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The App adds a new interesting feature on your site. It will allow your users to create debates asking any questions they want to get opinions of the other members for. User may give a number of possible answers (opinions) and the others may agree with one of them and comment it on. The App has different browsing capabilities including a block with the most resent debates on home page. Main features:

  • Create a debate.
  • Use categories to organize debates better.
  • Specify location (if it's needed).
  • Attach image which can help to describe a debate better.
  • Each debate has its own page with user friendly layout.
  • Share a debate's page in social networks.
  • Use Privacy settings to control an access to a debate view page.
  • Vote for some opinion and comment it on afterwords.
  • Comment on a debate itself. User may do it without giving his vote to some opinion.
  • Browsing capabilities:
    • Recent Debates block on home page.
    • Recent Debates page.
    • Popular Debates page.
    • Using categories.
    • Using search by keyword.
    • In Trident's Timeline.
    • etc.
  • Manage debates tool, which allows to easily manage your own debates in one place.
  • Administrator can limit a number of possible answers (opinions) per debate.

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