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A Day in the life, May it be longer than I ever expected :)

As a Legacy Boonexer - I offer these photos for the purpose of trying out the platforms Album feature.  Carry On

How many people here actually run there live site on the beta channel?

Are the people ready to self-govern directly, i.e. no more rulers?

Would you like to see a media module that displays 360° videos and photos?  The future of VR 360° media is upon us...

Who is the strongest Avenger?

Can we make 'Polls' have a deadline?And be able to be visible without being active?So if we wanted to open something to voting and have it automatically end at midnight, it can be set so the...

Are we alone in the Universe?


Access denied. This is private content.

Can we hide the results of Poll till "Certain days" after user Polls? So users can come back and then view the results once Poll is Over?

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Added a product  to  , UNA Community

It is flexible and comprehensive system to monetize user's activities. In other words, it allows to reward members with points for their activities. You can guide members' to any part of the site and make them more active in : posting comments, creating posts, voting, sending friends requests, uploading videos, events, etc… Members can also get points levels according to their points balance. 

Now points values can be both integer and float (floating point values with precision of 8 digits) values, thus you may use points as #crypto or currency with minimal value 0.00000001

Main user abilities: 

1) Earn/Lose points for the listed actions

2) Buy points for real money

3) Exchange points to real money

4) Give points to other members

5) View history

6) View site's notifications about just got/lost points using dropdown menu with details. 

8) Reach points levels 

Main administration abilities:

1) Set exchange rate for purchasing points for money 

2) Set exchange rate for exchange points to money

3) View/edit users history

4) Set floating-point precision for points values

5) Full control of users' activity. Ajax panel allows to edit already existed or to add new actions to the module and set points for each participant who can be involved to the action. For example: when you send new message in conversation there are two users who can earn points: first - person who sents and 2nd - who gets the message. Another example: if you have new talk in and someone adds new participant to the talk, then 3 members can get different amount of points: talk's owner, person who adds the new person and new person

6) Allows to process members' requests to exchange points to money manually or pay throw the site using available payment providers

7) Set restrictions on number of the action execution during 24 hours.  For example: you may set 3 times per day for photo uploading and then member will be able to get points only for 3 uploaded photos during 24 hours. 

8) Reward/Penalize  members with any number of points. 

For example: An active member creates a lot of unique and useful content, you as admin can present any number of points like 100 points with message - "Good Job". Then member will get 100 points and see the message in history. 

Members can get notification by email about presented points from admin/members. Admin can disable/enable emails notifications via admin panel. 

9) Points System can detect just installed modules and allows to add the action or grab already existed from Alerts table automatically. In this case you just need to fill the points values for the actions. 

Full actions control

  • disable/enable module with actions
  • disable/enable an action
  • add action to the module
  • add person for each action to get/lost points
  • dropdown list which helps to add users to alert's participants list or to add your own value. 

10) Can create any number of point levels with their points' range, names and avatars.

Next update with new abilities is coming soon :) 

#Points #Exchange #Cryptocurrency #Currency #BTC #Wallet #Withdraw

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    • Tell me which variable can be used to display the number of points of a participant in the menu. Credits are displayed with the {value} command, what variable do they have in the Bonus system module or how do we display the number of points not in the drop-down general menu by points, but in the drop-down list when you click on the profile icon.

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      • Hello!
        This option doesn't work in current version, but we will include it to the next update, during the week.

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      • We've installed the Point system on our staging site and have checked and rechecked the settings and it shows a "leaderboard"  but no matter what we do we can't seem to get it to display any points.  We've checked the boxes for activities.  Is there something else we need to do to get it to work? 

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        • Hello!

          Looks like you have no active actions yet on Points Settings->Actions to earn points for members.

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        • image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=5299&dpx=1&t=1627766521

          Improvement Request: in the buy points view page, please it would be nice if users can also type in amount in system currency (USD) in addition to current framework. I.e create an alternative Field to input amount in USD so it can reflect in value in points...just as currently one can input amount in points and it reflects value in USD. e.g if a user wants to buy $5 worth of points, user can just input amount in USD and have it reflect the value in points. This way buying points can be reflected in a two-way currency. AQB Soft 

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          • Hello!

            Thank you for the suggestion, we've added it to the features list.

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          Added a product  to  , UNA Community

          Compatible with UNA 12, UNA 13 and over, please make sure you have at least UNA 12 before buying this module.

          Generate pretty links from all Modules and all Content.

          This Module is compatible with all third party Modules, all CoreApps and

          This is the best improvement needed for SEO on all UNA websites, dating websites and social networks.

          Demo of album: https://una.codemonster.pro/albums/view-album/Kqv/watermarked-videos-album

          Demo of timeline: https://una.codemonster.pro/timeline/item/ZaX/this-is-my-first-post-to-feed

          • Version 1.0.14: November 23, 2021
          • Compatibility with UNA 13 added
          • Fixed error in timeline with wrong links on comment replies
          • Fixed random error 500 on page load on latest UNA versions

          • Version 1.0.13: September 25, 2021
          • PHP 8 Fully compatible
          • Several minor bugfixes

          • Version 1.0.12: August 1, 2021
          • Fixed wrong links in latest UNA version when somebody was adding comments to content or updates.

          • Version 1.0.11: March 17, 2021
          • Improved speed on page load.
          • Bugfix: Fixed "Following" and "Followers" Links.
          • Bugfix: Fixed all Links that contains a "#" in it.
          • Bugfix: Cleaned duplicated values from database.
          • Buffix: Fixed Admin Objects Grid, now all rows has an "Edit" button.

          • Version 1.0.10: March 15, 2021
          • Bugfix: Bugfix for Nginx Servers in permalinks.

          • Version 1.0.9: March 14, 2021
          • Bugfix: Error 500 fixed for some non standard PHP installations (Private servers with no cPanel)

          • Version 1.0.8: March 14, 2021
          • Bugfix: Pretty link in Timeline menu: "Share -> Send to Friend" is now fixed.
          • Bugfix: Some links where broken when using Russian in Posts and Forum titles, they are now supported.
          • Cyrillic support (Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Belarusian, Czech, Kazakh, Kirghiz, and Macedonian), Japanese, Chinese, etc.

          • Version 1.0.7: February 07, 2021
          • Improved compatibility with UNA 12.
          • Bugfix: Pagination for all pages and modules is fixed
          • Bugfix: When going to deleted content (no longer existing content), the module was having an "Notice". This is now solved.
          • Several minor bugfixes.
          • If you still have any issue, please report it to our messenger https://una.io/page/messenger?profile_id=39401 and provide any detail on how to reproduce the issue, if you can share screenshots and error logs that would help us to fix anything faster.
          • Version 1.0.6: November 05, 2020
          • Bugfix: In some servers, some links were displaying incorrect content because of the case non-sensitive from the database. In this update now all links display the correct data.
          • Special thanks to InPage for reporting this bug and sending the detailed information that lead us to find the issue and fix it properly.
          • Version 1.0.5
          • Bugfix: Error 500 on UNA Cloud servers, when this module was installed in servers with missing php-intl extension, this module was giving error 500. This is now fixed, if the extension is missing the links will replace the titles in the pretty link with a "-" instead. If you are hosted on UNA Cloud or see this kind of behavior on your server, please install and enable php-intl extension or contact me with a private message.
          • Bugfix: Profile page was displaying duplicated on some servers when Usernames module was installed before Pretty Links module.
          • Bugfix: Some links whose title was blank, the links were giving error 404, this was fixed, now it displays the correct page.
          • Version 1.0.4
          • Compatibility with usernames module was improved.
          • Version 1.0.3
          • Bugfix. A minor bug found when usernames is not installed.
          • Version 1.0.2
          • Bugfix in studio.
          • Version 1.0.1 
          • Fixed compatibility with timeline.
          • Version 1.0.0
          • First version.

          Important for UNA Cloud Customers:

          1. This module needs php-intl installed and enabled in the server, the automatic titles in the link need this to work properly, if you see that this feature is not working, please ask your hosting support to install and enable php-intl module in the server.
          2. This module works on UNA 11 and over, in the update of UNA 11 there is a new config that was added to htaccess for apache servers, UNA cloud works on Nginx server and this new rewrite rule is not added automatically, you need to request to your hosting support for adding this new line to your Nginx config file:
          • if (!-e $request_filename ) {
          • rewrite ^/your-path-to-una/(.+)$ /your-path-to-una/r.php?_q=$1 last;
          • break;
          • }
          • This was already explained by Andrew Boon in the IMPORTANT UPDATE NOTES from his post "UNA 11 "Altair" Released"
          • If this rule is not added into the configs, the url "mydomain.com/albums/view-album/Kqv/watermarked-videos-album" will display error 404 "Not found", if that's your case, disable the module until your hosting support adds that rewrite rule, once done, enable it again and it will start working.

          • 7769
            • Links on timeline posts are pointing to the wrong pages, reported this on Jun 1, 2021 MSolutions was aware of the problem, there is still no fix. Error is in the current version 1.0.11


              MSolutions please can we have an expected repair date?

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              • Pretty Links Version 1.0.12 was released a few minutes ago, it does fix this error. The issue is that they don't use the regular permalinks method in this place, so we are forced to display the ugly link in here (when somebody comments on something). This new version fixes this error, please update this module in your website and send us a private message if you see any other issue.

                Senior Developer-

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              • When will Pretty Links support PHP8.0?


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                • Thank you MSolutions for letting us know. 

                  We moved away from Pretty Links when it did not work for php8. When we tested the new version we are seeing it put a heavy load on the servers when we have high traffic volumes.

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                  • https://una.io/page/view-discussion?id=8680 I am on a new install and tested on your DEMO site, and possibly other people will have the issue and not noticed it yet, but comment links are not working. Comment to '{object_title}' , Please look into this as I have so many comment notifications with comment links that do not work. When I go to disable the pretty links the already there comment links do not change only new ones work that did not use it. I tried to deactivate page/cmts-viewSystemsys,id,cmt_idcmts-view/:sys/:hashKey/:cmt_id from modules, but that does not help any as it will just keep generating the links. I would really hate to stop using it due to my already created links, so ignoring it for now as long as I can. 

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                    • This is fixed in latest version.

                      If the issue persists after the update, please go to "/studio/dashboard.php" and clean all caches. That should refresh everything and it will display the correct links in timeline.


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                    • Will there be an options to delete old links when content is deleted in the future? I have so many links due to testing and I have to go in and disable them, but no way to delete them after. For now I can always just go in the database and delete them, but be nice to have an easier method. 

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                      • Latest version includes reported bug fixes, next version will include the delete button for links and autodelete links on delete content.


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                      Added a group  to  , UNA Community

                      Dedicated & Managed UNA Hosting Provider

                      Our servers are tried, tested and optimised for UNA. Our packages are starting from £135 and will come with free server and UNA management.

                      Our UNA servers are located in Silicon Valley where our most powerful and lots of free resources for upgrades.

                      Please note you can upgrade anytime but due to it being a dedicated server, a downgrade is impossible at this time.

                      Our packages contain the following features

                      • UNA Pro License (Priced @ $50)
                      • DirectAdmin Control Panel - 10 Domain Limit
                      • Cloud Linux for performance and security.
                      • Free Server Management
                      • Free UNA Management
                      • Free UNA App Management (At the cost of the App)
                      • Optional RocketChat Server Addon
                      • Optional HTML5 Chat Addon
                      • Optional Jot Server Addons (Coming Soon)
                      • Optional jitsi Server Addons (Coming Soon) 

                      We do have plans to implement more addons in future releases of our packages.

                      Useful UNA.IO Links

                      Mersey Hosting Hub UNA.IO Group Please Join

                      Mersey Hosting Hub Links

                      Mersey Hosting Hub - Home & Business Web Hosting and Servers.

                      Mersey Hosting Hub Freebies - Free Personal, Home And Business Hosting.

                      GitHub Links

                      Want to partner with us?

                      Are you a developer? Want us to add you to our Managed Apps Addons? Please message us and we will provide you with the details. 

                      About Us

                      We are part of a group of organizations that work to help Animals and the Local Community. This group is called the Mersey Hub Group part of the group is being an NPO (Non-Profit Organization) and our profits go to help the other NPO's in the group and the work they do.

                      • 1736
                      Added a product  to  , UNA Community

                      Make your own Fiverr alternative marketplace for your niche or your country with this Module.

                      Your users can publish their gig jobs and get hired by others, it works great with all payment options.


                      • Persons and Organizations can publish their gig jobs and add sample files* in their publication
                        • This files are downloadable by everyone,
                          •  this is useful for adding extra files in original format so the customers can see the job quality they will get when they hire a gig.
                      • They can hire each others
                      • It creates a new PROJECT page for each gig hired.
                        • The client can message to the seller/worker
                        • The seller/Worker can message to the client
                        • The client can add files to the project (accepts video, audio, photos and zip files)*
                        • The Seller can add deliveries with text and files (accepts video, audio, photos and zip files)*
                        • The client can reject the delivery
                        • The client can accept the delivery
                        • On delivery accepted, the project status changes to completed and it is displayed in read-only mode.
                        • When project is in read-only mode, messages are locked and buttons for for adding files and deliveries are not displayed
                      • Notifications are send on:
                        • Client hire a gig
                        • Client adds a message
                        • Client adds files
                        • Client rejects delivery
                        • Client accepts delivery
                        • Seller adds a message
                        • Seller adds delivery
                      • Client can rate the gig hired
                      • Lists and Pages
                        • Gigs storefront (home page)
                        • Latest
                        • Featured
                        • Popular
                        • Top
                        • Updated
                        • Categories
                        • Search


                      • Version 1.0.2: August 02, 2021
                        • Bugfix: Cron error fixed.
                      • Update Version 1.0.1: May 08, 2021:
                        • Bugfix. Privacy issue in messages was fixed in this version, now the messages from the project's page are not displayed in timeline.

                      This is a simple solution for making a Fiverr clone alternative or Upwork clone alternative for your own UNA.io social network.

                      *Important: The videos, photos and audios uploaded will not be transcoded, they remain in their original format. Sellers and clients need to download the files to be able to watch them. This is made on purpose to avoid losing quality of the original files sent by the client and seller.

                      • 5311
                        • So far I like it, at first I thought it was a market clone and then as soon as I created the gig and did a sample, that is where this plugin shines. However, the messages between the seller/buyer are shared on your timeline, this is a privacy concern. I know it is being worked on and these guys will find a way/alternative to fix this. Other than that great system and can not wait for additional features. THe price as well was steep, for such an addition. I still paid to support, but this is maybe only worth about $30-$40 range. I would have paid more for the custom profiles and links. One day I hope someone makes a media manager app that will allow you to share your content on site in other modules so if you had to do  sample in a plugin like this you could avoid having to embed etc. Convenience is easier for a lot of people. Keep up the great modules. I like the creativity and uniqueness in all your products. 

                          💓0 😆0 😲0 😥0 😠0 0
                          • Hi Kyle - MyVyBZ.com!

                            Thank you for your rating, review and feedback, we really appreciate your sincerity and we are improving this module with new features, they will be added in future versions.

                            The latest version fixes the privacy issue, please update this module and delete the messages from timeline (if any), new messages sent in project's page will not be displayed in timeline anymore.


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                          Added a product  to  , UNA Community

                          Persons and Organizations can customize their profile, changing background photos and colors to make it unique.

                          When persons and organizations add customization to their profile they want others to look at it and the chances of sharing their own profile on other social media sites/apps goes higher.

                          The admin can set which fields are allowed, and disable the ones that don't want the users to change.


                          • Change background photos
                          • Change text colors
                          • Change buttons colors
                          • Change Icons colors
                          • Change font sizes
                          • Change borders
                          • ... all the other settings that your default Theme/Mix has, you can select them for users to customize their profiles with those options.

                          This Module is using the default upload forms and allows images only, it doesn't allow videos, it doesn't allow GIFs.

                          Compatible with UNA 11, UNA 12 and over.

                          This is an amazing feature for your dating site or social network, customizing their own profiles gives them sense of belonging.

                          Important: This module gets the default values from the theme or mix that the user has selected once they click on save, it only saves the fields that were changed. If they didn't select a mix or theme before making changes, the default values are the ones from the default theme installed in your website. We recommend you to enable only one mix from one theme so users don't get confused on why they can't change some parts of their profile.


                          • Version 1.0.2 - August 1, 2021
                            • Fixed "Warning" message in UNA 12
                          • Version 1.0.1 - 01/17/2021
                            • Fixed image Background Attachment: fixed / scroll / local on Lucid Template

                          CUSTOM PROFILE DEMO:


                          In this demo it looks like it has a gradient. It is not a gradient, it is a colorful background image. This is the kind of customization that your users will be able to do in their own profiles.

                          DEMO 2







                          • 3761
                            • MSolutions , Please add an option so users can reset to default .

                              💓0 😆0 😲0 😥0 😠0 0
                              • Thank you everyone for your feedback and support, we will release a new update with more features soon.


                                💓0 😆0 😲0 😥0 😠0 0
                                • how do i use custom styles i cant find the list of fields? the pick with the white portion with text and check boxes?

                                  💓0 😆0 😲0 😥0 😠0 0
                                  • Those options are in the Module's settings in the studio:


                                    If you can't see those options please send us a screenshot of what you see in there and your UNA version in a private message.


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                                  • Is there plans to update this so users can re-set their profiles to original default template style?

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                                    UNA - Network Infrastructure for Communities