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Hello UNA Team,

Please could you help us with a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a page like the 'Start' (Pricing Plans) Β page found here on ?Β 

A straightforward tutorial like the one made by LeonidS on how to create a drop-down menu.

We would like to create the very same Start/Pricing page with all the section and background colors.


- PRICING - Launch your own network (with the comparaison chart for three products/memberships).

- Building something special?

- Building something big? (a Comparison chart for two products/memberships)

- Info about NON-PROFITS

- Frequently asked questions


This is just an example. We will change the text and products and replace them with our memberships.

If possible, could you also share with us the HTML code used on that 'Pricing Plans' page?

We got products (memberships) that we would like to showcase the same way as seen on the Start page. As already mentioned above we will just modify the text but the page sections and presentation will remain the same. This Pricing Plans page really fits our needs.

Also, I think that this Start/Pricing (or Membership compararison) page should have been added as a core (built-in) page in UNA as it is a good way to showcase your products/services and incentivize your members to buy them.

Many thanks in advance.

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    • Hello OneEagle !

      It is the plain page from the builder with the blocks by the custom module. So you may try to create your own RAW (for CSS and JS) and HTML blocks to ake similar effects.

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      • Hello, LeonidSΒ 

        I have created a page and added a RAW and HTML blocks but honestly I dont even know what CSS, JS and HTML code to add to create a page such as the Pricing Plans page here on the comparison chart, Faq etc.

        Would you mind sharing the CSS, JS and HTML code used on the Pricing Plans page on UNA,io?

        This page should have been added to the core pages in UNA.

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        • I guess you'd better investigate this page with the browser developer tool. For example, in the Chrome browser, it is available by the pressing F12 button, see the attached screenshot.

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          Please could anyone here help me with a step-by-step explanation on how to create a menu in the navigation bar with drop-down menu items that look exactly like the navigation bar here on (Community, Resources etc)?

          I just can't figure out how to create a drop-down menu item like: 'Community' here on and put inside it (in a drop-down) other menu items like: People, Organization, Groups, Events etc. It makes the menu look clean, organizes things and helps to save space in the navigation bar.

          By the way, I am using the Lucid template.


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            • Woowww LeonidS . What a great tutorial! Thank you so much for helping. It works. It have successfully created a dropdowm menu.πŸ™‚Β 

              To be honest, I would not be able to figure out how to do it without your assistance.

              This tutorial is very important and should be added to the Wiki section here on

              I got few small things to point out:

              A) In point #9, you forgot to mention to also choose the style. I have chosen 'Style: Vertical Block Submenu'.

              BTW, Here on, are you using Style: 'Vertical Block Submenu' or 'Site Dropdown Navigation'?

              B) The custom menu with the dropdown works well on the desktop, but on the mobile, the menu points in the dropdown don't show. The screen is just blank (empty). Am I missing something? How to get the menu points in the dropdown to also show on mobile? I have checked the custom menu 'Community' here on, all its menu points in the dropdown (people, groups, Discussions etc) show well on mobile

              C) About the 'More' dropdown menu point in the navigation bar: It seems that menu points are automatically added into the 'More' menu when there is no space to display them on the navigation bar, right? Now, how to control which menu points should be shown in the 'More' dropdown menu?

              Example: I would like to display 2 or 3 menu points only in the navigation bar (e.g: Home, Community and Pricing) and send all the remaining menu points like (Channels, Wiki, About us etc) to the 'More' menu point. Hope it makes sense. Please, how to do it?


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              • Thnx for the warm words :-) Let's review your additional questions:

                a) this submenu has the Vertical Links style

                b) try to correct like in the previous point, clear the cache of your browser, and check again

                c) yes, it is the point added automatically. So it depends form the width and seems in your purpose you need to create the new menu point by the described procedure.

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                • You are welcome. Yes, it was a cache problem. I have cleared it and everything shows now.

                  You are right, I will consider creating another 'More' menu point and manually put other menu points inside.

                  Once Β again, thanks a lot for the great support.πŸ™‚

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                  I have managed to create a language module using the tutorial found here. It's actually just a cloned of the English module as I wanted to have the English (US) with the US Flag instead of the GB Flag in the languge switcher. I have uploaded it to the server through ftp and installed it from the Studio. Everything works fine.

                  I didn't do the Packaging step because I won't publish the module in the market as I will be using it for your own needs.

                  Now my question is: How to easly and safely update the created 'English (US)' module when a new version of UNA is released and when there is a need to add/remove or change some language keys?

                  Should I necessarily need to create an upgrade script/app for the language module? Β or is there any other way to manually update the language module through ftp?


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                    • Hello OneEagle !

                      To make the upgrade part for the app is the best way to add new / delete old lang keys.

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                      Where can I change the language name in the Language Switcher (pop-up) in the footer navigation (bottom of all pages)?

                      I would like to change the word 'English' to 'English (GB)' because I will create another language app that will be called 'English (US)'

                      I went to Studio > English App > Settings and edit the name 'English' in the 'Name In Language Switcher' field. I put 'English (GB)' and saved but unfortunately my change doesn't show up in the front-end.Β 

                      Please, any help?

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                        • Please can someone help?

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                          • Hello OneEagle !

                            Thnx for your singal. The ticket has been created

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                            • Hi LeonidS Thanks for creating the ticket. I will manually apply the fix provided there before the UNA 13 release. Thx.

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                              While working on the server I have just discovered that the /periodic/ folder alone is using 173617.07 MB of disk space. That's a lot!

                              I have checked, it contains a lot of autogenerated files like:

                              core.15390 (589.2 MB)

                              core.15436 (589.2 MB)

                              core.15476 (589.2 MB)

                              It has 299 'core' files. Now imagine 299 files by 589.2 MB, you get the total.

                              How come periodic tasks (cron jobs) cause a high disk space and inode usage? By the way I am working on a fresh UNA installation (no member, no photo, no video).

                              How to reduce or prevent those core dump files from using a lot of disk space?


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                                • You may download the one from there and delete it, then check how the site will work. If it's OK -

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                                  • LoL LeonidS The image was funny. Yep I gonna download them and kill'em All πŸ˜‚Β 

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                                    • I've also found these interesting articles/posts on Core Dump files that I would like to share to help others who might run into the same problem:



                                      I have checked the date those Core dumps were created and I remember working on the server that day. Few stuff went wrong then crashed the server. But I managed to fix it and get it back running again. I suspect that that was what crashed my UNA installations creating those Core dump files in the /periodic/ folder. After getting the server back, no more core.xxxx files were generated (I have checked the date). It wasn't a UNA-related problem but instead a server issue.

                                      So, I have just deleted those core files (I have killed'em all 😊) to free disk space on the server. I think there is no need to download them. They are big, they will take time to downalod and I will not need them. Thanks for helping.

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