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I found Dolphin 7.4.2 and unlike Oxwall and Elgg which you can install in XAMPP and get running, they will not install into a host online.  Anyways Dolphin 7.4.2 installs easily enough and I can get all of the modules to install but the Photos and the Video modules.  My first question is this, do these require a license to get them installed?  If not then what might be the remedy to install these?
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Users are forced to create their persons profile and / or their organizations profile. It is mandatory to create it to keep browsing in your website.This module is useful for all dating websites and social networks to make all users create and fill their mandatory fields.On user registration, if the profile was created automatically by the system, it checks if all fields from the edit form are filled, if not, it forces them to fill the profile edit form. They can't leave until the mandatory fields are filled. If the profile was not created by the system, it redirects the user to create their profile.There is cases when the users delete their profile and they can keep watching as anonymous users, this module prevents such behavior too and redirects them to create their profile once again, they can't leave the profile creation until they fill it.CHANGELOG:Version 1.0.2  Jun 23, 2020Compatibility with Usernames improved   Compatibility with Pretty Links improved Edit Organizations redirect fixedRedirect if current profile has mandatory fields not filled. This is helpful if you did add a new mandatory field and you want all users to fill it before continue using your website. It works with Persons and OrganizationsVersion 1.0.1  February 28, 2020Bugfix: User was redirected to edit profile when they were posting on a Form without filling all required fields.Version 1.0.0First Version release
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Watermark your user's videos sitewide. Compatible with all modules.Text Watermark and Image Watermark features.This is a must in all websites, after installing this plugin all new videos will be watermarked with the desired text and image/icon.You can make a big image to watermark the full video, as you can see in the example images.Features included in this version.Text Watermark Text Size Color Stroke size Stroke color Font Position MarginImage Watermark Image / Icon Position Margin Opacity SizeCompatibility:This module is compatible with: Messenger, Ads, Timeline (Feed), Albums, Posts, Market, Forum, Photos, Comments, Events, Persons, Organizations, Verified Members and all other third party modules.Demo: you have any question regarding this module, you can send me a PM and I will answer ASAP., , , CHANGELOG:1.0.1Added fix for video uploads on own server for this issue Version
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Hi everyone!When you try to upgrade membership to PRO on Linguria, this error message appears after selecting the payment method. What might be the problem in here?Thank you all.
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