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  • This module is unbelievably FANTASTIC!!!!! This works beautifully and is fully customizable. We went and called it the "Flirt Locator" on and got it all hooked up and working only for members only. Once our member base grows some more, this is going to be our first paid module! 

    If you'd like to see it in action, please check out and click on Flirt Locator. You must create a free account first but it's well worth the extra 5 seconds it takes! :) 

    really out did themselves with this one, my girlfriend and I were traveling around Philadelphia  on Friday night with both our Flirt Locators on and we were able to precisely track each other's movements and positions around the city in real-time. The map allows you to expand it to full screen and it shows links to profiles of users which will allow our members to cruise around and search for members on city streets or while stuck in traffic or just out on a road trip.

    Looking forward to purchasing several more copies of this for our other communities on ! :)

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    AQB Soft
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    Integration one of the best payment gateways for cryptocurrencies.  Now supporting 1925 altcoins: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Altcoins, and more!

    We have integrated the all available payment methods for internal and externals payments.

    More information here


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    AQB Soft
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    This module allows yours members to spend earned points. It means members will be able to buy products in Market, Membership levels and other things from 3rd modules (if they are properly integrated to the UNA payment system). Points Wallet can be used for one time and for recurring payments.

    It works as add-on for Points System and integrated as standard payment provider.

    Admin can set conversion rate to convert real price to points.

    Points Wallet additionally allows to set Cashback as percentage of the purchase price. Cashback can be enabled for standard and recurring payments

    #Points #Currency

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    Dear Anton,

    I have buy in past some apps for Dolphin Boonex.

    When I now switch to UNA and want buy there some Apps from ypu, is it possible to  get an special price?

    BR Salvatore

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    AQB Soft
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    The module allows the site's admin to more granularly manage visibility of available for upgrade. It allows to control paid levels visibility based on type of a profile and gender. For example this makes it possible to charge differently organizations and persons for the same level of access. As another example it makes it possible to allow women to get a paid level for free while keep this option hidden for profiles with gender set to "Not Specified" or "Man" which may be useful for dating sites.

    NOTE: The module depends on the Paid Levels module offered by UNA Inc. I.e. you must install the Paid Levels module first in order to use the Paid Levels Splitter as an extension.

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    AQB Soft
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    It is flexible and comprehensive system to monetize user's activities. In other words, it allows to reward members with points for their activities. You can guide members' to any part of the site and make them more active in : posting comments, creating posts, voting, sending friends requests, uploading videos, events, etc… Members can also get points levels according to their points balance. 

    Now points values can be both integer and float (floating point values with precision of 8 digits) values, thus you may use points as #crypto or currency with minimal value 0.00000001

    Main user abilities: 

    1) Earn/Lose points for the listed actions

    2) Buy points for real money

    3) Exchange points to real money

    4) Give points to other members

    5) View history

    6) View site's notifications about just got/lost points using dropdown menu with details. 

    8) Reach points levels 

    Main administration abilities:

    1) Set exchange rate for purchasing points for money 

    2) Set exchange rate for exchange points to money

    3) View/edit users history

    4) Set floating-point precision for points values

    5) Full control of users' activity. Ajax panel allows to edit already existed or to add new actions to the module and set points for each participant who can be involved to the action. For example: when you send new message in conversation there are two users who can earn points: first - person who sents and 2nd - who gets the message. Another example: if you have new talk in and someone adds new participant to the talk, then 3 members can get different amount of points: talk's owner, person who adds the new person and new person

    6) Allows to process members' requests to exchange points to money manually or pay throw the site using available payment providers

    7) Set restrictions on number of the action execution during 24 hours.  For example: you may set 3 times per day for photo uploading and then member will be able to get points only for 3 uploaded photos during 24 hours. 

    8) Reward/Penalize  members with any number of points. 

    For example: An active member creates a lot of unique and useful content, you as admin can present any number of points like 100 points with message - "Good Job". Then member will get 100 points and see the message in history. 

    Members can get notification by email about presented points from admin/members. Admin can disable/enable emails notifications via admin panel. 

    9) Points System can detect just installed modules and allows to add the action or grab already existed from Alerts table automatically. In this case you just need to fill the points values for the actions. 

    Full actions control

    • disable/enable module with actions
    • disable/enable an action
    • add action to the module
    • add person for each action to get/lost points
    • dropdown list which helps to add users to alert's participants list or to add your own value. 

    10) Can create any number of point levels with their points' range, names and avatars.

    Next update with new abilities is coming soon :) 

    #Points #Exchange #Cryptocurrency #Currency #BTC #Wallet #Withdraw

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    AQB Soft
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    Provide us please with your server's SSH and studio access info.

    If you have any questions fill free to contact us before purchasing the service.

    , , ,

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    AQB Soft
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    This module allows you to automate and . This is a tool for keeping your members connected to your site by sending them automatic or at a certain conditions/events. In other words this module allows you to create a so called , which is automatically being sent to all members who meet selected criteria and at a configured date(s)/events.

    Main features list:

    • Multi-language support.
    • Allows to filter targeted profiles by membership level and missing profile pics.
    • Allows to send internal auitomated messages directly to the Conversations module.
    • Allows to schedule automails at:
    •    Every X day
    •    Day X since profile registration
    •    Day X since account last login
    •    Exact Date (annually if necessary)
    •    Profile's Birthday

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    I bought Locations Maps a few weeks before Profile Location release and my incident was reason to built Profile Location.

    I had never chance to buy GOOD PRODUCT for me as Profile Location or Location Picker , but AQBSoft doesn't understand that simple situation

    • 5 hours ago

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    AQB Soft
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    This module replaces the default Location field anywhere on a site with an interactive where a member can precisely point out by dragging/putting a marker directly on a map. It also tries to help to place a marker by automatically geolocating member's position using GPS coordinates if available (works only on sites which are using HTTPS protocol). It also replaces all blocks with google static maps with an interactive map and a location marker.

    It supports a variety of map providers and styles, including Maps, , () and many others. A lot of maps providers/styles examples you can find by this link: Most of these providers are free to use, which means that you don't have to pay anything in order to use the maps on your site. So this can provide a complete alternative to google maps/services if necessary.

    You may also be interested in Locations Map which is fully compatible with this module.

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