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We just have released new update 10.0.3 for Messenger.

It contains several bug fixes to improve send message function and design issues.

New ability - Giphy integration. Now you can send GIFs and Stickers with special settings for content via messenger.

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Dear Developers,

Is there a way to upgrade to UNA version 10.1 without losing my previous configurations or any related changes I have made so far?

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Dear developers,

How do I change the color of the like, comment and share button. I have attempt to change in the studio icon section whereby I wrote comment col-red2. I have cleared all caches but the color is still not changing. In addition, how can I change the caption of a post to be on top or a video or an image instead of below of it.

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Dear Developers,

I noticed two things when I was playing around with the posting of videos. First, I noticed that the upload limit for the video was only 2MB, may I know whether is there a way to change the limit for the uploading video portion. Second, I notice that the videos cannot be played until the cron job has been executed. May I know whether is there an indicator in una to state that the video is still currently being processed (E.G loading bar) or is there a faster solution like running the cron job for the particular video that is posting and only allow the post to be posted when the video has been executed by the cron job.

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I have a space that has it's visibility set to Secret, yet when doing a search even when not logged in, users can see images in an Album that is in that space and marked as visible just to the space.   I think this is a quite serious bug ?

Further investigation shows it's not just related to Sapces - any image search will show the preview when searched for no matter what privacy settings are used.

UNA - thank you for creating a fantastic system. The more I use it the more I like it.  :) yes, I was a big skeptic at first but am excited about the platform now.

On thing that keeps me in check is the pricing of the modules that I would want to add... for instance the Mass Mailer https://una.io/page/view-product?id=144  only option is $50 per year. Why not have a one time payment option. 

However, mass mailer should be an integral part (free) of the system as it can help to drive engagement through direct communication with members. 

Exporting email address from the db and running a list mailer is a bit tedious for me but signing up to another $50 per year gives me pause.

Anyway, that is my decision to make.  Thanks for the platform.

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I updated Una to latest version after 9.0 and it was a success. Then I got below email notification... What should i do now?

SELECT `ts`.`order` FROM `bx_notifications_settings` AS `ts` LEFT JOIN `bx_notifications_handlers` AS `th` ON `ts`.`handler_id`=`th`.`id` WHERE 1 AND `ts`.`delivery`=:delivery ORDER BY `ts`.`order` DESC LIMIT 1

Mysql error:
Table 'XXXXXX.bx_notifications_settings' doesn't exist

The error was found in getOne function in the file /home/XXXXX/public_html/modules/base/notifications/classes/BxBaseModNotificationsDb.php at line 306.


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