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Make your own Fiverr alternative marketplace for your niche or your country with this Module.

Your users can publish their gig jobs and get hired by others, it works great with all payment options.


  • Persons and Organizations can publish their gig jobs and add sample files* in their publication
    • This files are downloadable by everyone,
      •  this is useful for adding extra files in original format so the customers can see the job quality they will get when they hire a gig.
  • They can hire each others
  • It creates a new PROJECT page for each gig hired.
    • The client can message to the seller/worker
    • The seller/Worker can message to the client
    • The client can add files to the project (accepts video, audio, photos and zip files)*
    • The Seller can add deliveries with text and files (accepts video, audio, photos and zip files)*
    • The client can reject the delivery
    • The client can accept the delivery
    • On delivery accepted, the project status changes to completed and it is displayed in read-only mode.
    • When project is in read-only mode, messages are locked and buttons for for adding files and deliveries are not displayed
  • Notifications are send on:
    • Client hire a gig
    • Client adds a message
    • Client adds files
    • Client rejects delivery
    • Client accepts delivery
    • Seller adds a message
    • Seller adds delivery
  • Client can rate the gig hired
  • Lists and Pages
    • Gigs storefront (home page)
    • Latest
    • Featured
    • Popular
    • Top
    • Updated
    • Categories
    • Search


  • Version 1.0.2: August 02, 2021
    • Bugfix: Cron error fixed.
  • Update Version 1.0.1: May 08, 2021:
    • Bugfix. Privacy issue in messages was fixed in this version, now the messages from the project's page are not displayed in timeline.

This is a simple solution for making a Fiverr clone alternative or Upwork clone alternative for your own social network.

*Important: The videos, photos and audios uploaded will not be transcoded, they remain in their original format. Sellers and clients need to download the files to be able to watch them. This is made on purpose to avoid losing quality of the original files sent by the client and seller.

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    • So far I like it, at first I thought it was a market clone and then as soon as I created the gig and did a sample, that is where this plugin shines. However, the messages between the seller/buyer are shared on your timeline, this is a privacy concern. I know it is being worked on and these guys will find a way/alternative to fix this. Other than that great system and can not wait for additional features. THe price as well was steep, for such an addition. I still paid to support, but this is maybe only worth about $30-$40 range. I would have paid more for the custom profiles and links. One day I hope someone makes a media manager app that will allow you to share your content on site in other modules so if you had to do  sample in a plugin like this you could avoid having to embed etc. Convenience is easier for a lot of people. Keep up the great modules. I like the creativity and uniqueness in all your products. 

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      • Hi Kyle -!

        Thank you for your rating, review and feedback, we really appreciate your sincerity and we are improving this module with new features, they will be added in future versions.

        The latest version fixes the privacy issue, please update this module and delete the messages from timeline (if any), new messages sent in project's page will not be displayed in timeline anymore.


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      Hello everybody !

      Imagine most of us here on are entrepreneurs, innovators or whatever your reason, we have to work as a team to do great things. So I have a question to which I would like the participation of all those who think they have a more practical answer.

      How to build the best possible team and what kind of compromise to make when you don't have a big budget to offer a good salary?

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        • You are right thomlin   , money is not such a good motivator, great people are the vision of things that motivate them more

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          • Besides, this is the hard part, finding the right people who can really connect with others. even if money is hard to come by, it's not really a reason to give up. with good feelings, I also think that we can do great things Jaduho 

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            • Mark Purser said:   

              "Offering employee equity arrangements is fairly standard practice amongst startups, and provides a sound incentive for your employees to stay around for the long haul."  

              That's right.  Harmoney with Vision and Passion are HUGELY important, but talent needs to be paid somehow!  

              Offering a modest or even very small salary AND a percent ownership is the usual method to engage first hires.

              I personally don't take on this kind of work often, but here is an example: In a current project, I am working to help a tech startup get funded and create a Minimally Viable Product. I get a few hundred dollars a month, AND 10% ownership of the company (2% vested each quarter until my ownership reaches 10% - which keeps me around for at least 5 quarters :)

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              Te damos la bienvenida a este grupo.

              Si necesitas ayuda sobre, este es el lugar perfecto. Como instalar, como actualizar, como comprar. La mejor informacion para el desarrollo en español está aqui.

              Pregunta o comparte lo que quieras, intentaremos ayudarte a solucionar cualquier problema.

              Si eres de alguno de estos paises o deseas obtener visitas de estos paises, este grupo es para ti.

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              5. Costa Rica
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              10. Guatemala
              11. Guinea Ecuatorial
              12. Honduras
              13. México
              14. Nicaragua
              15. Panamá
              16. Paraguay
              17. Perú
              18. República Dominicana
              19. Uruguay
              20. Venezuela

              Alrededor de 483 millones de personas cuya lengua materna es el español, tratándose así del segundo idioma más hablado del mundo. 

              Si tu red social o sitio de citas apunta a mercado español o latino, este es tu lugar.

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