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Ok, here is something that i been thinking for a while. I been with boonex since 2010 and i have also spent alot of money over in boonex, purchasing many top modules. I wanted to know if anyone has ever sold their dolphin site and how to go about it? I have not yet decided on the price, i'm just thinking about it. :)

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Hi, I'm discovering UNA and trying to figure out if it fits my needs, comparing it to humhub.

I'm interested in views concerning these two platforms, when compared to each other.

I'm curious about the una interface : I've noticed that when I click on almost any link, the whole page reloads, instead of modern webapp interface like humhub where there is only partial page load : is it a limitation of the platform or is there any plan to "ajaxify" the platform ?

This group is for those of us who aren’t super technically savvy and new to UNA. Don’t be shy come on in and try the complimentary coffee!

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I have been seeing this since yesterday, I don't know why. It's disturbing.

Unusual. Please assist urgently.

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I am just now trying to do two different logos for profiles and pages. I uploaded two different banners but the one I upload always shows up on both, no matter what I do. So for my Default pages cover I want it a circle and empty because then the words can be seen and understood. On the profile unit cover
I want to make it my normal banner with the full circle logo. Is this a known issue, or a bug? Does anyone know how to fix it if so?

Want to share a photo of one of our Guardian Dogs.  This is Nayan.


Kyle added a discussion to , UNA Community

I was going to try out Litespeed, especially since I have noticed freezing on site from time to time. Everything works while the website is stuck frozen for a good few minutes, can access WHM, CPANEL, and the file manager. Logs show absolutely no errors at those times. Usually when people are uploading content, is when I notice it happening (images, etc.). We are not even big yet, around 45 people and some of those profiles being my own. Back end runs beautiful, but site side those random moments and nothing in the error logs. Next step is to mess with MySQL (Keep in mind it has been doing this day one and multiple installs with no resolution, basically gave up XD, and now trying again), but I also wanted the same speed and uploading I seen with my last shared host. My site ran better and faster on shared hosting with litespeed then on my dedicated server right now without it. What are some experiences others have had with litespeed? Would you recommend it? Is the below plan good enough for starting out? Litespeed also is already included and installed in php modules so I should be able to get started without any issue right? Off the Lightspeed topic I am also running Raid as a way to protect data loss and to share the space between multiple drives. Could this be causing me more issues? 

Litespeed package:

Site Owner:
Up To 5 Domains
1 Worker
8GB RAM $9/month

Just figured our that 8GB RAM limit is 8 GB so with me having 32 I would need the unlimited I gather?

My Server Specs: 

Processor Dual E5-2670 (16 cores/32 Threads, 2.6Ghz) $0.00
Main Hard Drive 4TB SATA Hard Drive $0.00
2nd Hard Drive 4TB SATA Drive $10.00
3rd Hard Drive 4TB SATA Drive $10.00
4th Hard Drive None $0.00
5th Hard Drive None $0.00
6th Hard Drive None $0.00
7th Hard Drive None $0.00
8th Hard Drive None $0.00
9th Hard Drive None $0.00
10th Hard Drive None $0.00
11th Hard Drive None $0.00
12th Hard Drive None $0.00
RAM 32GB RAM $0.00
IPv4 /29 IPs (5 Usable IPs) $0.00
Operating System CentOS 7 64-bit $0.00
Bandwidth 10Gbit Port: 100TB Transfer $0.00
Raid card RAID 5 (minimum 3 drives) $0.00
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I want my users to have 1 person profile only, in the "Account" section from the "/studio/settings.php" page I did set "Limit number of profiles" to 1.

Users can now add 1 persons profile only, However I need them to be able to add organization profiles. Here is where my problem is:

If I set the limit to 0, they can add more person's profiles and I don't want that, I need 1 persons profile per person and unlimited organizations profiles.

Please let me know if this is considered a bug or not.

Andrew Boon 

Mark P 

Swipe left and right.

If both users swipe right, its a match!

Add a new way to meet people and interact in your social network or dating website. Swipe right to like a profile, if they also swipe right, then it is a match and they can start a conversation* knowing that they liked each other.

This is the Tinder like feature for UNA.

The profiles are shown randomly, the user need to have an avatar picture so others can see his profile in that page. They need to have their Birth date and Gender added in their profiles too.

Smart Algorithm. The ones that swiped right in your profile, are the first that will be shown to you.

  • Multilingual Support.
  • Full responsive Support.
  • Age Range Filter
  • Gender Filter
  • Admin can set and change the age range that will be used in filter.

It looks great on all devices.

To test this plugin, please go to the demo site and register a new account: https://una.codemonster.pro/

#Dating #Game #UNA10

*Conversation or Messenger module installed is required to send conversation messages.

New Features that will be included in next version:

  • New tab for all pending meet requests.

Changelog V 2.0.2 December 06, 2019

  • Email sending fix.

Changelog V 2.0.0 November 05, 2019

  • Extra added. All  other filters from the profiles search form can be added to this module by admin. Now the admin can enable/disable all extra filters from the persons search form.
  • selection filter can be added, if admin has Country selection instead of the Location field in the add / edit / search form, this field works now.
  • Email and push notifications fixed. Push notifications and Email notifications now work.
  • Extra data fields is now displayed in the profile's cards. Admin can select 1 extra field to be displayed below the User's Name.
  • All other profile's extra data fields can be displayed over the user photo if the admin enables this in the module's configuration. All fields can be enabled / disabled. ( i ) icon was added, they need to click this new icon to see all extra data from a user on each card.
  • Icons and images now can be changed in module's settings.
  • All this new features work great on dating websites and friends websites, you just need to replace the icons for your own (thumbs up and thumbs down or any other you want). 

Changelog V 1.4.0 October 29, 2019

  • Filters improvement.
  • User Distance filter added (). Users now can select users nearby to match with.
  • Distance filter can be Enabled/Disabled
  • Admin can choose Kilometers or Miles for distance filter.
  • Display distance in kilometers or miles in the profile card.
  • Admin option added: "Do not repeat users", if the user did swipe left, that user will not be displayed again.
  • Notifications compatibility added.

Changelog V 1.0.3: October 05, 2019

  • Bugfix: Filters improvement.

Changelog V 1.0.1: October 04, 2019

  • Bugfix: Speed Issues solved.
  • Bigfix: Missing Language keys added.
  • Feature: Compatibility with #Messenger module added.
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