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I have bought two modules from AQB Soft in the past - the Members Points module and the affiliate matrix script. Great modules and I wanted to use them with dolphin.

Then UNA comes on the table and i asked a simple question:

"Hey, - i like to start my community with dolphin and your plugins - but now UNA will be published. So does it make any sense to install dolphin with the plugins i bought - or is it better to wait for UNA - will these plugins run with UNA?"

The Answer that i got in december 2018:

"Its better to wait for UNA and all plugins portated and will be available in 2 month"

So TODAY i got the finally news, that my plugins are not ready or will cost me an extra fee .... no no no no....

Wait a minute. I HAVE WAITED month .... and now what?

I have to delete my UNA and install dolphin again ... what the f++k!

And then try to get some professionell programmers to run my site

Thank you very much!

Shame on you 

Kathraal added a discussion to , UNA Community

Hi guys,

when I use my SSL certificate (provided by my provider) our Website looks very strange. With HTTP everything is fine. Any ideas how to solve this? Any information is appreciated.


Blythe J added a discussion to , UNA Community

I'd like to understand more about how the administration of Messenger works. Is it possible to clear rooms of all posts, or to delete and recreate rooms to clear them, inside of Una? Or will this be something dreadful like Chat+ where I have to go my server to accomplish this? We use chats to conduct meetings, and don't enjoy having months of meetings left up. Thanks!

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So this is from the new mobile apps if it looks strange. 

I believe the icon indicated by my arrow is coded to Messenger which I am not using. I did however configure Rocket.chat and would like to swap the link and possibly the icon. However after searching for hours and hours through studio and designer and developer and Xcode and Android Studio I cannot find it so I hope someone else knows what it is and where I can find it. 

Thanks in advance 

Can someone tell me how to increase the avatar size in the header? It’s really small.

Can someone tell me how do you change the font size for the menu options for post to timeline? I thought it may be the “medium font size” in Styles but I am not seeing any change in font size after making the adjustments. I am clearing cache after making the changes.

I am getting a notification every time I post or like someone else’s post. Can anyone tell me why this would be? I already know what I am posting and liking. Why would I need a notification?

Shark added a discussion to , UNA Community

we have a problome:

After updated  to RC1, when user edit  group, its got 500 erro. and find the apche erro:

[proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 974:tid 140232351508224] [client] AH01071: Got error 'PHP message: PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method BxDolProfileUndefined::getStatus() in /data/wwwroot/********.com/modules/base/profile/classes/BxBaseModProfileFormsEntryHelper.php:95\nStack trace:\n#0 /data/wwwroot/********.com/modules/base/general/classes/BxBaseModGeneralFormsEntryHelper.php(323): BxBaseModProfileFormsEntryHelper->onDataEditBefore('1', Array, NULL, Object(BxDolProfileUndefined), Object(BxGroupsFormEntry))\n#1 /data/wwwroot/********.com/modules/base/general/classes/BxBaseModGeneralModule.php(1604): BxBaseModGeneralFormsEntryHelper->editDataForm(1, false, 'checkAllowedEdi...', true)\n#2 /data/wwwroot/********.com/modules/base/general/classes/BxBaseModGeneralModule.php(516): BxBaseModGeneralModule->_serviceEntityForm('editDataForm', 1, false)\n#3 /data/wwwroot/********.com/inc/classes/BxDolRequest.php(97): BxBaseModGeneralModule->serviceEntityEdit()\n#4 /data/wwwroot/********.com/inc/classes/BxDolRequest.php(57): BxDolRequest:...', referer: https://********.com/page/edit-group-profile?id=1

any idea to fix this problome?

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I created a custom submenu in Studio>Navigation>Sets but when I attempt to select it in the builder for a new page (Studio>Pages>) it is not showing in the option list of submenu for me to select.

Any assistance in resolving this would be greatly appreciated.

[NB. We are on a Cloud4 plan so do not have access to the backend] 

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