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  • Tags are working u can see it on my site how it will be looks like


    for tags u need the module Channels [ https://una.io/page/view-product?id=143 ] its free to use

    People can set hashtags in all places were u have a editor on site. I love this module really.

    At my first time i was confused, UNA call it channels, but they are Hashtags with own profiles, but u can make own translation and call it Hashtags or tags.

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    Hashtags under profile, it is the own profile discription box


    Followed Hashtags / Channels in timeline:


    Popular Hashtags insert as Trends:


    Hashtag / Channel profile with there own content:


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    Just present your UNA project with the link to your network and a short description. Maybe u can get more followers and help.

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    This group is for people who like help each other or like learn a little bit about HTML / Css and templates.


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