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  •  says he has a module planned. I don't want to build a similar module to another developer unless it is a module I already have for Dolphin. I will be developing the Ultimate Moods for UNA though.

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    Added a product  to  , MSolutions

    Watermark your user photos from albums and persons avatars.

    Text Watermark and Image Watermark features.

    This is a must in all websites, after installing this plugin all new photos will be watermarked with the desired text and image/icon.

    Features included in this version.

    Text Watermark

    • Text
    • Size
    • Color
    • Stroke size
    • Stroke color
    • Font
    • Position
    • Margin

    Image Watermark

    • Image / Icon
    • Position
    • Margin
    • Opacity
    • Size

    If you have any question regarding this module, you can send me a PM and I will answer ASAP.

    Take a look at the demo website:


    Version 1.0.3

    • Minor bugfix

    Version 1.0.2

    • Fixed: UNA 12 Compatibility for previews in studio. New update requires UNA Version 12
    • Feature added: Watermark Image Size. Admin can now select the size of the Watermark Image.

    Version 1.0.1

    • Added compatibility with Usernames Module. You can now use {uname} in the Watermark Text Field for adding the Username.
    • Feature added: Links. You can now use {userlink} to add the link to the owner's profile.
    • Added compatibility with Photos Module.
    • Added compatibility with QuickPhotos Module.

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    Added a product  to  , MSolutions

    Compatible with UNA 12 and over, please make sure you have UNA 12 before buying this module.

    Generate pretty links from all Modules and all Content.

    This Module is compatible with all third party Modules, all CoreApps and

    This is the best improvement needed for SEO on all UNA websites, dating websites and social networks.

    Demo of album:

    Demo of timeline:

    • Version 1.0.11: March 17, 2021
      • Improved speed on page load.
      • Bugfix: Fixed "Following" and "Followers" Links.
      • Bugfix: Fixed all Links that contains a "#" in it.
      • Bugfix: Cleaned duplicated values from database.
      • Buffix: Fixed Admin Objects Grid, now all rows has an "Edit" button.

    • Version 1.0.10: March 15, 2021
      • Bugfix: Bugfix for Nginx Servers in permalinks.

    • Version 1.0.9: March 14, 2021
      • Bugfix: Error 500 fixed for some non standard PHP installations (Private servers with no cPanel)

    • Version 1.0.8: March  14, 2021
      • Bugfix: Pretty link in Timeline menu: "Share -> Send to Friend" is now fixed.
      • Bugfix: Some links where broken when using Russian in Posts and Forum titles, they are now supported.
      • Cyrillic support (Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Belarusian, Czech, Kazakh, Kirghiz, and Macedonian), Japanese, Chinese, etc.

    • Version 1.0.7: February 07, 2021
      • Improved compatibility with UNA 12.
      • Bugfix: Pagination for all pages and modules is fixed
      • Bugfix: When going to deleted content (no longer existing content), the module was having an "Notice". This is now solved.
      • Several minor bugfixes.
        • If you still have any issue, please report it to our messenger and provide any detail on how to reproduce the issue, if you can share screenshots and error logs that would help us to fix anything faster.
    • Version 1.0.6: November 05, 2020
      • Bugfix: In some servers, some links were displaying incorrect content because of the case non-sensitive from the database. In this update now all links display the correct data.
        • Special thanks to InPage for reporting this bug and sending the detailed information that lead us to find the issue and fix it properly.
    • Version 1.0.5
      • Bugfix: Error 500 on UNA Cloud servers, when this module was installed in servers with missing php-intl extension, this module was giving error 500. This is now fixed, if the extension is missing the links will replace the titles in the pretty link with a "-" instead. If you are hosted on UNA Cloud or see this kind of behavior on your server, please install and enable php-intl extension or contact me with a private message.
      • Bugfix: Profile page was displaying duplicated on some servers when Usernames module was installed before Pretty Links module.
      • Bugfix: Some links whose title was blank, the links were giving error 404, this was fixed, now it displays the correct page.
    • Version 1.0.4
      • Compatibility with usernames module was improved.
    • Version 1.0.3
      • Bugfix. A minor bug found when usernames is not installed.
    • Version 1.0.2
      • Bugfix in studio.
    • Version 1.0.1 
      • Fixed compatibility with timeline.
    • Version 1.0.0
      • First version.

    Important for UNA Cloud Customers:

    1. This module needs php-intl installed and enabled in the server, the automatic titles in the link need this to work properly, if you see that this feature is not working, please ask your hosting support to install and enable php-intl module in the server.
    2. This module works on UNA 11 and over, in the update of UNA 11 there is a new config that was added to htaccess for apache servers, UNA cloud works on Nginx server and this new rewrite rule is not added automatically, you need to request to your hosting support for adding this new line to your Nginx config file:
    • if (!-e $request_filename ) {
      rewrite ^/your-path-to-una/(.+)$ /your-path-to-una/r.php?_q=$1 last;
    • This was already explained by Andrew Boon in the IMPORTANT UPDATE NOTES from his post "UNA 11 "Altair" Released"
    • If this rule is not added into the configs, the url "" will display error 404 "Not found", if that's your case, disable the module until your hosting support adds that rewrite rule, once done, enable it again and it will start working.

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    Added a product  to  , MSolutions

    Verify your #persons profiles and #organizations profiles, make your website more attractive for existing users and for new users.

    #VerifiedMembers module let your users upload selfie photos or video displaying the verification code so you know they are real.

    Organizations verification need to send you all the documents (in image format) that accredits them as owner of that organization, the website's admin can change the text displayed in there to request something more specific or request anything else.

    Admin and moderators can approve or reject the verification from a person / organization.

    When they are approved, they get a notification.

    When they are rejected, they get a notification and send them to try again.

    Verified persons and organizations are trusted by other members and your social network / dating website become more interesting.

    Features included in this module:

    • Photo support.
    • Video support.
    • Admin can change the badges and mini badges.
    • Different badges for organizations and persons. Default badges for persons is blue, for organizations is red.
    • Admin can enable / disable this feature from persons module and organizations module, this is useful as sometimes website owners need persons verified profiles only or organizations only.

    Watch the module in this Demo website 

    Do you need any extra feature or have any question?

    Click here to send a private message. Feel free to ask anything regarding this module.





    Version 1.0.2 - February 18, 2021

    • UNA 12 compatible.
    • Improved badge display in Timeline.
    • Bugfix: It was displaying wrong verified badge in some pages.
    • Added counter of pending verification in admin's dashboard button.

    Version 1.0.1 - Jun 10, 2020

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    Added a product  to  , MSolutions

    This is a full featured video module. The UI is similar than TikTok, Instagram Reels, Likee, Lasso, Dubsmash and others.


    • Users can upload their own videos.
    • Users can vote each other's short videos.
    • Users can comment videos.
    • Users can share their videos on social networks if the sharing buttons are configured on Studio (No need for configuring anything, it displays the system sharing buttons )
    • In mobile, the users can swipe up and down to move to the next / previous video just like in the TikTok APP.
    • The admin can set the Maximum seconds of the uploaded videos, if the video length is higher, the video is not accepted by the upload form. 
    • Check out the screenshots for more details.
    • You can test this Module on our demo website:
    • On Timeline, the video has an auto-play feature when you scroll up. 
    • On desktop, if you mouse over a video from the videos list, it will auto-play (muted).
    • Smart Views Counter feature.
    • Each replay count as another view if the video is at least 10 seconds long. 
    • If the user saw at least 50% of the video, then pause it, and click on play again, the counter will increase by 1 once again if 10 seconds has passed since last view.
    • Users can use hashtags and mentions in the video description.

      • Admin can enable/disable audio gallery feature
      • Admin can upload their own audios
      • Users can select a song/audio for their video
      • Video will trans-code replacing the original audio with the audio selected from gallery
      • *This product does not include audio files, they need to be added by the admin

    Version 2.0.1: February 08, 2021 

    • Bugfix on Profile's page "Short videos" from author on UNA 12
    • Fixed full compatibility with UNA 12.
    • NEW VERSION REQUIRES UNA 12, please make sure you have UNA 12 and over before buying this module

    Version 2.0.0: January 23, 2021

    • Added Audio gallery feature


    • The next update might include filters selector on video uploads.
    • If you want us to include another feature, please let us know by sending us a private message and we will see if it can be done.

    Important: This Module does not include video editor, users must create their videos with the camera or another app before uploading them into this module. If this module gets the attention of many customers, I may make a native or hybrid APP for Android and iOS which will be a TikTok Clone fully compatible with your website and it will include an video editor.

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    Added a product  to  , MSolutions

    Watermark your user's videos sitewide. Compatible with all modules.

    Text Watermark and Image Watermark features.

    This is a must in all websites, after installing this plugin all new videos will be watermarked with the desired text and image/icon.

    You can make a big image to watermark the full video, as you can see in the example images.

    Features included in this version.

    Text Watermark

    •  Text
    •  Size
    •  Color
    •  Stroke size
    •  Stroke color
    •  Font
    •  Position
    •  Margin

    Image Watermark

    •  Image / Icon
    •  Position
    •  Margin
    •  Opacity
    •  Size


    This module is compatible with: Messenger, Ads, Timeline (Feed), Albums, Posts, Market, Forum, Photos, Comments, Events, Persons, Organizations, Verified Members and all other third party modules.


    If you have any question regarding this module, you can send me a PM and I will answer ASAP.

    , , ,


    Version 1.0.2

    • Improved compatibility with UNA 12.
    • Improved compatibility with threads limit for video transcode.

    Version 1.0.1

    Version 1.0.0

    • First Version

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    UNA - Social Media Software Framework