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This module is designed to provide extended capabilities of rendering the so called "Snippet Meta Info" sets. These menu sets are used across an UNA based site to provide some additional info on a (such as Groups, Profiles, Events, Spaces, Posts, etc.).
With this module you can add a lot of dynamic data to the cards on your site. Such as location, action buttons, categories, etc.
The module allows to execute a blocks of PHP code linked to a respective "Snippet Meta Info" custom menu item this way greatly increasing the ability to display various dynamic data for a menu item on a content's card.

Items provided out of the box:

  • New line
  • Messenger button (if the Messenger module is installed)
  • Person's points amount (if the Points System module is installed)
  • Any Content Entry's country
  • Any Content Entry's city
  • Space's category
  • Space's parent space
  • Space's description
  • Group's category
  • Group's description
  • Event's category
  • Event's description
  • Event's dates
  • Event's date start

If a desired item is not on the list feel free to contact us and most likely we wil be able to provide you with a solution for your usecase or even include your usecase in the publicly available version.

A more experienced users can create their own handlers by providing a handler's custom code (PHP) thus extending it even more.

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    • An excellent module that adds more info to the preview 'card' that your users see.  The additional info allows your users to see at a glance, what a Space, Group, event, etc is all about.  No site should be without this module.

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      • I totally agree with Mr.Houston, an excellent module!

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        Added a product  to  , cards

        This module allows to use an alternative custom for across the site - both and . It also allows to display various profile related information (like, for example, Age, Country, City, Category and any other field, including custom fields) directly on a profile's card. The module adapts to a site's automatically which means that fonts, backgrounds and boxes' styles of the profiles cards across the site will vary and will be styled accordingly to a template/mix you're using and its settings.

        The module also provides an extended support for meta menu on profile cards. For example it is possible to create a "Message" button with an onclick handler
        on a profile card which will be opening the Messenger page with a member (no need to visit profile first in order to click the "Message" button).

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          • How do I get the 1.8.0 update. It does not show up in my updates on studie.

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            • Very useful App. Thanks for creating it.

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              • Very nice module!  Is there any way to format dates shown or have it format based on our site settings?  For instance, using [added], I get something like "2018-08-30T12:38:51+…" instead of "Aug 30, 2018".  

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                • An update to version 1.1.10 has been released which fixes the way dates are being displayed. Thanks for reporting it.

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