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Which module is more suitable for the marketplace (for example like Facebook Marketplace)?

I think we should add Parallax advertising effect while scrolling the timeline messages. It has many advantages and users don't feel them as much annoying as other types of advertising... the UI...

Adding "weight" answers in Polls (from -5 tp +5). https://github.com/unaio/una/issues/2491

Add WebRTC video-conferencing to Messenger without Jitsi or other full-stack libraries?


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Good day everyone,  I have input my Google API key to my Website via studio>settings>system>general>google maps APi key.. But when I try to pick a location it displays "oops,  something went wrong "Please am I doing anything wrong
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Is it possible to add another payment provider to payment app  maybe with api ? without having to create a separate app module for it.. 
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with ref https://github.com/unaio/una/issues/2745can any one give example for how privacy for fields work?anyone using it?under system enhancements i have seen - Privacy for form fields - #2745  https://una.io/page/view-post?id=383thanks
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After 12.b.1 photos uploaded without title and description do not load when clicked. Prior to v 12 if a title was not supplied the default would be "No Title" and the image could be opened and edited.  Now clicking on a  photo uploaded in v 12 puts the site url in the navigation bar and the photo page is blank.In Timeline - blank but in photo view "no title" which is clickable and opens the photo.Thanks.
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Don't know if anyone else is having this issue. I have cleared cookies and restarted my browser but the same.1) The page is doubled at the top2) Timeline not loading new posts and repeating of trying to load new items.
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