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Hidden costs of custom modifications.

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  • Thank you so much for in depth explanation. 

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    • I thought the whole idea at the beginning of UNA was that it would be modular.  Are you now saying it isn't modular?  There is always a trade-off from sharing code across modules and keeping the size of the platform as small as possible and making it more difficult to have different areas different.  Like sharing the comment system between modules instead of having each module with its own comment system.  Having a shared comment system means that it is difficult to have customisation but it means less code to maintain and a smaller code base; keeping the size of the distribution as small as possible.  If each module carried its own comment system, then you would have much more flexiblity in each comment section being customisible.  I noticed that in Dolphin when I might have wanted a different toolbar set for comments depending on where the comments were placed.  However, no, all comments have to have the same toolbar set.

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