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When will the mobile app deployment for una site users commence?

When I go into settings on this site, the only option I have is to change my email? See screenshot below. Can we get this fixed? 

 Category link doesn't work -

This is not just on the demo site.

I can also reproduce it on my test site.

This link is produced: /blogs/posts//category/

Edit the link to remove the extra / and you still get an error of "Not Found" blank page.

Hi, ich heiße Martin und bin sozusagen der Neue hier.

Ich habe damals Dolphin ausprobiert und möchte nun ein neues Projekt auf Basis von UNA erstellen.

Leider scheint es hier wirklich ziemlich tot zu sein. Man wartet ewig auf Mails etc.

Naja. Ich nutze UNA - weil ich in meinem Projekt eine Matrix einbauen werde. Andere Social Com. Plattformen bieten das soweit ich weiß nicht an.

Aber ist schon Schade, wenn hier nix los ist. Vielleicht können wir uns ja gegenseitig helfen?

Liebe Grüße



i have just installed UNA and want to work with it. But i cannot install 

new Apps or german language - i have to put the keys in first.

How can i transfer the old dolphin licence to it?

Thank you very much!

 I'm trying to set up both my Dolphin and UNA sites to use gmail.

I tried to connect using,  SMTP server name: on port 465 and used my gmail user name and password in place of SMTP user name and password but it's not working.

Can anyone help me with the correct way to set this up?  Do I also need to set up anything in my gmail account?

Can someone tell me where I can increase the max upload size for photos in my Dolphin site?

My platform won't load and Boonex is being unresponsive. I own the domain and have checked and all is fine on that end. But the website won't load and it's been a month now. 

Is there a way to reset it or does anyone have any advice? 

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