dates and location in the events are displayed in English (everything is ok in the calendar). How to fix it?




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Hi, I'm installing UNA on a VPS with Ubuntu and Nginx, Could someone comment what is the most up-to-date version of PHP that UNA supports?.

The Wiki mentions that the requirement is PHP5.6 but it is a very old version. Does anyone have successful experience installing UNA with PHP 7.4 or 7.3?

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    • PHP 7.4  works without problems..  PHP 8 not resolved yet

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      Currently the account's email address can be displayed in the profile information. Is there a way to display the Account Name field in the profile information?

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        • Hello Paul S !

          The admin nick field relates to the Accounts area and to show it in the Profile view it will require changes in the code.

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