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John Curtis , UNA Community
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 I'm trying to set up both my Dolphin and UNA sites to use gmail.

I tried to connect using,  SMTP server name:  smtp.gmail.com on port 465 and used my gmail user name and password in place of SMTP user name and password but it's not working.

Can anyone help me with the correct way to set this up?  Do I also need to set up anything in my gmail account?

Andrew Boon , UNA Community
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Our goal for the UNA.IO community is to provide a professional platform for discussion, collaboration and customer support related to UNA platform as well as social media software in general. We have just updated our Terms of use, adding the UNA.IO Acceptable Use Policy section, which outlines general etiquette for using this community website. 

Please, note that from now on we will be strictly enforcing the new clauses, removing any violating content and potentially suspending accounts that breach the rules. All new regulations are designed to keep the team and the community focused, efficient and peaceful. While UNA.IO technically looks like a "social" network, it is primarily a professional business community. 

The new clauses read:

UNA.IO Acceptable Use Policy

UNA.IO is a place that brings together the developers and the users of the UNA CMS to discuss and explore the world of Social Community development. We provide this space for meaningful discussion that is relevant and beneficial to all users - with that in mind we invite users to participate in these community forums in a way that is relevant and beneficial to others.

The following rules help everyone on UNA.IO have a safe and productive experience.

Be Nice, Be Respectful

Engage with Others in a Constructive Way
Assume everyone on UNA is here to make the platform a great resource - the users come with diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and opinions. It is OK to disagree, but please be civil, respectful, and considerate to other members, this includes all members of the UNA Team.

No Hate Speech

UNA is a place for discussion around the UNA platform and Online Social Community development in general -  UNA does not tolerate content that attacks or disparages an individual or group based on race, gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity, political group, sexual orientation or another similar characteristic. Any generalizations about these topics should be phrased as neutrally as possible.

No Harassment and Bullying

Abusive behaviour directed towards private individuals and organisations is not allowed. That includes UNA employees and the company in general. Repeated and unwanted contact constitutes a form of harassment. There is no minimum service guarantee with UNA.IO - it is a free space where announcements can be made, guidance given and questions raised. If your questions are not being answer quickly enough, you will need to consider direct support, which is available with paid UNA Pro and Cloud subscriptions.

Discussion around the use of UNA applications is welcomed, but if you are dissatisfied with a product or outcome, please avoid denigrating the UNA team in your remarks, we are all looking for constructive outcomes, and personal attacks will not be tolerated.

Be Positive and Purposeful in Your Communications

People are using this platform to ask and answer questions about the development of their UNA websites. If you have a meaningful question requiring an answer, please ask! If you feel like you can answer a question in a way that has value, please answer! But in your questions and answers please avoid the use of sarcasm or misleading information, bear in mind that many people using this platform have English as a 2nd language - so sarcasm could be misconstrued and misleading information can cause significant umbrage to others.

In effect, this means that we only welcome respectful, supportive, on-topic communication. While everyone is allowed to have an opinion and exercise their freedom of speech, we reserve the right to curate content published on this site to keep it in-line with the purpose of this community. UNA.IO members may be from various countries; may have different political, religious or social opinions; may be facing different personal experiences and may have a variety of individual circumstances. We would like to keep all the discourse strictly relevant to the UNA.IO cause. Therefore, we will be actively removing any postings that may be inflammatory, misguiding, divisive, off-topic or inconsiderate.

These rules also apply to product-related feedback. We provide UNA software and services in good faith and strive to support our clients in the best way we can. Customer feedback is welcome, both via public and private channels, but we do ask you to keep it constructive, supported by facts and expressed in a manner that does not discourage other community members. Unsatisfactory experience may be related to a number of factors, often including issues beyond our control. Assumptions and generalisations only help when they are intended to promote goodwill. In short, this is not a place for any antagonism of any kind, even if it is substantiated. Any complaints that can't be expressed in a constructive manner should be directed to our private support channels. 

Ultimately, UNA.IO is a place for helping and inspiring each other. Let's keep it that way. 

datman , UNA Community
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I don't seem to get how to make my search forms do a real-time ajax search as the user is typing.

Anybody know how?

Pls help. Am stuck

Btasey , UNA Community
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I recently presented my UNA site at the State Convention to demonstrate what our group has invested in and how it could be used at the state level. The state board was very impressed! We had several groups enthusiastically embrace the site, and express their eagerness to invite their entire group to join our site. I believe I will be able to afford to create a fully functional site thanks to the support I received at the convention.

I wanted to share this news with the community, and to thank the developers for creating such an impressive and flexible software program! With UNA, I have been able to create something that's changed the way my group thinks about marketing and outreach. We're going to grow in membership together! Thank you!

zkapps , UNA Community
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( ! ) Notice: Undefined index: sCurrentLanguage in C:\Program Files (x86)\Ampps\www\zkapps.es\una1\inc\classes\BxDolLanguages.php on line 179

1 0.0043 152568 {main}( ) ...\index.php:0
2 0.1227 1495248 BxDolInstallController->run( ) ...\index.php:53
3 0.1230 1495440 BxDolInstallController->actionSiteConfig( ) ...\BxDolInstallController.php:24
4 0.2719 1536312 BxDolInstallSiteConfig->getFormHtml( ) ...\BxDolInstallController.php:89
5 0.2764 1538040 BxDolInstallSiteConfig->processConfigData( ) ...\BxDolInstallSiteConfig.php:246
6 10.4180 1541688 BxDolInstallSiteConfig->processModules( ) ...\BxDolInstallSiteConfig.php:296
7 10.4181 1542440 BxDolInstallSiteConfig->processModuleByUri( ) ...\BxDolInstallSiteConfig.php:377
8 10.4181 1542576 BxDolInstallSiteConfig->processModuleByField( ) ...\BxDolInstallSiteConfig.php:395
9 10.5602 2548848 BxDolLanguages::getInstance( ) ...\BxDolInstallSiteConfig.php:412
10 10.5668 2627240 BxDolLanguages->init( ) ...\BxDolLanguages.php:49
11 10.5668 2627352 BxDolLanguages->getCurrentLangName( ) ...\BxDolLanguages.php:274
12 10.5910 2628056 BxDolLanguages->getLangCountryCode( ) ...\BxDolLanguages.php:77
13 10.5910 2628056 BxDolLanguages->getCurrentLanguage( ) ...\BxDolLanguages.php:125
Mark Purser , UNA Community
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In many ways the UNA Permissions module provides the governance for your UNA website. The Permissions  determine what a user can see and what they can do within your site. Within UNA the Permissions are fully customisable, you can create your own user levels, and establish what they can do and see within your site.

  • Modify existing user levels.

  • Determine the available actions for each user level.

  • Set the number of actions available within a defined period of time, for each user level.

  • Set what menus are visible based on user level.

  • Define what content is visible based on user levels.

    • Permissions for an entire page

    • Permissions for each block of content on each page.

Chapter 1 - Using Permissions Module in UNA

In the first chapter we explore;

  1. The function of the UNA Permissions module.

  2. How to create new user levels.

  3. How to add icons from Font Awesome for each user level.

  4. How an admin can designate user levels.

  5. How to determine the available actions based upon user levels.

Chapter 2 - Using the Permissions to Control Menus in UNA

In the 2nd chapter we explore

  1. How to change menu displays based on user level.

Chapter 3 - Using Permissions in  the UNA Pages Module

In this 3rd chapter we explore;

  1. How to configure each page in UNA to display content based on Permissions.

  2. How to edit each block to specify what user levels can view it.

The last days I translated UNA from english to german language.

Not so easy as I thought before... a lot of words and modules with xml-Files to change.

I use as help google translator in excel, but every word must controlled. And also the internal keys. Some are translated... not so good.

To test every changed version I need to install completely the language module new.

Not so easy over UNA Apps but I found the key with my language module in the table sys_modules.
I delete the key. And now I can install the Language over UNA App completely new.
It's a little trick.

In studio the image of my module is very small. I don't know why at the moment.

Best regards,

example see: https://inn-inet.de

When using  the "Mass Mailer" app I keep receiving this  error: Body can't be empty and {unsubscribe url} marker must be present.   Does anyone know how to fix this issue.  Thanks in advance.


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