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Hello friends,

Some notifications sent to users on various actions are missing the domain part of the URL:


I looked around (email templates, keys...) couldn't find what drives this.

It does not happen on all notifications, just some - e.g. notification that someone posted a commend on a discussion. Others are fine...

Any thoughts?

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Hello, crowd.

I have been testing the Courses/Classes modules for a couple of days, and they can be an excellent and revenue-generating feature.

However, I find some awkwardness in the functionality:

  • A member can click "Attend course" without paying and even go through classes with paid Courses. I could not find an easy way to allow course paying members alone to access the Classes. A huge problem.
  • Once a class is marked as completed, there is no way to go through it again. Although not a huge issue, it raises a serious question: why add the lifetime option in payment if the content is locked once you go through it? It doesn't make sense.
  • The creator of the course can "Leave course", which is another problem; people can make mistakes, making the platform look like an unfinished environment, affecting the brand.

If anyone can provide some light on the above, I'd be grateful.

Question: Are these problems solvable through some configuration editing? I could not find anything after two days, and - considering this is a paid feature - I'd like to avoid spending more time trying to find it by myself.

PS. To some extent, we have the same situation with Events...

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    • Hi Anton,

      Thanks for looking into this. What you explain is precisely what I was expecting, but not happening.

      I added pricing - even tried several time periods and prices, including $0 which triggers the word "free" in the member's view which is perfect.

      But the [Attend Course] never goes away, except if I disable it from Navigation -> Courses -> View Actions (which is not desirable)

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      • Hello. I did a fresh install of UNA 12.1 and tried to reproduce the situation.

        1. I created a paid cource. Pricing - Image 01
        2. Course's card in browsing for viewer - Image 02
        3. Cource view page for viewer - Image 03. It has both [Pay & Join] and [Attend Course] buttons. In this case the last one can be disabled via Navigation -> Courses -> View Actions. In future updates the last button is automatically hidden when the first one appears.

        Do you see the [Pay & Join] button on your site?

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        • Hi @Anton L Yes, that is the behaviour I get - both the [Pay and Join] and the [Attend Course] buttons are visible.

          I will do some further testing to see if disabling the second one completely will provide a good workaround and post here further info

          Many thanks, guys, much appreciated.

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          Hello crowd,

          I wonder if anyone else has stumbled across something similar and knows how to fix:

          The option to Add a new group is missing from the entire site.
          I first noticed it wouldn't show in the "Add new..." block and thought it's a permission issue.
          In the end, I checked and it is missing throughout the site, for all users, including the Administrator.
          Accessing the URL /page.php?i=create-group-profile works and I can create new groups, and permissions work appropriately (i.e. levels without "Create Group" get the correct message displayed.

          I uninstalled/reinstalled Groups, cleared the cache, cleared the browser cache, no success.

          Interestingly enough, I couldn't find the option to start a new Discussion here on as well. Not sure if related but strange enough - as I had to use the same method (direct URL in browser address field)

          Any ideas?

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            • Hello vibune !

              Yes, the strange situation with the Group Add link as the disable / enable actions should back it tonthe site. If you will provide me your UNA studio and CPanel access via the Messenger then I could review it.

              About Add new discussion link here - what do you have under the Add nee menu point here?

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              • Hi Leonid
                Thanks for replying. Now that you mentioned it, I went to homepage and there is a link to add Discussion.
                My expectation was to find that options throughout the platform :)

                I can see options to add Discussion and Update

                I'll get back to you on accessing the system - need to consult with my system admin first :)

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                Hi all,

                In my humble opinion, the 2FA implementation needs some improvements.

                Once enabled, it brings up a form with a pre-filled field, where the current mobile number is displayed in full - which is bad practice. More concerning, the mobile number can be replaced - meaning that if a user's password has been leaked, the hacker can easily change the registered number and log in. I just tested this theory, and I could log in to the account.

                Within seconds, I could also change the password and get hold of the account completely.

                In a real-world production scenario, this isn't good (to say the least). Add to this that SMS is looked at as a weak solution for 2FA, and we're having a problem.

                Implementing authenticator app-based 2FA should be a priority, as well as email-based. Users should have multiple choices to make the platform secure and useable.

                Any thoughts?

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