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I personally think that the version number of apps, should not be isolated to the app store within the studio. I think developers should add or UNA.IO developers add fields to the apps within...

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Hi there,

I have a little suggestion for UNA: Andrey Yasko LeonidS 

When you post a post in the timeline, you can choose under VISIBLITY where you want to post the post or with whom you want to share it.

I would like to see a label in the posted feed so that you can automatically recognize which visibility has been selected, that would be really helpful for members as well as moderators and administrators.

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    • Hello Ξx¢ΞL !

      May you plz specify how this feature may be useful? And how it will look if the user chooses his 10 friends in this field?

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      profiler application

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      I am setting up the Jot Server (config/config.json). My server uses the AutoSSL certificates provided by cPanel (powered by Sectigo) and i am satisfied with it.

      Question #1:

      Since the SSL certificates for my domains and the .crt and .key files are saved in the SSL folder related to the domain, which SSL certificate and .crt and .key file to use in the Jot Server config file (config/config.json)? Can I use a SSL certificate, a .crt and .key file of any of my domains, it doesn't matter? Or maybe there is a main (global) Certificate and a main *.crt and *.key file for the entire server? If so, where do I find them?

      Question #2:

      AutoSSL autoRenewes every 90 days generating new certificates, new .crt and .key files with completely different (new) filenames. It seems to me that there will always be an issue running the Jot Server with the AutoSSL certificates provided by cPanel. Every 3 months, one will have to manually edit the config/config.json for Jot server and enter the new certificate and new .crt and .key filenames otherwise the Jot Server and the Jot Messenger will stop working because of old keys and an expired certificate, right? This will be a big hassle. Please correct me if I am wrong. How to address this problem?

      Many thanks

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        • Hi Alex T⚜️ Thank you so much for jumping in.and sharing this information. That's great. We are looking forward in seeing this crucial script added to the core feature of Jot Server. Thanks in advance for hearing us.

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          • Hello!

            We will think over it.

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            • Thank you so much Alexey 

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              I would like to know which reCAPTCHA version the UNA CAPTCHA feature was built to work with?

              Can we use any of the reCaptcha versions (reCAPTCHA v2, reCAPTCHA v3, reCAPTCHA Enterprise) in Studio > Settings > Security?

              By the way, what is the most recommended reCaptcha version for UNA 12?


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                • Hello OneEagle !

                  By default, UNA uses the Google reCaptcha v2. But in v13 we have some updates about it:



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                  • Hi LeonidS Thanks for the information about the default Captcha used in UNA 12. Great to know that UNA 13 will have some updates about it. If possible, it will be great to give the admin the option to choose the captcha version to use, either reCAPTCHA v3 or reCAPTCHA  Enterprise or another Captcha other than Google Captcha. Thanks

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