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When I create new fields and add all information and add "System Name" and "Title", system removes "System Name" and "Title" and gives me error that name needs three characters required, I tried adding system Name again and get same error... please advise....


holycowsverige , Boonex Dolphin
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I have another xxx website holy-cow dot se that have alot of profiles, and now i created a new UNA site greenpeez dot org that is about climate changes and stuff, i actually took the profiles from my first account so that this new UNA wouldnt feel so lonely! But as it is about xxx then i got all pictures (that google dont like for adsence etc) where do i find these pictures so i fast can change for example replace example.png to a normal picture instead of a pussy i will have a face or something lol.

There are some things that dolphin are better at, for example "your place, your profile", is much more like your own little "home" like facebook on dolphin, but at UNA you get a very strikt, clean, open, no walls (no protection) sterile feeling).

Infinite-Eden , Boonex Dolphin
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How long does it take boonex to send you a license when you buy the product? 

Maik Suhkur , Boonex Dolphin
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Good day! 

Can I use delphin 7.4.1 with plugins instead

There I can find plugins and support for delphin? 

On my hosting I can't use, so I tried to use delphin...


Geek Girl , Boonex Dolphin
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A few years ago I migrated a Dolphin 6 site to Dolphin 7.2.  I edited the old Dolphin migration script so that it would work with 7.2; I wish I had not missed out on the other Dolphin 6 site that needed migration (they ended up going to a different platform that was not Boonex).  The old Dolphin migration script did not touch the original site; it merely read the data, converted it if necessary to work with 7.2, and store the files or wrote the data to the database.  If something went wrong, no problem, just drop the new site as the old site was not touched and continued to function properly.

Recently I had the pleasure to help someone with a Dolphin to UNA migration that went wrong.  The migration had trashed the Dolphin site.  WTF, was what came to mind.  As I looked at the directory and file structure of the Dolphin site I saw UNA directory and file structure inside the Dolphin site.  I can't believe that the UNA migration script is making changes to the Dolphin site; and no, it does not matter that one should make a backup first, the UNA migration script should not be making any changes to the Dolphin file structure or the database structure.  Maybe I am wrong here and that is not the case; that the UNA directories I saw in the Dolphin site were not done by the migration script but were the result of something else that had been done.

So, let's talk about Dolphin to UNA migration.  What exactly is the migration script doing and please, be as technical as you like.

vijuga , Boonex Dolphin
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When transferring data from the Dolphin to UNU program, the program stops and does not load more profiles

GVSHARAVAN , Boonex Dolphin
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It's been over a week since I sent in my support request to move my Dophin Permanent Licenses to UNA. This is limiting my ability to start building UNA sites, can someone provide an estimate on when my support request would be resolved please? LeonidS Leonid S  I think this is with you? Please help. 


Asad Ur Rehman , Boonex Dolphin
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Hi sir.. i have a boonex permanent license.. i sent email regarding UNA license/menbership with my Boonex ID and License credentials to support@una(dot)io on 23 feb from my email muneeb@live(dot)com(dot)pk.. still i haven't got any response. 😒😔. M eagerly w8ing for this script to go live with its features on my community.

jmgillham , Boonex Dolphin
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Currently we have our site up and running, however when a user clicks "forgot password" they receive an email to reset their password, however when the link is clicked it takes them back to the sign in page.

Would love some help, very new to this platform thanks!

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