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We just have released new update 10.0.3 for Messenger.

It contains several bug fixes to improve send message function and design issues.

New ability - Giphy integration. Now you can send GIFs and Stickers with special settings for content via messenger.

Alchemy added a discussion to , UNA Community

Can we have Polls with deadline date? And not display the results till the end date is over or result day date? 

Also having it available for non registered users with their email as subscription option, so they will get update via email when the results are made public. 

Hello everyone. This is probably easy but I can't find where to change the aligmnent of content in blocks. Particularly the discussion blocks looks weird centered and have a lot of white space. 

How can this be changed?

See screen shot.

Thank you

Since I don't feel comfortable doing some modifications/configuration myself, I sometimes need help from UNA experts. I have successfully worked with a few but was wondering if there is a directory or something.

Any help would be appreciated.

Steve Russo added a discussion to , UNA Community

Hello... I'd like to know if you have any e-learning applications available in UNA platform. Thanks

cnayl added a discussion to , UNA Community

On the page https://una.io/page/features it still shows Download UNA 9.0

Geek Girl added a discussion to , UNA Community

I am seeing user names allowed that are very misleading.  For example, "Administrator" and "Senior Developer", that misleads members of the community that they are talking to officials of Boonex and UNA instead of just other members.  I fell into that confusion myself when I saw user "Senior Developer" thinking that it was in fact, the senior developer of UNA.  Now I see a user "Administrator" that I doubt is an admin of the UNA community here due to the content of the recent post they made.

John Curtis added a discussion to , UNA Community

My site on the UNA Cloud is down, says "URL Not Available". Is anyone else have this problem? It's been down for hours already!

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