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Various #tutorials, mostly #video, all for UNA. 
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This is a full featured video module. The UI is similar than TikTok, Instagram Reels, Likee, Lasso, Dubsmash and others.


  • Users can upload their own videos.
  • Users can vote each other's short videos.
  • Users can comment videos.
  • Users can share their videos on social networks if the sharing buttons are configured on Studio (No need for configuring anything, it displays the system sharing buttons )
  • In mobile, the users can swipe up and down to move to the next / previous video just like in the TikTok APP.
  • The admin can set the Maximum seconds of the uploaded videos, if the video length is higher, the video is not accepted by the upload form. 
  • Check out the screenshots for more details.
  • You can test this Module on our demo website:
  • On Timeline, the video has an auto-play feature when you scroll up. 
  • On desktop, if you mouse over a video from the videos list, it will auto-play (muted).
  • Smart Views Counter feature.
  • Each replay count as another view if the video is at least 10 seconds long. 
  • If the user saw at least 50% of the video, then pause it, and click on play again, the counter will increase by 1 once again if 10 seconds has passed since last view.
  • Users can use hashtags and mentions in the video description.

    • Admin can enable/disable audio gallery feature
    • Admin can upload their own audios
    • In version 2.0.2 users can upload their own audios too if the admin enables the new feature.
    • Users can select a song/audio for their video
    • Video will trans-code replacing the original audio with the audio selected from gallery
    • *This product does not include audio files, they need to be added by the admin or by the users


  • Version 2.0.2: May 08,2021
    • New feature for admins, enable/disable audio uploads
    • If this feature is enabled, There is a new button in short videos upload form, persons and organizations can upload their own audio and share the audio.
      • If audio is shared by the uploader, the audio will be displayed in the audio gallery and others will be able to use the same audio for their own videos.

  • Version 2.0.1: February 08, 2021 
    • Bugfix on Profile's page "Short videos" from author on UNA 12
    • Fixed full compatibility with UNA 12.
    • NEW VERSION REQUIRES UNA 12, please make sure you have UNA 12 and over before buying this module

  • Version 2.0.0: January 23, 2021
    • Added Audio gallery feature


  • The next update might include filters selector on video uploads.
  • If you want us to include another feature, please let us know by sending us a private message and we will see if it can be done.

Important: This Module does not include video editor, users must create their videos with the camera or another app before uploading them into this module. If this module gets the attention of many customers, I may make a native or hybrid APP for Android and iOS which will be a TikTok Clone fully compatible with your website and it will include an video editor.

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    • Truvoiz videos still cannot play, I had short videos deactivated for a while because I was working on other issues. I really want to get them going but it does not want to play. You mentioned above that before it looked like a ran out of Ram memory but I have dedicated servers with a lot of space. Can you please look into this issue to provide a solution?

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      • Hi Ruben Ollervides!

        We see the videos are playing correctly in your new server, please send us confirmation or let us know if the problem persists.


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      • Here is my website 

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        • Any possibility of adding video editing in the future? 

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          I have seen that a lot of questions are asked about this. Trying to post a , and it doesn't work?

          First check 3 things. Go to Studio => Host Tools => Files and folders permission.
          You should have something like this:


          Then, => Host Tools => Audit server

          Check if is localized, you should see its version number and the libraries like this:


          Check that Cron is working, you should have "Last run" <1 minutes:



          On the server side (php.ini) side, these 3 values are important and ideally like this:

          max_execution_time = 360
          max_input_time = 360
          memory_limit = 512M (minimum)

          Important: The "upload_max_filesize" and "post_max_size" values of your server (php.ini) will always take precedence over the UNA settings.
          If this works for small videos and not for bigger ones, you may need to increase the "Default cURL timeout" setting.You can find this setting at the bottom of the Studio => Developer page

          It currently defaults to 10. It appears to depend on server bandwidth. Test 120 In my case I had to increase it to 300 for a 2 GB video.
          Also, it can be useful to check if FFMPEG is not consuming too many resources, you can see this with the "htop" or"top" command. In my case, "Load average" went up to 8, although that didn't seem to be a problem, I preferred to limit.

          This is possible with a utility such as "cpulimite".

          Order example:

          "cpulimit -e /your_path/plugins/ffmpeg/ffmpeg.exe -l 80"

          -l 80 limit to 80% by adding the -v option, you can see it working and testing to find the right limit.


          You can then create script and run it on startup via a cron job with something like:

          @reboot /root/scripts/limitesCPU/

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            • Ah yes, Cem, it's just I tried that too and it works great. In this case, just specify the path of the binary, something like /usr/bin/ffmpeg in inc/, I didn't pay attention to the difference in performance, I'll try again.

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              • Baloo I couldn't find that Default cURL setting, do you still have it at studio?

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                • HI Cem !

                  It's the "default cURL timeout" parameter in the Studio->Developer app.

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                  The after the download does not play. Is it connected (photo)?

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                    • .htaccess

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                      The module allows the site's admin to from various sites like .com, CNN, ESPN, etc. simply by providing a link(s) to a and automatically them to your UNA site as if they were uploaded manually like a regular files to the Videos  module. This way you can host all videos directly on your server for any reason you need. For example you may have a watermark modification installed that is applying a watermark to all videos. Or may be you'd like to create a videos site with videos of a certain category making sure the videos are always available to your audience with no ads and be independent of any 3rd party videos hosting.

                      It provides an ability to choose a category, owner and visibility for videos being downloaded. It is based on a scheduled tasks which means that you can simply provide a large list of links and forget about it. As soon as it'll finish downloading the last video - it will send you a report about the completed job. The module supports a huge number of videos sources, the complete list of which can be found here.

                      Important Notice: This module works only with Boonex Videos module installed. And can not be used as a standalone module.

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                        • help error
                          cannot install module from aqb/videos_downloader directory

                          I just bought it and went to install it. gave error

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                          • The problem was a temporary glitch and has gone away by itself.

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                          • my download links remain in queue

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                            • all the download links remain in the queue and are never actioned.  what am i doing wrong?

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                              • If links are not being processed and you're not getting email reports, then most likely you have problems with your cron job. It is either not set up or doesn't work. Proceed to [studio -> dashboard -> host tools -> server audit] and check the cron jobs section, especially the "Last cron jobs execution" row.

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                                • I never saw any instructions to setup a cron job? Where would I have found those?

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                                  • The cron job supposed to be installed during UNA installation. It is the final step of its installation process right prior to deleting an "install" folder.
                                    You can learn more by following the links below:

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