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  • Question why do we need to disable splash in order for app to work ? if its enable in studio the app keeps blinking. And app works fine with splash on. Please enlighten us all Alex T⚜️ Andrew Boon Anton L 

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    • 1. All styles are in dynamicStyles at the end of App.js, however some items from header don't have styles, then you need to create new style, for example:

          myStyle: {
              color: red,

      and apply it where needed, for example:

      <Button transparent>
          <Icon style={styles.myStyle} name='search' onPress={o.onSearchMenu} />

       2. It's some sort of bug I think in the theme library which we're using for UNA mobile app, but you can try to play with this code (particularly with setBarStyle), by removing functionality for dark//light mode support and make it static, so it should work then:

              const isDarkMode = useDarkMode();
              var sBarStyle = 'dark-content';
              if (Platform.OS === 'android' || isDarkMode)
                  sBarStyle = 'light-content';            
              if (Platform.OS === 'android')
              StatusBar.setBarStyle(sBarStyle, false);         

      3. Alexey could you please assist with this point ?

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      • To redirect user to some other page instead of homepage after login in mobile app

        Try to change all occurrences of 


        in App.js to


        Where ABC is URL where you want user redirect to after login

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        • To make PUSH working you need to open OneSignal account then setup it properly for Web Browsers, Android and iOS[if needed] in OneSignal - then have necessary instructions on how to do it. Then specify OneSignal App ID in UNA and mobile apps.

          Also you can refer to more detailed description by Mosi76

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          • The code for this button is in mobile app App.js file:

            <Button vertical onPress={this.onMessengerMenu.bind(this)} badge={['notifications-messenger'] > 0 ? true : false}>
                {['notifications-messenger'] > 0 && 
                <Icon name="comments" type="FontAwesome5" solid />

            To change it to your own you can replace it with this:

            <Button vertical onPress={() => this.injectJavaScript(`window.location = '${BASE_URL}page/privacy';`)}>
                <Icon name="car" type="FontAwesome5" solid />

            Just change, page/privacy URL and car icon to your own, icon name can be any icon from FontAwesome5 set:

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            These bars are part of react-native, so you need to customize it in mobile apps source code App.js file.

            Change this code:

              renderToolbar () {

                         return (



              renderToolbar () {

                         return (



            Similar approach should work for footer. Also you can add style classand change more design styles, refer to documentation on how to add style sheets

            Credit to :  Alex T  

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            I'm trying to get the native MobileApp running.

            I've completed all the steps but when I build/run the app in the simulator it stalls at the splash screen and goes no further.

            The build completes with no errors (only 4 warnings).

            Any idea anyone?


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