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Access denied. This is private content.

A Day in the life, May it be longer than I ever expected :)

As a Legacy Boonexer - I offer these photos for the purpose of trying out the platforms Album feature.  Carry On

How many people here actually run there live site on the beta channel?

Are the people ready to self-govern directly, i.e. no more rulers?

Would you like to see a media module that displays 360¬į videos and photos?  The future of VR 360¬į media is upon us...

Who is the strongest Avenger?

Rate the support on UNA. Based on your experience. 

Can we make 'Polls' have a deadline?And be able to be visible without being active?So if we wanted to open something to voting and have it automatically end at midnight, it can be set so the...

Are we alone in the Universe?


Access denied. This is private content.

Can we hide the results of Poll till "Certain days" after user Polls? So users can come back and then view the results once Poll is Over?

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At first I though Articles had a restriction in embeding iframes until I tried using post. In both cases I could use iframe to embed a video only as an admin not another profile that had permissions to both create post and article. So what is making this determination? Has any one else had this problem?

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I am try to simplify site menu to contain sub-menus. Can a sub-menu have a sub-menu? If I set menu "Show submenu in popup" the sub sub menu it show but I am trying to keep the menu style the same as the sub menu.


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This module allows to login or join the site using discord.com account credentials

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I have UNA 12 installed on a test environment, without modifications, and I've noticed that non members accessing the URL of the secret group can see some details of a discussion (the title, the beginning of the question, the author of the question). 

How to reproduce : go to a "secret" group you are not member of, click on the "discussions" sub menu item ( the URL is " /page/discussions-context?profile_id= ).

Expected behavior : for a private group discussions should not be visible for non members.

Note :

- When clicking on the topic to open it, the message "Access denied. This is private content." appears as expected.

- No problem for other items (posts, albums, ...) the text is marked as private.

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This module allows yours members to spend earned points. It means members will be able to buy products in Market, Membership levels and other things from 3rd modules (if they are properly integrated to the UNA payment system). Points Wallet can be used for one time and for recurring payments.

It works as add-on for Points System and integrated as standard payment provider.

Admin can set conversion rate to convert real price to points.

Points Wallet additionally allows to set Cashback as percentage of the purchase price. Cashback can be enabled for standard and recurring payments. 

#Points #Currency

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