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  • Hi Will Roberts - in response to a few of the points you have raised here:
    1. The UNA Market is Growing! Over the last 6 months the size of the UNA Market has doubled - UNA have launched dozens of new modules and various 3rd Party providers have done the same. AQB Soft are consistently working on updating all the Dolphin Modules into UNA, and as I understand it Modzzz are preparing to do the same. Between these two 3rd Party providers we have most of the Dolphin Modules covered. The advantage  in UNA is that all the 3rd Party Modules are curated and checked by our Dev Team - so you know that they will work. It was an issue with Dolphin of 3rd Apps not working properly and sites 'breaking' because of poor coding - with UNA we ensure that every app released through our UNA Market works.

    2. It is absolutely legal and encouraged that 3rd Party Developers release modules for UNA. UNA is Open Source software, licensed under MIT - so essentially anyone can do anything with it that they please. If you wish to sell apps through UNA Market - there needs to be a point of difference - ie, you can't just copy someone else's app and re-release it under your name, but we absolutely encourage developers to create modules and services for the marketplace - we will support them every step of the way to get there:  there is most of the necessary information for developing apps for UNA here:

    3.Have you seen the Timeline Module for UNA? it exists already, you can view it here:

    4. We are currently working on the UNA Academy - you can see the UNA Start Guide here: - also we have lots of great content in the UNA Beginners Group Here:

    Any questions, please ask!

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    What general #direction do you think UNA #development should be focused on in the next 2-3 months?

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    How to create cron jobs functions..

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      • Thank you so much sir..

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        • Sir.., we have inserted one new cron work in sys_cron_jobs table .i have run Manually cron file.Its Working.But the Cron is not working.Please suggest..

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          • You need to show us what you have in this MySQL record and the content of your Cron Jobs class.

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            How to Use Developer Module for Page&form Creation & get & Update the form & Page .. How to use the Query in Form

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              • Hello saravanan !

                The queries in the forms are possible via the code, not via the Developer app. You'd better review our manual about it and plz don't duplicate similar questions in the different threads.

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                • Thank you for your response sir.One small Doubt.. Please send the developer module tutorial  & How can use the developer module.. 

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                  • Commonly, the Developer app has the same functionality as the Pages, Forms, Navigations, Polyglot apps. It is just more advanced - for example, in the Pages you may change the name of the used devices methods and set more arguments there, in the Forms you may edit/delete all fields (but be careful if the field isn't available for edit in the Forms app then it is better not to touch it in the Developer too).

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                    How to add enable & Disable option in Editprofile .If User Account Disabled,then store the date in table. how can i write code using developer module to store the date when a user click disable option in edit profile.

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                      • Hello saravanan !

                        It isn't possible to do via the Developer app because it will require changing the PHP code. By default, the deactivation of the profile is available only for admin.

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                        We offer PWA services. You get a fully packed web app completely compatible with your una site customization. The web app can be added to any device homescreen and it will function like a native app.


                        Differences compared to Native Mobile App

                        - Speed (faster load time)

                        -Low size (in kb)

                        - Multi device support (pwa can be mobile, tabs, ipads, desktop, etc)

                        -No download. Just install/add to Homescreen.

                        -Since it requires no download, PWA uses only a very small portion of the phone’s memory.

                        -Unlike Native apps, PWA works like any website so it can be indexed in search engines.

                        -You can easily deploy your updates without the need to wait for the app stores approval.

                        - Suited for most websites with no worries of app stores (google/apple) compliances.

                        -supported by popular browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge.

                        - All web notifications are directed to web App and opens exact link page

                        - all links opened with web app goes to exact page (whether app is open or not)

                        - More Cheaper and convenient for all.


                        - Almost native (interacts with other native apps and listed among installed apps)

                        - it's also an app


                        - PWA like any framework has it's pros and crons. Nevertheless, it can be quite useful for all starting webmasters as well as big sized websites who wants to optimize users experience.

                        - PWA is not a replacement for the native app but it can be an addon for all websites. In a nutshell, native apps can help your website branding with a store presence especially when it's listed on google/apple stores. Moreso, adding a web app experience to your brand gives you an added advantage when it comes to usability for all.

                        PWA notification (up) vs Native Mobile App notification (down)


                        ->if web app is also set on one signal, Notifications show up like a regular app notification but with the website name beside the app name on preview. See attached screenshot for difference:

                        Regular Native App->


                        Progressive Web App->


                        -Contact me to get started with PWA.

                        Payments may be done with Cryptocurrencies via Checkout with coinbase @


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                        Hello UNA friends! How could I make a block like the one on UNA website on the About Us page where all team members are displayed?

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                          • I can do this for you. Also you can checkout the "Meet the Team" App

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                            • Hello stan laurentiu !

                              It is the standard Persons->Featured People block.

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