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This app adds a possibility to say "Hello" to the other site members. Similar functionality is available in Dolphin (Send Greeting/Send Kiss) and the other social networks. 

For now a greeting can be sent from view profile page (see screenshot №1). Site member who received a greeting will see it in My Greetings block which is available on Dashboard and Profile View pages (see screenshot №2). Also he'll be notified via default UNA's Notifications app (see screenshot №3).

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    • The dashboard does not open up with this module installed and active. Can you please fix this?

      There is also a problem with the notifications. The notification shows up on the header on the bell but when you open it the notification description is not there.

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      • Any news on this AQB Soft Customs 

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        • Hello. I'm sorry for SO LONG delay!
          It would be better to report about any problems directly via Messenger.
          The app was updated.

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        • lol Thanks for the response and upgrade to the app. I will reinstall the app to see how it works now. Better late than never. I forgot it about it after 12 months. 

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          Added a product  to  , communication

          This module allows to keep an eye on all happening on your site. You can define the list of key phrases (, scam, threat, unquotable words, malicious code, etc.) and the module will report any message that will contain any of those key phrases. Optionally it can automatically suspend author's profile till further review. It checks in , , modules and also in all site-wide. It also tracks and reports duplicate messages.

          In addition there are "Paranoia" settings - rules which allow to analyze and react to anything posted to your server anywhere (regardless of a page). This can be very useful to track some most common spam phrases or malicious code samples globally for the entire site and react if necessary (just notify, prevent data from being posted and redirect a member or suspend profile or delete profile or even delete the entire account).

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            • Well...
              1. The idea of making two word lists including one with automatic suspension is great.
              2. I thought I had to ask you to include messenger, but you did even better, everything is included already, it's great. I bought the eyes closed without reading because I already knew under dolphin, so it's a very good surprise for me.
              3. Easy to access as you did there and no need to go to the admin part, especially you can not forget to check it's great too, fast, simple, efficient.

              Really excellent, I waited a long time, it was worth it. Dating sites are a prime target of scammers, I was like a blind man, now finally I can see. I am relieved. Thank you so much.

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              • Thank you for the review.

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              • Thank you very much for this second version which makes this module even more effective, here is an unstoppable weapon. Thank you for always being attentive to the needs of your customers. AQB is really a great team.

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