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This app is useful for site owners and common site members. Purchasing the app you'll get the possibility to notify your site members to complete their profiles which in turn makes your site more intersting to use. In the same time common site members would be notified (seeing 'Profile Completeness' block) to complete their profiles which will help them to find more friends and so on.

By default the app was intergrated with Persons and Organizations apps and adds 'Profile Completeness' block on Dashboard page which can be copied on any page you want using Studio Pages app.

Also the app allows to set different weights for profile fields. It means that you may make some fields more important. For example, Full Name and Gender may be more important (bring more percents to completeness) than Location.

Another useful feature is that the app was integrated with default Notifications app. It allows to notify site members to complete their profiles. Notifications will be sent directly on the site, via email, using Push notifications (if it's configured).

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AQB Soft , AQBSoft
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The App adds a new interesting feature on your site. It will allow your users to create debates asking any questions they want to get opinions of the other members for. User may give a number of possible answers (opinions) and the others may agree with one of them and comment it on. The App has different browsing capabilities including a block with the most resent debates on home page. Main features:

  • Create a debate.
  • Use categories to organize debates better.
  • Specify location (if it's needed).
  • Attach image which can help to describe a debate better.
  • Each debate has its own page with user friendly layout.
  • Share a debate's page in social networks.
  • Use Privacy settings to control an access to a debate view page.
  • Vote for some opinion and comment it on afterwords.
  • Comment on a debate itself. User may do it without giving his vote to some opinion.
  • Browsing capabilities:
    • Recent Debates block on home page.
    • Recent Debates page.
    • Popular Debates page.
    • Using categories.
    • Using search by keyword.
    • In Trident's Timeline.
    • etc.
  • Manage debates tool, which allows to easily manage your own debates in one place.
  • Administrator can limit a number of possible answers (opinions) per debate.

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AQB Soft , AQBSoft
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A great deal for site owners who want to add new interesting features to their sites. Now you may get contests modules listed below with 25% discount.

  1. Music Contests - $29
  2. Photo Contests - $29
  3. Video Contests - $29

Total is $87 but you'll get it for $60 only.

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