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trunky , UNA Platform
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while working nicely in Firefox in Chrome the images doesn't seem to be scaled to right size?

Martin-sso , UNA Platform
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Hi. Some issus 

- i tried the rocket chat module and like to deactivate it. But the Menu still stays there.
- i have deleted the Link to Rpcket Chat in the navigation builder - but when i switch design it is still there?
Do i really have to delete it for every design?

And what about the design i do not like. Where can i delete them? After installing the delete field disappears.

i am wondering a lot. For every little setting i like to do, i have to jump around here and there.

- I have tried to change colors of the site. created a "mix" - but i does not change the main colors. useless.

- i have 2 languages installed. But when i do a search in polyglot - it will not show both

in the front end - yeah - it looks great. But the backend settings are chaos

When i click on help - most times there is no help.

Sorry. But it is frustrating.

- I can change the look of blocks like they appear with content - but where do i change the blocks themself?
For example: I don´t like the Image show at the top of each site and so on. But there is no design option to rearrange fields.

Maybe i did not found out how this works. But i like to use a content management system and not to learn a new way of thinking.


Are there good tutorials somewhere about customizing the design and so on?

Martin-sso , UNA Platform
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Hi there,

i just like to have a block on every page, where i can insert some code (javascript) - (not in the html header)

Where can i find the main structure for the website blocks or do i really have to set this block on each page seperatly?


Martin-sso , UNA Platform
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Hi there, - i search but did not find the answer. Is it possible to use the rocket chat cloud server instead of installing own server?


Gritly , UNA Platform
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So with organizations, you can easily add new fields in the form builder app, for e.g company size, Organization colours etc . However when it comes to the search forms. you only get one default category. Is it possible to add items on the search forms? Not being able to add more fields to search is really limiting? Andrew Boon Baloo Mark Purser 

Mark Dent , UNA Platform
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Individual website APP, how do I get mine for both android and apple users?

Tim Burleigh , UNA Platform
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I get notifications every time I make a post. Why would I need to be notified of my own post? Can this be changed?

Tim Burleigh , UNA Platform
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I am no longer getting notifications for new member, other than at the end of the day for members within 24 hours. No more immediate notification. Anyone have ideas what could be causing this?

srisree , UNA Platform
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How to configure 

to restrict that  man can access woman profiles and woman can access man profiles only.

can profile ID Number generated for members ?

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