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  • Question why do we need to disable splash in order for app to work ? if its enable in studio the app keeps blinking. And app works fine with splash on. Please enlighten us all Alex T⚜️ Andrew Boon Anton L 

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    These bars are part of react-native, so you need to customize it in mobile apps source code App.js file.

    Change this code:

      renderToolbar () {

                 return (



      renderToolbar () {

                 return (



    Similar approach should work for footer. Also you can add style classand change more design styles, refer to documentation on how to add style sheets

    Credit to :  Alex T  

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    Be Unique!

    What ever you wish "Price Idea" :


    IOS & ANDROID REBRAND - $500 Only (2 to 4 days completions)

    CUSTOMIZED THEME - $450 (4 to 5 days completions)

    CUSTOM PHP FEATURES      - $150 - $12k ++ (Please remember it will defend on the amount of work and time spent)

    CUSTOM MOBILE  - Contact us via Email / Skype 

    SEO for 3 Months                   - Contact us via Email / Skype

    Hourly rate                             -  Contact us via Email / Skype

    For all payments will be in PayPal send me PM for the email.

    Clients :  Testimonial

    Skype : expertzkris (look for DE logo)


    Email :

    About Us :

    Cater professional web design, web application development and internet marketing solutions, CMS, UNA, Dolphin, WordPress, SEO. PHP, J QUERY, CSS, AJAX, HTML5 & Rebrand Mobile applications.

    Custom work will be agreed both side, Pricing below is just the minimum cost.

    Please send details either in PDF or Word format w/ Wire frame so we can finalized the quote.

    "Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow." @

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    This service includes:

    - changing app title, icon, images
    - help with the submission to Apple Store and Android Play Store under your name
    - menu customization which is displayed when user isn't logged-in
    - bottom bar customization when user is logged in
    - minor modifications

    Please note:
    - that you will need to buy Apple developer subscription ($100/year) and access to Android Play store ($25 one time)
    - you need to have some physical Apple device
    - you need to have Nexus UNA app installed

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    On , why are there two notification bubbles? One on the bell icon and one on the profile one.

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