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Can we hide the results of Poll till "Certain days" after user Polls? So users can come back and then view the results once Poll is Over?

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I want to use global labels. It is good that there may be hierarchies. The problem arises when displaying the labels, for example in the discussions form, since if one configures several hierarchies to see everything there is, it is necessary to scroll.

1) Is there any way that the display of labels adapts in size according to the content? No matter that it takes up a lot of space, the important thing is (for me) that the person can visualize all the options.

2) It would also be interesting if the first level labels (no parent) could not be selected.
For example, I configure the following tags:
- Jujuy
- Salta
- Tucumán

The objective is select only "Jujuy", "Salta" and/or "Tucumán", not "Provinces".

Thanks for helping.

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Hey Mark P i tried to reply to your comment regarding my discussion, but i couldn't. My reply was going to be that i don't play crying games nor do i offer any tissues to others especially when they act like a little baby and complain like a child. My point to my original discussion before you removed it was, if a user comes in and makes a childish/lonely child syndrome and makes a comment that their site does not have same issue or that their site works fine to ignore those comments. It's a syndrome called "Lonely child." Ignoring those lonely child syndrome can keep this community safer and more proactive. It's perfect for any community to ignore the lonely child syndrome. Also please don't try to educate me on harassment, i'm associated with many legal departments here in the big apple, thank you and have a fabulous day. 

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😔 Dealing with issues when I upload more then 1 image on timeline. I will upload 5 images for example. They will show up blank with delete underneath. I will then refresh page and they will show and then go to hit post and refresh page again and its posted. *Update* This happens on all plugins where uploads are happening. Definitely pointing to a Jquery problem I think 😵 


They do process after the refreshing 😩, so it is very strange 😳  and looks like keep alive wasn't the issue so turned it back on. They basically get stuck on the loading. Whenever this happens it affects all users on the website and will put their timelines in a never ending loop. Until I either delete the post or do the double refresh one to get them to load and again for the post. Bad thing is the only errors I am getting for litespeed is that marka js error. Nothing closing or timing out. Makes this ten times harder to troubleshoot- Source map error: Error: request failed with status 404 Resource URL: https://vybz.live/gzip_loader.php?file=bx_templ_js_12f25d14d5df616bca981c9f8184c807.js Source Map URL: marka.min.js.map; 

I have always had trouble with the uploading of images before migration. Uploading an album of 10-20 pictures takes longer to process then a 10 minute video. It is crazy. My specs are really high and PHP.INI settings are set to higher numbers just in case. Since migration this has become an additional problem and already have uninstalled and reinstalled the Timeline module.  Anyone else dealing with this or have any ideas I have not thought of or tried?






Quick update only happens on multiple images to the timeline post, even when it is two. If just one, not an issue. The multiple image upload would need Jquery to run without needing refresh, so far I am really thinking its relating to the missing marka.min.js.map if I had to guess right. Another update, happening anywhere including Albums. I just noticed something weird, it was there before, my GD Library enable checkbox is missing from settings. It was in developer mode. So I have tried multiple times for the heck of it even with GD library disabled being I have image magick to and still in litespeed I see that missing marka.js. 


Found it, it is in plugins_public folder.


[807504] [Someones IP😱 :HTTP2-113] File not found [/homedirectory/domain/public_html/marka.min.js.map;]

 Should something be directing it to the java folder in Public Plugins. I do see anything in the image transcoder or handler file. LeonidS  Andrew Boon  Anton L Do you happen to know what file is calling to the marka.min.js file? Or anyone ofcourse. I remember after migration I had to update the Header Inc and I asked if I had to edit any other files and never got an answer. Guess I will ask again :P Are there any other files that would need to be changed if a directory changed upon migration?  For example in Cyberpanel from CPANEL it changes from name to domain. Again all liens in Header Inc have been updates so any other files but that one 😬 

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Good morning, i been noticing that live video streaming has been growing more and more so, are there any plans to develop an app/mod that users can perform live videos to their respective profiles?

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Hi Una team and members,

In the last weeks I am observing here an ever increasing aggressive negative propaganda about Una and Una team.

This really corrupts the peaceful and  respectful environment here.

Geek girl seems like trying to give services to Una customer base. There is nothing wrong with this but,

while marketing her service instead of explaining what good things she can do she prefers a method of continuously giving (baseless) negative feedback about Una products and Una team.

Older users are not influenced, but for new comers it's being very effective.

This is unethical if not no dignity.

This continuous negative propaganda and usage of unpolite language is really irritating, boring, demotivating.

So i request from Una team to stop this permanently or give us an option to block these people so that they may chat in between them without disturbing the community.

As we decided to use UNA for our valuable projects, it means that we are in the same UNA ship and need to help the ship staff to continue the voyage.


My migration to Cyberpanel took me over two weeks to get everything right. I am still having some issues that at this point I just believe to be the UNA platform, but atleast the site is working. I will be writing up this post to guide people on how to install Cyberpanel on a dedicated server with Centos 7 and set it up, Add multiple IPS if you have a set (I had 5), Setup Nameservers with GoDaddy and setup DNS using PowerDNS, How to upload your Cpanel backups if you came from that business and import, Files to change after, and how to setup NodeJS, ForeverApp, and then starting your Jotserver and create a child domain after to make the address work. Over some time, I will keep adding to this. I am extremely busy. I will add sections for each process. I use MobaXterm for my SSH and SFTP needs which makes life a lot easier! 

First thing is back up your Cpanel :) There is a backup wizard inside of Cpanel when you log into your Cpanel  account and do a full backup. I did a couple to be on the safe side. I then reloaded my OS on my server and then started with IPs first using these pasted steps from https://docs.ovh.com/gb/en/dedicated/network-ipaliasing/: 

CentOS and Fedora (25 and earlier)

Step 1: Create the config file

First, make a copy of the source file so that you can use it as a template:

cp /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0:0 (This will be named different depending on your host, but in the same format)

Step 2: Edit the config file

You can now modify the eth0:0 file in order to replace the IP:

nano /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0:0

First, replace the name of the device, then replace the existing IP with the failover IP you have received:

BOOTPROTO="none" # For CentOS use "static"

Step 3: Start the alias interface

You now need to start your alias interface:

ifup eth0:0

For each IP, but your main repeat the steps. Your main file will not have the :0. If you have 5 IPS's then :0 would be my next IP, then :1, :2, :3. Because I have a total of 5 and my main one is my main IP which I copied the template from in step 1 :) You will find the name of your file in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/. If using SFTP you can go back a directory once connected to get to etc or do the find command if going full ssh.

Then the CyberPanel Installation I am using Cyberpanel ENT which I advise to do and how my instructions will go ,but is the free alternative of using OpenLightSpeed which would basically be the same. Will continue. 

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I am trying to remove time line. I deactivate it, use the magic wand and then mark for deletion and it does not delete. Stuck on uninstalling, but never uninstalls. What should I do from here. Since migration I noticed timeline is having bugs, especially with uploading photos. When I try to do it again it says it is already pending uninstall.

Let me put my detailed response in case i left something out: I deactivated it and then went to the magic wand after it was deactivated to delete. The problem is it took, and is still saying it already uninstalling if I try again. So its stuck uninstalling, but seems to not actually be uninstalling. For now re enabling it because I cant leave it down. It has the last 5 hours to uninstall. It is back to working for now, but any image upload to post it will only show the first image uploaded and get the site post feed stuck loading for all.  So really needing to reinstall timeline. I am sure it is somehow because of the migration. Everything else though is fine. Just most my errors are revolving the timeline. 

So the reason it was not uninstalling was Cron Jobs was not running. Bit of advice when using Cyberpanel, go with your gut do not ask for help lol. Ihad the command right and I changed it based on what someone said. I did this because site was freezing so my automatic assumption with everythign else checking out was cron was not running. The correct cron would be /usr/local/lsws/lsphp72/bin/php -q /home/domain/public_html/periodic/cron.php. Ofcourse if your using a different PHP variant of lsphp then change it to the respective version. 

After reinstall Groups and Events no longer showed timeline. Adding the blocks from timeline will not work. This will cause it to just show the main account timeline. To end this I will share my last post:  For  the over-thinkers out there like me ☕  Do the simple thing if you run into this. Deactivate and reactivate the modules. All main content still there 😒  I also noticed options that didn't appear after upgrading to Pro. For example: The messenger block. The minute these apps were reactivated everything was there, without having to reinstall Apps. I wish the timeline would have been just as nice to me 😝  Now back to figuring out why posts get stuck when adding photos. I'm starting to wonder if this is a conflict between my lscache and opcache. When lscache is enable though it should override OPcache. This is what I am stuck with below and of I refresh it will post one of the photos then load them and then if I refresh again I can finally post : 


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