Keep it real! album by Andrew Boon

Scale Anxiety. Worrying about scale before launching your community.

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  • Agree, in the beginning it's better to focus on your idea!
    • WOW, thanks for the information Andrew, I naturally and to my own/sites self imposed limits tend to focus on successful outcomes and so again naturally begin to plan as far as my limited knowledge will take me which in itself has been a problem.

      I have been thinking of possible solutions and development steps before I even complete your "First 1000 Users" instruction and although I believe it necessary to at least get a basic outline of the planned development in order to clearly see a better starting place.... plus realizing that I will need to hire help due to lack of knowledge this video really brought it home to me and to narrow my focus just a little, get back in my body and live and build in the now, rather than focus on future problems I cannot fully comprehend, handle or afford.

      Best do what yourself and Alex T suggest, concentrate on the idea, build and develop it on a singular basis before getting help to expand outwards KNOWING what the site has developed into as far as user input is concerned. And so thanks for the "Keep ir real!" video set. I was living in cookoo land for a while there. Thanks for the jolt. All the best.
      • Thanks for the video.
        • Tnx for the video

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