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This module allows to use an alternative custom for across the site - both and . It also allows to display various profile related information (like, for example, Age, Country, City, Category and any other field, including custom fields) directly on a profile's card. The module adapts to a site's automatically which means that fonts, backgrounds and boxes' styles of the profiles cards across the site will vary and will be styled accordingly to a template/mix you're using and its settings.

The module also provides an extended support for meta menu on profile cards. For example it is possible to create a "Message" button with an onclick handler
on a profile card which will be opening the Messenger page with a member (no need to visit profile first in order to click the "Message" button).

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    • How do I get the 1.8.0 update. It does not show up in my updates on studie.

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      • Very useful App. Thanks for creating it.

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        • Very nice module!  Is there any way to format dates shown or have it format based on our site settings?  For instance, using [added], I get something like "2018-08-30T12:38:51+…" instead of "Aug 30, 2018".  

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          • An update to version 1.1.10 has been released which fixes the way dates are being displayed. Thanks for reporting it.

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