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Compatible with UNA 12, UNA beta and over. Please make sure you have UNA 12 version before buying this Module. The previous version is compatible with UNA 11, in case you need the version compatible with UNA 11, please send us a private message.

Adds the usernames link feature for Persons and Organizations.

  • Users can set their unique username on profile creation.
  • Enable/Disable edit this field, this is useful so users choose their profile only once.
  • Redirection to new link ""
  • Admin can edit existing usernames in module settings.
  • Admin can disable existing usernames in module settings. If a username is disabled, this user link will be the old one and it will not redirect to the new link.
  • Option to auto-generate usernames from profiles full name.

This will generate automatic usernames from Persons full name or Organization's name.Β 

From Organization name "Google Inc." it will generate the username "google-inc"

From Person full name "Vanessa Angel" it will generate the username "vanessa-angel"

After installing this module, you need to clear the website cache to make new links be refreshed site-wide.


Important for UNA cloud customers:

  1. This module needs php-intl installed and enabled in the server, the automatic usernames need this to work properly, if you see that this feature is not working, please ask your hosting support to install and enable php-intl module in the server.
  2. This module works on UNA 11 and over, in the update of UNA 11 there is a new config that was added to htaccess for apache servers, UNA cloud works on Nginx server and this new rewrite rule is not added automatically, you need to request to your hosting support for adding this new line to your Nginx config file:
  • if (!-e $request_filename ) {
  • rewrite ^/your-path-to-una/(.+)$ /your-path-to-una/r.php?_q=$1 last;
  • break;
  • }
  • This was already explained by Andrew Boon in the IMPORTANT UPDATE NOTES from his post "UNA 11 "Altair" Released"
  • If this rule is not added into the configs, the url "" will display error 404 "Not found", if that's your case, disable the module until your hosting support adds that rewrite rule, once done, enable it again and it will start working.


  • Version 1.0.4 December 03, 2021
  • UNA 13 compatible
  • PHP 8 compatible
  • Minor bug fix

  • Version 1.0.3 February 05, 2021
  • UNA 12 Improved
  • New feature added: Admin can deny characters or words from new usernames.
  • New feature added: Admin can set a "edit limit". If this value is higher than zero, each user can edit their username until they reach the limit.

  • Version 1.0.2
  • Fixed error 500 that was having UNA cloud customers on module install. Now the website still works with no issues, just the features that need the extra settings will not work until the hosting support adds php-intl and the nginx extra setting.

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    • We have extensively tested site speed, and taken a long hard look at UserNames, I can safely say that UserNames does not slow down your Site. The biggest bottle necks come from other places.Β 

      Usernames is a fairly good module, it does need to be polished as it is lacking in a number of areas and the developer is not willing to improve, but the module works well and does what it is designed to do. Even with the feature failings in the module I would recommend purchasing Usernames and supporting this developer as it functionally does what it is designed to do.

      Speeding up your site:

      If you have any code in >Studio >Designer > injections take it out, your site will be so much faster.


      Analytics and Advertising code can really impact on your sites performance, removing that code from the header and body will make your site fly.

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      • When registering a user with the name Arnold, an address with an apostrophe is issued, which leads to an error in creating a profile (Name on russian - ΠΡ€Π½ΠΎΠ»ΡŒΠ΄ Ѐистин, system make translit anf use ' ). Arnold'Firstin. When the autogenerate short name option is enabled.

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        • Thank you for your report, we will add a new option so you can choose between keeping Cyrillic or use Transliteration. Also the bug that adds (') into the username will be fixed.Β 

          We will release a new update in a few days.


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        • While this module did work in the past, it is not compatible with the upcoming una 13 release.

          This module needs to be updated to account for this improvement from the UNA team -


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          Added a product  to  , persons

          Verify your #persons profiles and #organizations profiles, make your website more attractive for existing users and for new users.

          #VerifiedMembers module let your users upload selfie photos or video displaying the verification code so you know they are real.

          Organizations verification need to send you all the documents (in image format) that accredits them as owner of that organization, the website's admin can change the text displayed in there to request something more specific or request anything else.

          Admin and moderators can approve or reject the verification from a person / organization.

          When they are approved, they get a notification.

          When they are rejected, they get a notification and send them to try again.

          Verified persons and organizations are trusted by other members and your social network / dating website become more interesting.

          Features included in this module:

          • Photo support.
          • Video support.
          • Admin can change the badges and mini badges.
          • Different badges for organizations and persons. Default badges for persons is blue, for organizations is red.
          • Admin can enable / disable this feature from persons module and organizations module, this is useful as sometimes website owners need persons verified profiles only or organizations only.

          Watch the module in this Demo websiteΒ 

          Do you need any extra feature or have any question?

          Click here to send a private message. Feel free to ask anything regarding this module.





          Version 1.1.0 - July 19, 2021

          • New feature: Rejection reasonΒ 
            • Admin needs to add a text explaining to the user why the verification was rejected.
            • This text is displayed before the upload form so they can read it and submit the correct photos and apply for another chance to get verified.
          • New button Added "Continue to my profile".Β 
            • When someone upload their photos and click on submit button, it will show up a new button below the status text, when they click this button they get redirected to their profile. This is useful for new users, some of them were confused and they didn't know what to do next after submitting the form, with this button now they know everything is set and ready to be verified, they can safely navigate to another page.

          Version 1.0.2 - February 18, 2021

          • UNA 12 compatible.
          • Improved badge display in Timeline.
          • Bugfix: It was displaying wrong verified badge in some pages.
          • Added counter of pending verification in admin's dashboard button.

          Version 1.0.1 - Jun 10, 2020

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            • Hi, where can i moderate the pending validations? (we have just purchase the item...)

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              • Hi!

                Thank you for your purchase.

                To moderate pending users (Accept and Reject) please follow this steps:

                1 - Login as admin into the front end and go to your user dashboard (Β 

                2 - You will see the "Verify" link in the "Manage" block, click this link to go to manage the verified members administration ( You can accept or reject the users in there.

                Please let me know if you have any other question.

                Thank you.


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              • Great Module, thanks!

                It would be even grreater, if admin could see the number of NEW verify requests in admin dashboard too. Β 

                I hope, this update is planed :)

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                • push

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                  • Added on version 1.0.2

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                  Added a product  to  , persons

                  Watermark your user photos from albums and persons avatars.

                  Text Watermark and Image Watermark features.

                  This is a must in all websites, after installing this plugin all new photos will be watermarked with the desired text and image/icon.

                  Features included in this version.

                  Text Watermark

                  • Text
                  • Size
                  • Color
                  • Stroke size
                  • Stroke color
                  • Font
                  • Position
                  • Margin

                  Image Watermark

                  • Image / Icon
                  • Position
                  • Margin
                  • Opacity
                  • Size

                  If you have any question regarding this module, you can send me a PM and I will answer ASAP.

                  Take a look at the demo website:


                  Version 1.0.3

                  • Minor bugfix

                  Version 1.0.2

                  • Fixed: UNA 12 Compatibility for previews in studio. New update requires UNA Version 12
                  • Feature added: Watermark Image Size. Admin can now select the size of the Watermark Image.

                  Version 1.0.1

                  • Added compatibility with Usernames Module. You can now use {uname} in the Watermark Text Field for adding the Username.
                  • Feature added: Links. You can now use {userlink} to add the link to the owner's profile.
                  • Added compatibility with Photos Module.
                  • Added compatibility with QuickPhotos Module.

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                    • Doesn't work at all

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                      • Please send us a private message with a testing account (Email / Password) so we can test this in your website. If you can send admin access we can fix anything faster.


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                      • I sent account details.... As you can see in this watermark photo to the lower left is quite large and preview doesn't work so I can test..

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                        • Hi John Curtis!

                          Thank you for your report, there is a new update, please Uninstall -> Delete this module, and download the latest version, this includes a new feature "Size", you can now select the watermark's Image size.


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                        • where I can create an image

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                          Added a product  to  , persons

                          Users are forced to create their personsΒ profile and / or their organizations profile. It is mandatory to create it to keep browsing in your website.

                          This module is useful for all dating websites and social networks to make all users create and fill their mandatory fields.

                          On user registration, if the profile was created automatically by the system, it checks if all fields from the edit form are filled, if not, it forces them to fill the profile edit form. They can't leave until the mandatory fields are filled. If the profile was not created by the system, it redirects the user to create their profile.

                          There is cases when the users delete their profile and they can keep watching as anonymous users, this module prevents such behavior too and redirects them to create their profile once again, they can't leave the profile creation until they fill it.


                          • Version 1.0.2 Β Jun 23, 2020
                          • Compatibility with Usernames improved Β Β 
                          • Compatibility with Pretty Links improvedΒ 
                          • Edit Organizations redirect fixed
                          • Redirect if current profile has mandatory fields not filled. This is helpful if you did add a new mandatory field and you want all users to fill it before continue using your website. It works with Persons and Organizations
                          • Version 1.0.1 Β February 28, 2020
                          • Bugfix: User was redirected to edit profile when they were posting on a Form without filling all required fields.
                          • Version 1.0.0
                          • First Version release

                          • 6595
                            • Important bug for this module. refers to the profile form from any form where a mandatory field is not completed. Fast fix please

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                              • Thank you for your report, Version 1.0.1 includes this fix.

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                              • Hello,
                                I have suggestion for this module.
                                i tried to create new account (for testing the module) and after I created new account the module prevented me to do anything on the site before the Profile Creation - that is the purpose of this module but from the new member point of view it is a bit annoying not to be able to browse the site even without Profile.

                                My suggestion is to change the module so that new member can browse the site but instead of locking new member to his create profile page it would be more convenient to remind new member (Account) without Profile with some popup window with message like: please create your prifile or your Account will not be able to interact with other members or it will be suspended/deleted etc.

                                When I created test Account and then being locked to create profile page, my thoughts was in a minute or two: wtf, I am leaving this site rigt now. I have registered and now I can't see the stuff on the site.....

                                I guess more "soft" approach to new members would be more effective.

                                Best regards

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                                • Is there anyway to add a force email confirmation option? The process would be

                                  1. person signs up to site

                                  2. person is forced to confirm email

                                  3. after confirming email, person is forced to create their profile

                                  Each step must happen in that sequence and the person is locked on that page until they follow the step.

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                                  Added a product  to  , persons

                                  Photo avatar Mandatory for Profiles and Organizations.*

                                  All users will be forced to upload their avatar to continue using your website.

                                  If they delete their avatar, this plugin will force them to upload a new one to continue.

                                  This Module help your website to have more avatar photos, no more "blank" users anymore.

                                  It uses the same photo uploader from the profile edit form.

                                  *Persons and/or Organizations plugins are required.

                                  To test this plugin, please get in my demo website and join with a new account, you will be forced to upload your avatar to continue.


                                  Any question regarding this module before buying, please send me a direct message.

                                  Any support question please send a message in this website's Messenger.

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