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Which module is more suitable for the marketplace (for example like Facebook Marketplace)?

I think we should add Parallax advertising effect while scrolling the timeline messages. It has many advantages and users don't feel them as much annoying as other types of advertising... the UI...

Adding "weight" answers in Polls (from -5 tp +5). https://github.com/unaio/una/issues/2491

Add WebRTC video-conferencing to Messenger without Jitsi or other full-stack libraries?


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There are several factors affecting your page speed. Some of them can be improved by tweaking some settings.

First of all we need to use the profiler app to analyze the problems. The profiler app gives us a lot of detailed information about the UNA pages.

When you see the details you will notice that there may be something to improve the page speed.

If you are having a lot of content for the visitors of your site in the home page, One important and may be less used method could be separating the homepages for members and visitors.
When you have the same home page and use the visibility options to show selected blocks to unauthenticated visitors and others to logged in members in fact the page is loading all. So if you have a lot of content in the visitors blocks this will still grap some important amount of time of the page loads for logged in members.
Lets go on real world examples:
I have 100 medical articles on the visitors index and this block is not shown to the logged in members. When I disable this block it saved me like 2 seconds from the total 5 seconds of server processing time reported by profiler.
So I created another home page for unauthenticated site visitors, put this block there. Logged in home page became lighter and dropped to 3 seconds for server proccessing.

As Alex explained I retested the above mentioned invisible block effect on loading times and yes it didnt effect the loading times.

Another issue I found with the help of profiler app was again releated to the  new posts galery view block which I locete on the right column of the page, it was showing only one new post (blog) and with the arrows you may see the others one by one. (I realized that this block was also loading the 100 blogs due to the settings to show how many blogs in different situations. So I disabled this block. And woooow see the results before and after:


Also notice that all the active modules are loaded they create mysql queries etc. so disable any module you dont use. Any block you left unused and invisible delete.

(Compare the query number of each measurement)
Now the logged in home page is loaded in less then 1 second :)

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Harry Sondre
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Its down. Anyone else? How do I fix?


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Alan Cooney
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I'm strongly in need of breakout rooms, so Jitsi is out.  BigBlueButton does everything I need.  Has anyone integrated it into UNA, or is working on it?

Of course I could use iframes, yet the security issues worry me.

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Molosser Dogs
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On my home page https://molosserdogs.com when I use the search function I get a database query error.

What is the best way to solve this.

Kind regards,



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  • version = 5.5.5 -  ~~~ Does UNA run better under 7.2? Surely it would. What is the highest, safest version of PHP which UNA runs on?
  • disable_functions = exec,passthru,system,shell_exec - FAIL (must be without shell_exec,eval,assert,phpinfo,getenv,ini_set,mail,fsockopen,chmod,parse_ini_file,readfile,esc ~~~ What exactly is missing or misconfigured? Why the failure here? Could it be in my access file? php ini file? user php file?
  • Thank you for reviewing my problem!
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Leonardo Zen
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Hi, I'd like to remove some options from the "Who Can Post" selection field in the "Create Group" form, but I can't find it in the form module nor in other modules... where should I check?

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Will Roberts
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The only last milestone my website needs is the option for users to send each other Credits, and have a Credits buttons inside Jitsi Live and pages....People could sell content on their pages or have subscriptions. Also people could have users pay to see Live shows via Jitsi Live such as tutorials, talk shows, or whatever else. Don't understand why this option  is getting no attention at all. Don't people want the option for people to send other people credits? I'm on UNA Cloud so can't have someone create the mods for me and my msgs are left hanging. At least give me an idea how much it would cost to simply allow people to send each other Credits and have the option to place Credits buttons on pages and inside Jitsi Live....been waiting for this option for almost two years. At least give me a quote please...

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I'm confused as to what exactly the 'Remember me' does when signing in. If I want users to close the page (no Sign out) and return later without the need of signing in, I change that parameter in 'Online status timeframe (minutes)'. Also, your browser already remembers your email address. So what is exactly the use of 'Remember me'?

Thanks for your feedback.

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I have created 3 new Data lists to use them in Add Person/Edit Person.

1. For height I set values (drop down menu) from:
"150cm or less" , "150cm - 155cm" , "155cm - 160cm" and so on in incrementing pairs to the value "195cm - 200cm" and the last one is "200cm and more"

I made this Height field mandatory and I would like to use regex to check that the Height field was populated with one of the options stated above. 

2. For Weight I set values  (drop down menu) from:
"45kg or less", "45kg - 50kg", "50kg - 60kg" and in incrementing pairs to the value " 115kg - 120kg" and the last one is " 120kg or more"

I made this Weight field mandatory and I would like to use regex to check that the Weight field was populated with one of the options stated above.

3. For Body Type I set values  (drop down menu) as:
"Very slim", "Slim", "Fit", "Athletic", "Average", "Ample", "Fat" and last option is "Very fat"

I made this Body Type field mandatory and I would like to use regex to check that the Body Type field was populated with one of the options stated above.

Please help , I tried a few times to understand regex but I alway gave up....


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