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how to open facebook application & share my post in UNA Mobile view or Una Mobile App.Screenshot attached below..

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Does any one know how to correct the "_sys_form_account_input_receive_news"  text from mod name to text like "Activate to receive news" or default text?


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    • Got it fixed

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      New version Messenger 12.0.0 has been released.

      It contains many improvements for design, bug fixes, new membership levels actions and etc...

      We've tried to include the most part of the all issues described on the forum.

      Let us know if any problems! 

      P.S. Messenger 12.0.1 has been released with quick fix.

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        • Hello!

          Do you mean here on UNA? As far as I see Messenger counter is working fine.

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          • I have just released new update 12.0.1 with quick fix for Talk Creation issue and some fixes  for css.

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            • Alexey On my site

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              I am a novice at using UNA and have installed it in the last week. I am looking for a web solution to build a local organizations directory with many social service organizations. It appears to me that an organization can only select one category when they create an organization profile. Am I correct? I need for organizations to be able to select multiple categories. Also all the other organizations will be in one or two counties in the State Of New Jersey, USA. So I do not need the large drop down selection of Countries, etc... Anyway to disable or set a default value? Any chance of creating custom fields?

              I could probably build this site using Joomla CMS (Community Builder extension) or even Wordpress (Yuck) but was really interested in UNA.

              Thank You in Advance of your reply.


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                • Hello Bob Rynkiewic !

                  Welcome aboard! I hope, UNA will be a good variant for you! About your questions: 1) yes, UNA allows to create the new fields, see the details here 2) you may delete the unnecessary countries via the Studio->Forms->Data Items->System->Countries area.

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                  Hello everybody:
                  When I want to edit a page from my website in Studio, it's always hard to find the page I'm looking for. For example, now I want to change the order of the menu below on an Organization account page, and I can't find it in Studio>Navigation.
                  The menu is 'Dash, Profile, Settings, Add…, Shopping Cart, Messenger, Sign out, Friends'.

                  Is there a way to easily identify your Website pages in Studio?

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                    • Hello caldopollo !

                      This menu is placed on the Studio->Naviagation->System->Notifications area. The strange name is historic now :-) How to find the exact menu - always choose the proper module (System, Persons, Orgs..). With the found proper module the search will be simpler as it doesn't contain many items within.

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                      • Many thanks Leonid. Notifications?! I would have never found it 🙂 

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