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I am wondering what it takes to host social media website where there is use case  of around say, 1000 subscribers who will be receiving the video content of uploaded video file or live video streaming. ie. thousand instances of FFServ instances running & streaming...

I need some more info on FFServ/FFMPEG usage in to address some basic questions:

1. What capacity of machine node is required to support max number of such streaming out instances simultaneously? What is that number?

2. Do we have to establish parallel nodes to support multiple such instances ?  How many such nodes could be required with load balancing?  

Any experiments on this being done?

Is there any articulation / documentation on the capacity planning worked out by someone?

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    • Hello vidyap !

      The related questions were asked here You may try to add the remote storage and take the hosting plan which will promise a good CPU and enough memory_limit parameter value.

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      Is there a way to sync a live site with a test site so that have what's on the live site locally to work.

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        • If you are making test site from the scratch then you can dump the database, copy all files to test site and make some other changes like described here:

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          • This assumes your running terminal on your local machine

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            • This assumes your running terminal on your local machine

              Test server can be on your local machine or on remote server, in case of remote server it's better to have access via SSH terminal.

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              First of all I would like to acknoledge the fantastic work the team does here with this platform and what an amazing product we have to work with.

              However sometimes things go wrong, whether it is a bug after an update, or something else we have done wrong, when a problem occurs as an administrator of a number of UNA sites it is frustrating how slow and hard it is to get a response and some help sometimes.

              I don't expect it for free even, I am happy to pay for service received, but would like to know if the UNA Team would be able to provide a responsive support service?

              There are apps like Teamviewer where you can log in to a system and see the settings, look at files, troubleshoot, edit files if necesary and get to the bottom of a problem within minutes instead of days or weeks. The technology is there to provide the level of support that people have become accustomed to with other software and as I said I am happy to subscribe to a support service or pay for ad-hoc support when needed.

              How does the community feel about this? Could we have some sort of rapid response service with chat and/or support ticket system that has things like Teamviewer or equivalent?

              Andrew Boon 

              Alex T⚜️


              Mark Purser

              Anton L



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                • Hello cr0atz !

                  We have the tickets now in mail box. It is checked every day and your request will not be missed. Your recent request with PayPal and Stripe is under checking - the developers are a little busy now, if you have doubts about the "freezed" response - you may write me directly via Messenger here.

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                  Customize Groups, Spaces, Courses, Events and all third party groups-based modules. Channels can be customized by website admin.

                  This module works in a similar way than our Custom Profiles Module

                  Each group admin can customize their group, changing background photos and colors to make it unique.

                  When owners add customization to their group they want others to look at it and the chances of sharing their own group on other social media sites/apps goes higher.

                  The admin can set which fields are allowed, and disable the ones that don't want the users to change.


                  • Change background photos
                  • Change text colors
                  • Change buttons colors
                  • Change Icons colors
                  • Change font sizes
                  • Change borders
                  • ... all the other settings that your default Theme/Mix has, you can select them for users to customize their groups with those options.

                  This Module is using the default upload forms and allows images only, it doesn't allow videos, it doesn't allow GIFs.

                  Compatible with UNA 11, UNA 12 and over.

                  This is an amazing feature for your dating site or social network, customizing their own group, event, space or course makes visitors and joined people feel they are in real community with common interests.

                  Important: This module gets the default values from the theme or mix that the user has selected once they click on save, it only saves the fields that were changed. If they didn't select a mix or theme before making changes, the default values are the ones from the default theme installed in your website. We recommend you to enable only one mix from one theme so users don't get confused on why they can't change some parts of their group.

                  Group owners can customize their own Groups

                  Events owners can customize their own Events

                  Courses owners can customize their own Courses

                  Spaces owners can customize their own Space

                  example: (Gaming Group)


                  Event Example: (Music Fest)


                  Courses Example: (Programming lessons)


                  Group Example: (Soccer Sport)


                  Group Example (Buy and Sell)


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                    • I bought custom profiles and after having no issues so far and it working good, I did this one. Best of all is the reasonable price for what all you can do. I use the default settings, so unsure of enabling all the areas would change. I am happy just to allow people to mainly do the background, fonts, etc. Thank you for making this possible. My main worry is how it will handle as we grow, but why I am keeping my options limited on what people can change. I have been using Msolution's stuff since usernames came out. The support I got and how quick they helped, was amazing. They are quick to fix bugs and get things working and always professional. I also like that the products are unique.  I would recommend this to anyone.

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