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Which module is more suitable for the marketplace (for example like Facebook Marketplace)?

I think we should add Parallax advertising effect while scrolling the timeline messages. It has many advantages and users don't feel them as much annoying as other types of advertising... the UI...

Adding "weight" answers in Polls (from -5 tp +5). https://github.com/unaio/una/issues/2491

Add WebRTC video-conferencing to Messenger without Jitsi or other full-stack libraries?


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Will Roberts
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If a user decided to change the Design using the Design text button on footer does that change for everyone or just the users view? 

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Will Roberts
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Posting to Timeline, Discussions, Posts looks like a waste of space that can easily be shortend. As of right now they look unattractive and like a long field list when you can easily rearrange the options to fit side by side instead of a "list" view that shows one word image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=3688&dpx=2&t=1590808953To Looking like this with the key being the old Dolphin Privacy setting

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Will Roberts
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Seems like my photo carousel isn't displaying on any pages. Anyone else having problems? [Solved]

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Michael Farrington
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I am trying to find where to edit the default invite text and found what I thought to be the correct spot under forms however there is not ability there to edit the text. So the current text displayed when you go to send an invite is "Hello! This site might be interesting for you." and this is what I want to edit. I appreciate your help!

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i have problems with the upload video and mp3 over 32mb ... 40 mb + going through the uploader and tthen nothing is there

i tried a lot of different codecs, with sound, without sound and also different sizes

the end of the test was, i have a error between the size 31mb and 40mb

31mb works fine 40mb nothing. by the 40 or more megabyte file the upload works fine and after the uploader is closing no new videowindow was in the album. sometimes i get the message: session token is gone and i must leave without accept the upload

the same was by mp3 in the sounds app, after tested, i saw it was the same problem 31mb works fine and 40mb nothing. it was not the length
uploader shows the upload limit: 128mb

Any ideas how i can fix this upload problem?

test infos to codec
flv, xvd, works fine with sound 
mpg4 with sound sometimes yes sometimes no. mpg4 works without sound (perhaps sound with acc or mp3???)
mov mpg4 with sound 3,2mb i see only a video window with a pic in and i can t play

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When I post something on Embed URL.  The video show login people only. Visitors can see the videos.  Why is that?  Where to change that show all? Please someone let me know. All my embed videos are down? please ASAP. Thank you

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Good day. I discovered that the refresh_token in table bx_oauth_refresh_tokens are all set to expire in 3 months and the table is getting filled with lots of unnecessary refresh tokens.
For example a token generated on 29th May at 1:52 AM  in table is set to expire on 26th August at 11:52 PM. That means that each time the access token is used, a new refresh token is being inserted in the database. 

How can I avoid having millions of different refresh tokens in the table? For example a single user_id has 5 or even more refresh_tokens assigned to it

The cURL command i use for authenticating my users is curl -X POST "[SITEURL]m/oauth2/token?" -d "grant_type=password&username=[mail address]&password=[mypassword]&client_id=[cliendID]&scope=basic"

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Turkish alphabet problem


exp (ı) (ç) (ö)

how do i fix this problem

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I want to redirect my website from http to https

but it did not happen even though i installed ssl

The site disappears when I make changes to .htaccess

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