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This module integrates a nice-looking 3D script. By default it places carousels on a site's homepage and all profile pages. On a profile page it shows by that profile only, while on the rest of the pages it displays all site pics. A carousel can be placed on any other page just by adding a page block. It is integrated with , and Quick Photos modules, i.e. it allows to set any of these modules as a source of pictures.

The module is very flexible - it allows to configure type and speed of , size, number of photos in a carousel, pictures filter/order (random, latest, top rated, featured) and also comes with a number of different shapes of the carousel.

You can take a quick look on all available carousel's shapes by clicking this link.

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    • I love this, and it has so many options.  For some reason it is not taking me to the photo I click though, even if I wait for it to appear center, when using iOS safari on iPad Pro.  It works fine on Firefox though.  *scratching head*

      this module is VERY pretty.  I love how it looks.  :D

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      • okay, so I am still having this issue .   I also had my friend in Germany test it to confirm it wasnt just me. When I click or when she clicks a photo on my carousel, it does NOT take you to the photo you clicked on but a different one....

        Anton L ? Not certain who's module within team this one is, but this kind of defeats purpose of photo carousel, please to advise.   Thank you :) 

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        • It's best to use discussions for problems with modules. The review section is usually meant for updates or an actual bug that can be detected on multiple browsers. Using discussion is better for feedback for help. The reviews weren't meant for long forum discussions 

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          • hm! got you.  Thanks Will Roberts .  Thats good to know.  :)

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            • No problem 

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            • Hello, I bought the module but the photos are not displayed in the block. if you click on it, the photo page opens

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              • Could you provide a link to the page on your site where this problem can be seen? You can send it via PM.

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                • Thank you AQB Soft for solving my problem good end of the day 

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