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when we open a notification received in notification panel on our mobile, that specific notification doesn't gets open, rather it opens the homepage of web app.
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/studio/store.php?page=downloadedThis page gives HTTP ERROR 500 after i upgraded to V11studio/store.php only as well gives same error. Rest all ok 
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How can we resize the Blocks columns on pages? i.e taking the homepage, if I want to make it three columns page i,e of Facebook or any other social platforms, making the middle column much wider and the right one and left one a bit smaller... where can we set or change their sizes?
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Is it available? Cities Dropdown list after Selecting a concerned Country by the user. Such that if we select a country from the dropdown list, then the next list should be of the cities for selection from that country only?
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Aoa sir, Is not there any development, like new style templates.. designing,  mobile apps new designing. Like many types of clone templates were available for BoonEx. Just wondering and looking forward for new different style additions.Or i.e audio/video calls for messenger. Or like other real social networks, they have totally amazing styling. Features etcOtherwise, still its awsome. Thanx to team for their hardwork for all of this. 😎❤. This is developing very fast  
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