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This provides a comprehensive Business Listing directory for UNA sites with Claim feature. 


-> Displays details of the Business including description, open hours, and photos

-> Announcement block that shows News (such as COVID-19 updates)

-> Blocks that shows Branches, Services, and Schedule

-> Location Block - Displays mapped view of the location for the Business.

-> Reviews Block - Allows members to post reviews for a Business.


-> Browse listings by Latest, Popular, Favorite, Local, Featured 

->Browse by Categories and Sub-Categories


The various blocks on the Business Listing homepage include:

  • Browse by Categories block
  • Featured Businesses are displayed
  • Latest Businesses are displayed
  • Latest Reviews are displayed


->Ability to list different branches that may exist for a Business


->Ability to list different services that are offered by a Business


->Ability to add schedules for a Business 


-> Admin can create Business Listings that the real owners/operators can later claim.
-> Business owner can claim a listing and send a message to Admin with verification details of their ownership.
-> Section in admin to manage all claims received. Admin can assess claims and either reject the Claim or assign the listing to the claimant. Upon assignment by Admin, a message is sent to the claimant, notifying them that the listing has been assigned to them.


The ability for previous guests of a Place to post Star-Rating Reviews




Password: Tester123


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People have known for years that making a list of goals is the best way to achieve them. But most persons never get around to making a list. This interesting, motivational module allows your Site Members to set Goals for themselves, share with their friends and track their progress.

A posted goal will have the following components :

  • Details of the Goal (eg. play the guitar)
  • Already attained at start (eg.I know some chords)
  • What you desire to attain (eg.Be able to sing and play songs)
  • A list of Steps needed to complete the goal


Members can create unlimited number of tasks that need to be fulfilled in order to attain a goal.

For each task, details of what needs to be accomplished is outlined and specific start and end dates are set.

Task progress is tracked as upcoming, ongoing, outstanding, completed or failed.

Goals can be flagged as achieved when all tasks are completed.

Task reminder - member can schedule to get a reminder message at a specified time before a task is scheduled to start or a specified time after a task is due to be completed.


=> The Goal creator can choose to accept donations as part of the means to help attain the Goal


=> The Goal creator can list details or individuals, groups or companies that have assisted them in fulfilling steps of their Goal.


=> Members can join a Goal as a supporter even if they are not sponsoring.


=> The Goal creator can post blogs on their Goals that outlines their day to day challenges, obstacles and achievements in their quest to fulfill goal tasks.



username: tester password: Tester123


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This module provides a section on your site for the collection of life experiences, personal stories, and the people who have had them. Members can Share and Connect through their life experiences, or explore new experiences.

Questions And Answers - Members can ask Questions relevant to an experience and other members can provide Answers.

Tips Or Advice - Members can offer Tips and Advice on how to effectively deal with or handle a particular experience.

Stories - Members can post Personal Stories related to an Experience.

Similar Experiences - Community members can check-in as having a similar experience.

Broadcast - Ability to broadcast to all members who had similar experience


=> Browse by Latest, Popular, Featured or Favorite 


=> Members with Similar Experience Block - This block shows  all members who are supporting

=> Stories Block - This block shows all stories posted for an experience

=> Tip/Advice Block - This block shows all tips/advice given for an experience

=> Feedback Block - Members can post feedback for an experience

=> Location Block - Location of experience poster



username: tester password: Tester123


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This add-on will implement a wishing center on your site which will give members the ability to create wishes and other generous members can help with fulfilling them.


- Members can create wishes and post them for viewing by the general community. 

- Community members can make offers to grant or partially grant wishes posted. Wish poster can accept/reject the offer.

- Community members who cannot make an offer can still join a wish as a supporter.

- Community members who grant wishes become Heroes.

- Members can link to Paypal or GoFundMe to accept donations.

- Wish poster can manually flag a wish as Granted and it will stop accepting offers.


=> Browse by Latest, Popular, Featured, Favorite or Granted

=> Wish For - Browse wishes based on who they are targeting (Self, Community etc.)  

=> Wish Type - Browse wishes based on the Type (Want or Need)


=> Supporters Block -This block shows all members who are supporting

=> Offers Block - This block shows all offers that have been made

=> Reviews Block - Members can post reviews for a Wish listing



username: tester password: Tester123


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This module allows the implementation of a modern, full-page preloader animation with 30 unique designs based on CSS3 and HTML 5.

This will give your site a great look and feel as your members and visitors browse through the site.

Features Include :

=> Included is 30 designs of full-width preloader.

=> The settings section has options to either select a default preloader or randomize which effect is used each time a page is loaded.

=> Customization of colors and backgrounds is possible in the Studio section.

=> Demo section in Admin panel to preview all the effects




This module is compatible with UNA 12.

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