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  • Question why do we need to disable splash in order for app to work ? if its enable in studio the app keeps blinking. And app works fine with splash on. Please enlighten us all Alex T⚜️ Andrew Boon Anton L 

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    Be Unique!


    What ever you wish "Price Idea" :


    IOS & ANDROID REBRAND - $500 Only (2 to 4 days completions)

    CUSTOMIZED THEME+SPLASH - $500 (4 to 5 days completions)

    CUSTOM PHP FEATURES   - $150 - $12k ++ (Please remember it will depend on the amount of work and time spent)

    CUSTOM MOBILE - Contact us via Email / Skype 

    SEO for 3 Months          - Contact us via Email / Skype

    Hourly rate               - Contact us via Email / Skype

    For all payments will be in PayPal send me PM for the email.


    Skype : expertzkris (look for DE logo)


    Email :

    About Us :

    Cater professional web design, web application development and internet marketing solutions, CMS, UNA, Dolphin, WordPress, SEO. PHP, J QUERY, CSS, AJAX, HTML5 & Rebrand Mobile applications.

    Custom work will be agreed both side, Pricing below is just the minimum cost.

    Please send details either in PDF or Word format w/ Wire frame so we can finalized the quote.

    "Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow." @


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      • Custom work message us for any clone works or custom projects in have. 

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        • I worked with Chris from Expertzkris team few times, I have nothing to say but the superb work he has done for me. I am an IT person, I know quality work when I see it.  Chris exhibits great technical skills, he has done some custom work for me on my UNA site that I didn't expect it would be possible.  And most importantly, he has been very patient with my questions and he takes time to explain to me how best ways we can implement new functionalities.. I've worked with Chris twice so far, now he is on top of my list - I am sure I will work with him again in near feature. Give this team at Expertzkris a chance, you will be very happy with the results :-)

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          • it is our pleasure working with you AJ Fariss Thank you.

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          • I worked with Chris to revamp my Una Site. The effort was a massive success. Chris is patient, intuitive, and masterful in his craft. I am very thankful for his work. Expertzkris gets it done.

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            Android/iOS Mobile App Builds + App Store Publishing @

            Progressive Web App (PWA) Service @

            Terms of Discount

            -50% Discounts Offer is valid for only ONE WEEK from now and for only the first 3 clients.

            -After the first 3 clients, other clients will only be eligible to 30% discount onwards for the rest of the week.

            -Uptime Service and App Stores Approval are guaranteed on mobile app publishing

            image_transcoder.php?o=sys_images_editor&h=66&dpx=1&t=1641522891Contact me if interested in any of the services listed. You may pm me for more inquiries. Thank you.

            #Siremystic #mobileapp #android #ios #google #apple #progressivewebapp #pwa #discount

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            Contact for android & ios rebranding + publishing at affordable price.

            Service includes free UNA Setup and support from Scratch to public + plus up-time further assistant/guide on non-technical set-up.

            -App Customization services include Custom theme colors on status bar, status text color, header & bottom bars as well as free logo customization and resizing (we help create logos for a small token if you don't have one), app icons restructuring & positioning,

            -(Optional addon) customization for first load & network error reload (support for gif & webp format on loading), etc.

            (The app will be 100% published on your own accounts. You will need to pay the cost directly to Android ($25 lifetime) and iOS ($99) for the developer accounts.)

            Payments may be done with Cryptocurrencies via Checkout with coinbase @

            The number of mobile users today is greater than the number of desktop users!

            Consequently, businesses have realized the need to effectively use mobile channels for attracting customers. They now need to optimize mobile apps and websites to improve their customer’s experience and increase their conversions.

            That being said, studies show[1] that users prefer mobile apps more than mobile websites. This makes for a strong reason to create mobile apps[2] for reaching out to potential (and existing) customers.

            In addition, there are various other reasons, too, that make mobile apps better than mobile websites:

            1. Provide More Value to Your Customers

            2. Build a Stronger Brand (New Branding Experience and Brand Presence)

            3. Connect Better with Customers

            4. Boost Profits

            5. Reach out more to younger demogrphics

            6. Mobile Apps Offer Better Personalization

            7. Ease of Sending Notifications

            8. Advantage of utilizing features of a mobile device like camera, contact list, GPS, phone calls, accelerometer, compass, etc.

            9. Users Spend More Time on Apps (Mobile users spend 86% of their time[4] on mobile apps and just 14% of the time on mobile websites.)

            10. Apps Can Work Faster Than Websites.

            Terms & Conditions (T&C):

            1. Service cost will run for at most one week ranging from build to store publishing. We try to keep service uptime for client satisfaction within a period of 7 days at most covering service cost. Any extended service time will incur additional charges to service cost depending on the length of extension period. So prepare all before purchasing service so we can work uptimely within service time.

            2. Service cost does not include modification of source code. We only rebrand and customize according to una mobile source code and structure layout. Any modification in source code will incur extra charges depending on the extent of code modifications. Note that not all cases of source code can be modified. In some cases you would need to contact the una team. Also, we are not liable for source code bugs, nevertheless if it's within our service reach, we can consider fixes and changes under modifications in source code charge. Meanwhile all bugs can be reported directly to una team or raised on GitHub.

            3. We do not provide the source code used in the cause of rebranding service neither do we distribute source codes used during rebrand customization or modification.

            All changes to source code including customization and modification are limited only for the rebrand services in order to build app and publish to stores, of which we deliver without redistribution of source code.

            Nevertheless, all source code can be got directly from una license and subject to open source codes available to all for rebranding.

            4. Changes to this terms & conditions may be reviewed from time to time.

            5. Payments may be done with Cryptocurrencies via Checkout with coinbase @

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            Android/iOS Mobile App Builds + App Store Publishing @

            Progressive Web App (PWA) Service @

            Discounts Offer is valid for only ONE WEEK from now. Uptime Service and App Stores Approval are guaranteed on mobile app builds.

            Contact me if interested in any of the services listed. You may pm me for more inquiries. Thank you.

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            These bars are part of react-native, so you need to customize it in mobile apps source code App.js file.

            Change this code:

              renderToolbar () {

                         return (



              renderToolbar () {

                         return (



            Similar approach should work for footer. Also you can add style classand change more design styles, refer to documentation on how to add style sheets

            Credit to :  Alex T  

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              • Hi Alex T⚜️ we found out the the app,js was updated we cannot edit it now please advice. ty

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                • Look at the end of the file App.js

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